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  1. It can't be that bad, Jared Leto got a Golden Globe nomination for it!
  2. General advice I have learned in my years as a poster on Box Office Theory - if your post starts with the sentence "So what if he's a cannibal?" ...... you probably should not finish the take.
  3. My commitment to watching every single Denzel movie vs. two of my very least favorite actors in Hollywood. Tough, tbh.
  4. I would love Clarke Peters to win. He made me nearly cry in that movie. Also, he played Lester fucking Freamon!
  5. Very possible! He's playing Hearst and he's a bigish name. But Orson, that can be a showy part if it's a big role.
  6. I could absolutely see Chadwick getting a nod for Da 5 Bloods if this category continues to be weak and Stanfield doesn't come out (and Mank has no clear contender).
  7. It's, uh, definitely not Hillbilly Elegy.
  8. Oh he said in the replies that it was a "career-defining work from a major director" - so, Mank, unless Greengrass is more well-liked or more major than I consider him.
  9. Watched Trial of Chicago 7 - lock for screenplay and SAG ensemble and probably Picture, but there's not one single performance that gets enough shine for me to think who would get an Oscar nomination - I guess Baron Cohen would be my best guess, though Rylance also has a shot. Can also see it missing Director - it looks like a TV pilot. I feel like Hopkins and Boseman are as prohibitive as favorites at this point as anyone in awhile - and unless Viola Davis or Hudson blows away, McDormand is gonna be hard to beat too. Supporting Actress, idk.
  10. Soul could have a real shot, but the double whammy of Pixar snubs/Disney+ could hurt it. The reviews are there for it though, especially in a thin field.
  11. I was coming in here to say this exact thing! I still have Hudson top of my list for Best Actress, even over McDormand.
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