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  1. Most movies are leggier in OS than in domestic. There are markets with crazy legs(10x happens quite often in Japan) and overall few big markets can lead to stronger OS legs. Just look at 2nd weekend drops for joker(there were markets it increased as well). That happens only during holidays at domestic. So this was always expected unless a movie bombs OS.
  2. It has slowed down this weekend. Movies have recovered after a meh weekend. But it needs better holds to beat BvS and Suicide squad domestic. Otherwise it ends in 310-320 region. Last week I thought 350 can happen. Anyway its all gravy at this point. This has been an extraordinary run WW.
  3. I am not seeing massive acceleration for either Mal 2 or Zombieland. Mal 2 wont hit 10m(without previews) while Zombieland is looking like 9m with previews at best. Joker probably is looking at 115% when I compared to thursday number but I can confirm in the evening.
  4. Would Mal 2 exactly behave like nutcracker. I looked at PS for day 2 at AMC/Cinemark and AMC is 25% ahead while cinemark is like 15%. I will update end of day and I am expecting PS to total multi to be better tomorrow as well. That said 60% seem too much for this movie being a sequel as well.
  5. Terminator - Dark Fate (T-13) AMC - 5339/163775 (772 shows) +1517 Cin - 1364/122661 (814 shows) + 205 Numbers are still incredibly low. I think real action will start only in the week of the release.
  6. Ok Really early update. Zombieland is like 35-40% behind Mal 2 and is at 30% slower run rate as well. I am expecting late shows to be lot stronger for Zom over Mal 2. I would say 10m Mal 2 true Friday 9-9.5m joker (still early for joker as its all walks up based) 6.5-7m true Friday Zom So Mal 2 at this point looks like winning the weekend but its really early to confirm it.
  7. Amazing job @ScareLol@peludo@efialtes76 you seem to predict these weekends very well. So Joker could stay at no:1 if Maleficent just opens to 2.5m.
  8. It did lose quite a few shows yesterday but at AMC that has increased quite a bit. it will increase big today. I will not worry.
  9. I had predicted 3m at 8PM but when I checked back at 10Pm it did not increase that much. So not much boost with late shows. Also I was expecting lot more shows to be added if there were sellouts and that did not happen. It added only 3-4 shows. Maleficent did not even do that. Still WIth so much tracking these numbers seem obvious at this point :-).
  10. Zom OD PS AMC - 29050/414198 (2665 shows) Cin - 16269/282064(2536 shows) 40% below Mal 2 for OD PS. I am thinking even with better walk ins this will barely hit 10m with previews. Still looking at mid 20's OW at best.
  11. Mal 2 OD AMC - 45623/643887 (3561 shows) PS Final Cin - 30083/419069(3114 shows) PS Final I think this is good. I am thinking 250K-300K tickets between these 2 chains. That should translate to 3m from these chains which should be 9-10m true friday.
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