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  1. I dont think they are comparable. 21B barely sold and comparable movies should have similar kind of PS. its like saying cats sold 5 tickets and Endgame 5000 and so endgame will have 1000x cats. Based on MTC data 21B sold just under 26K tickets between 2 chains. Anyway OD PS data. Dolittle MTC1 OD - overall 2096 shows 17390/360371 234367.72 MTC2 OD - overall 2325 shows 21216/339710 201783.00 Good news is its not as bad as Previews PS. But I am not feeling > 4x previews and so looking at 4m friday or less depending on how the walkups are. Bad Boys MTC1 OD - overall 2713 shows 77882/552572 1144432.49 MTC2 OD - overall 2525 shows 52614/403856 588811.00 Based on usual ratios for OD its already 7m OD PS. I am thinking 20m OD including previews can happen. Previews final Bad Boys MTC1 - overall 1672 shows 115040/314563 1632380.98 MTC2 - overall 1748 shows 86910/261034 1029545.00 ~6.5m previews. Phenomenal walkins for this. Dolittle MTC1 - overall 1039 shows 17388/164934 240608.47 MTC2 - overall 1147 shows 16011/149357 175777.00 ~1.1m previews. Nothing much to say beyond that but weird part is after 1st week of PS its was ahead of Bad boys(both the movies had sold almost nothing at that point) !!!
  2. Dolittle Previews MTC1 - overall 1039 shows 14083/164934 196302.33 MTC2 - overall 1147 shows 12263/149338 133718.00 Should squeeze past 1m but not a lot higher than that. Let us see how OD goes. I will stick to high teens for 4 day for now.
  3. Bad Boys Previews MTC1 - overall 1659 shows 88810/313085 1275764.11 MTC2 - overall 1744 shows 60857/260196 720427.00 Fantastic final day surge. it should hit 110K at MTC1 and 75K at MTC2 before the end. I think 6m is happening for sure. I will do another check at end of day for sure. Edit: FYI Jumanji finish. it overindexed at MTC2 but overall numbers BB3 is already well ahead. MTC1 Pre END - overall 2095 shows 71262/408434 1098869.44 MTC2 Prev END - overall 3007 shows 66631/466296 781097.00
  4. its just under indexing at denver. There is no way it goes that low. Just like its not going to be as high as what Eric's numbers are saying as well.
  5. Quick morning update as I did not do end of day update(I crashed early as I am jetlagged). Dolittle MTC1 Prev - overall 1035 shows 7389/164426 107448.58 MTC2 Prev - overall 1141 shows 4936/148395 55686.00 Very anemic growth since last afternoon. At this point Its looking at saturday grosses like family flick but with horrible reviews I am not feeling big increase. it needs ginormous walk ups to even hit 1m previews at this point. Bad Boys MTC1 Prev - overall 1544 shows 50321/303549 748975.27 MTC2 prev - overall 1634 shows 31349/251933 377660.00 MTC1 is showing great growth. I am thinking it can hit 90K before end of the day and that would be 6m previews !!! As @Menor said it can hit 50m by end of sunday.
  6. i would not worry about RDJ. he is talented and will find something good. No comparison with Depp at all who took a long time to neuter his career and plus his craziness off screen as well. I agree with doing a Netflix movie or even a series until he gets a next big movie. Working with great directors is the way to go.
  7. Canada is just like 6% of OW BO. So impact would be minimal anyway and unless you have huge urban centers like Toronto snowed in overall impact would be insignificant. Any OD PS for both the new movies. Bad Boys MTC1 OD - overall 2052 shows 36374/423157 557482.68 MTC2 OD - overall 2640 shows 33920/426187 386387.00 MTC1 Prev - overall 1435 shows 42333/283155 634756.15 Very good. Its PS is well ahead of Jumanji. Definitely think its opening > 50m over 4 day weekend. its previews PS has been on a tear as well with MTC1 increasing 50% over the day. Dolittle MTC1 OD - overall 1800 shows 8783/308837 121633.60 MTC2 OD - overall 2313 shows 13800/339877 134132.00 MTC1 Prev - overall 1006 shows 6439/160916 93422.72 Good news is MTC2 OD which is well ahead of MTC1. But previews PS barely increased over the day and its looking at sub 1m at this point. So I can see it hit just mid teens 3 day and high teens 4 day at this rate.
  8. Are you sure about that. I remember reading an article about RDJ getting first gross % on this one. I think @TalismanRing posted something on this. Either way it should not matter. Edit: link
  9. MTC2 Dolittle - overall 1041 shows 3491/136206 39813.00 Bad Boys - overall 1555 shows 21267/243481 256402.00 Same theme as MTC1. I had thought Bad Boys would be MTC1 heavy like Gemini Man was, but this is no where like that. Since this is MLK weekend I would like to look at OD PS to project OW. But with horrible reviews dolittle needs a miracle to salvage its BO.
  10. Oops. yes. Need to ruminate to project for 4-day. I have not tracked long enough to project for MLK weekend. Just back after a long flight. Will look at OD numbers as well. But the numbers seen here are very low. Among lowest for a high profile movie that I have tracked. 1/4th of where 1917 was last week. This has RDJ and big budget.
  11. Update MTC1. Dolittle - overall 902 shows 5232/145992 76025.06 Bad Boys - overall 1028 shows 28624/216079 430796.76 Dolittle is gonna bomb for sure. Very low previews and probably OW in teens. Bad Boys looks like opening in high end of tracking.
  12. I am seeing 14% drop at MTC1 but it did underindex yesterday and so you never know. Its losing lots of shows tomorrow as well. Its not going to be interesting to track. Anyway I am on road next 5 days until I fly back home. So no more updates until I am back home.
  13. FYI 1917 prev final at MTC is 50878/132146 735585.70. Could go as high as 3.5m.
  14. Release is not huge but its possible to hit 40m if it fills up its prime time shows. OD PS - 45576/412075 676996.13 (2188 shows) it needs to triple its PS by end of day tomorrow to hit double digits pure friday. it needs 11-12m true friday to keep 40m in play as sunday drop will be big. So let us wait and watch how things go.
  15. Quick update on 1917 prev. its at 46965/132146 679959.96(779 shows). it increased slightly less than what I expected. I would say range is ~ 3.3m depending on how much MTC1 overindexes. Comps Knives Out Final - 43016/108056 538765.71 (773 shows) Ford vs Ferrari Final - 31459/161048 474271.77 (874 shows) Knives out had early screenings and somehow over indexed big time at MTC1. Hope that does not happen for 1917.
  16. So all the movies will drop hard this weekend. Weekly holds look horrendous. But saturday increase should be big. Still movies could drop like ~ 40% this weekend after big boost last weekend.
  17. Can you add few Regals as we dont have data from Regal.
  18. So MTC1 underindexed slightly yesterday for SW9.
  19. Another Update Dolittle - overall 519 shows 1659/89985 23944.53 Bad Boys - overall 681 shows 6669/158567 106163.90 This does not look like a contest. Bad Boys could do well considering there is more than a week to go.
  20. 1917 update(MTC1) 1917 Prev - overall 748 shows 22635/128276 347946.07 1917 OD - overall 2083 shows 28162/393845 435101.13 Good increase and let us see where it end up by end of day. I am thinking 50-55K tickets in MTC1 and that should be good for 3.5m previews.
  21. SW9 wednesday looks like around 2.25m looking at MTC1 and comparing it to monday. Let us see what the actuals tell us.
  22. I am not buying it. Its show count is quite low for a 40m opener. 1917 OD PS MTC1 - overall 1829 shows 19603/342699 308204.05 Needs to hit 2m in MTC1 to hit double digit true friday to keep hopes for 40m OD. That said it should open more than tracking. i would say 30m OW.
  23. Cruise has not had a non MI big hit in a long time. Even Edge of Tomorrow with universal rave under performed big time. This is a sequel but I dont think anyone asked for a sequel to Top Gun. That was a product of 80's and I dont see this doing well at all. 80s nostalgia is not going to help. Definitely not in OS markets. Is Top Gun even beloved over in UK !!!! Cruise is popular in Asia and if the spectacle is good it could do well there. But its not breaking out in domestic or Europe for sure.
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