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  1. Its an AMC theater at Disney World. So does that help in having bigger PS?
  2. That is phenomenal. So it looks like over performing in florida. I see the numbers stronger than AMC Empire in NYC.
  3. what is the source for this number. Mimiron is still showing 407K.
  4. Phenomenal work @TalismanRing What does that mean? MTC is expecting lower OW? Is the numbers heavily skewed towards Previews or OD?
  5. Most likely finishing in typical 1.8-2 multi. 100m is the target.
  6. Corpse mentioned at KJ that it is going to have a HUGE release and already has huge PS as well. it should easily win next weekend. Also Corpse's perspective on Lion King is that it wont be in the ballpark of Aladdin. Let us see how things go
  7. My concern tracking Empire 25 is that it has fewer 2D shows on friday than thursday and those shows have not sold that much. its showing good sales only at Dolby and Imax(that too not too early shows). I am not able to get compete handle tracking anecdotal data. One thing I know tracking so many movies is blockbusters do insanely well at Empire.
  8. How do you estimate ATP? it should sell healthy amount of kids tickets?
  9. I wish we had pulse to get some perspective. its extremely hard otherwise. How is cinemark looking comparing between previews, OD and Sat. is it evenly spread out?
  10. I looked at AMC Empire 25 OD to see how PS is relative to previews. It seems to have way fewer shows than Previews for 2d !!!!! Random shows are showing sold out while normal peak time shows except dolby are not that full. I think these are shows for which tickets are not open yet. Edit: definitely false sellouts as even shows 10 days into run are shown as sold out. I doubt any show is sold out at this point. Overall numbers are not that impressive except peak time Dolby and Imax. May be Lion King wont be that heavy from NYC perspective.
  11. Sequels rarely over perform. I guess almost decade wait plus insane reviews did help here. TS3 did great despite having 2 big local movies around the same time and so TS4 should co exist with other blockbusters this summer.
  12. I am wrong then. Lion king was bigger than Beast and only slightly below Aladdin. Do you have admission numbers as well.
  13. original Lion King was not that big relative to Beast and Aladdin if I am not wrong. That is why my expectations are low. But I would be happy if it break out bigger.
  14. Ok. I know potus(who is basically camped in china forum) is in 50's. I am 44. Baumer is 47. Of course BKB is in his 50's as well. Jessie has to be younger. I am surprised Andyll is so old. I thought him to be in 20s or low 30s like Tele.
  15. No weekend number discussion? how does it matter if someone is a man or woman? Anyway as @terrestrial said, we all kinds of people on this forum. BTW who is 70 year old? I know few folks in their 50's.
  16. Also amazing number for Jurassic World 2. That was crazy impressive admissions and gross numbers. BTW I asked corpse if 15B Yen is possible. She said that is absolute best case scenario but unlikely. Most probably its end in 12-13B. But Corpse tends to underestimate and so let us hope it has good run and gross 15B yen. 6 weeks of summer holidays and obon week ahead. I dont see Lion King hitting uber blockbuster(10B+) numbers either. So its all Aladdin, Toy story and local flicks.
  17. Jungle book opened in April where there was less pressure on screens. Aladdin numbers were small. I want to see couple of strong weekdays before talking about 3x multi.
  18. My thing is once you are blockbuster territory the differences blur. Beast PS was similar to Civil War(Wang chain numbers) despite different genres and OW ended up around the same.
  19. Legs of Spidey and Aladdin are not in the same ballpark. Let us wait few more weeks.
  20. your numbers are great and I appreciate you putting amazing effort in doing this. But my only concern is calling numbers locked based on one theater. That is too much of a stretch. You could see it massively over performing in one theater. I would say I would be shocked by sub 150m OW at this point but anything more would need confirmation from wider markets or see lots of sellouts. I am finding it hard to believe a movie opening to 200m+ without lots of sellouts.
  21. yes. it takes time. let us wait for a week or 2. Plus this is a phenomenal release date. Obon week coming soon as well.
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