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  1. Saw a sneak peek last night. One word: INSANITY!!! (In a good way)
  2. I was happy with Pikachu's performance this weekend. I wasn't expecting above $60M, but I was expecting higher OS numbers. It looks like this will just break even when you throw in the PA. But this doesn't change the fact that Pokemon is the world's highest grossing media franchise, who makes all their money on merchandise and video/card games. Good luck with the sequel!
  3. I will watch this again when it comes out this weekend! 😃
  4. Maybe they will put more effort after getting feedback in lol! You can get rid of everyone else...except Reynolds!
  5. Funny....my friends LOVED the third act but didn't like the middle. But the third act could be better (like the entire movie itself lol). I'm hoping this will get a sequel! Would LOVE to see a Pokemon Movie Universe because there's just still so much we can do with it! I would totally see this again! The human actors kinda killed it for me but the Pokemon made up for it!
  6. I'm hoping the weekend will be $180M but it's not looking so good! Fingers crossed that this will be more weekend heavy!!!
  7. Saw this movie at a screening last night. Speaking from a Pokemon fan, who played the card game and watched the anime back in the late 90's, I have to say it's not all that bad! It's not perfect and the middle part was kind of shaky but the last act made up for it. However, it's not horrible, either. I loved Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu. It really gives a unique spin on a super cute and seemingly innocent character. Psyduck was the great! I wished they had more Charmander and Squirtle, but I will not nitpick since there are hundreds of different species of Pokemon. Did not really like ANY of the human characters because the actors were just not that great, to be honest. It looked like they were just trying to get through the shoot. Anyways, the best part of this movie were the Pokemon! Plot may be a little confusing for little kids. I enjoyed this movie because it's cute and it did a pretty good job blending the 20+ years of Pokemon fandom. It COULD be executed a bit better, especially when they are describing different species of Pokemon that are relevant in this movie and human character development. I would give this 3.75/5...not quite 4/5 but it's close lol!
  8. I would say it’s the best, actually. I liked it better than Wonder Woman and even Aquaman! I’m not including Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies since they are not part of the DCEU.
  9. It will crawl to $400M, but at least it will get there 😅. And if it doesn’t, Fox will fudge the numbers and take them out of Dark Phoenix lol!
  10. Freddy is a mix between Ned and Tony. He's Ned because of that awkward but cute nerdiness that we can all relate to. And he's Tony because he knows all about the "cape crusader stuff." I will be watching this again when it officially comes out in theatres =)!
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