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  1. Thursday Numbers: 4.5 M BAYWATCH

    $4.5M WITH the Wednesday previews?!?!?! Terrible!!! Sad because The Rock has a pretty good resume (if you ignore Hercules).
  2. Well I'm seeing this at 7 tonight and I will get a cool facehugger pin!
  3. Ghost in the Shell over 130 mil DOM Club

    OUT. I predict: $25M/OW and $75 DOM
  4. Just watched it. Loved it!!! I honestly loved how it ended. It fits the genre.
  5. I've always liked these kind of movies, especially since it's sci-fi. Now the ending has me more intrigued to see it tomorrow morning at matinee price!
  6. People were thinking this was going to beat The Avengers' $207M OP but it has realistically gone down to about $185-$190M (at least that's what I think it's going to open to).
  7. Yeah, I really wanted to see this before my cousin's wedding later that day so I can brag to everyone how awesome it was!
  8. All of the showtimes for Navy Pier IMAX (true IMAX) in Chicago have been sold out except for the really odd hours on opening weekend. My showing on July 20th at 6:20 AM is 90% sold out.
  9. Almost all of the shows for Navy Pier IMAX in Chicago for July 20th are sold out! The only shows that are not sold out are the 6:20 AM and 9:30 AM shows. The 9:30 is 95% sold out and the 6:20 is 50% sold out. Currently the 12:40 PM, 3:50 PM, 7:00 PM, 10:10 PM, and the 1:20 AM shows are sold out.
  10. Oh crap! Then that's going to encourage the studio to make another one!
  11. Yeah, what happened to that anyways?
  12. Weekend estimates from ERC.com/fb

    Ahhhhhh I see...so he is really team TDKR

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