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  1. A Simple Favor is a bit too twisty for its own good and the final few minutes are ridiculous. Still, the movie is mildly entertaining and Blake Lively has an unusual wardrobe in it. I'm guessing a B or B+ for the Cinemascore. I don't think audiences will love it or hate it even though none of the characters are likeable.
  2. That entire sequence of Sarah’s rescue from the psych ward - from her escape from her room to the hallway scene in the video to the subsequent chase by the T-1000 - is truly cinema at its finest. The film obviously pre-dates the internet so you couldn’t rewatch the trailer. You had no idea if Sarah was going to live or die because she had been something of a minor character in the film up until her rescue and the T-1000 was a merciless and heartless killer. It was edge of your seat movie going for the entire two hours. For me, T2 will always be Cameron’s best film with Aliens being respectable runner-up.
  3. LonePirate

    BOT Revisiting: Top 25 movies of 2008 | THE COUNTDOWN

    One of the best theater experiences I have ever had was during Pineapple Express. About 20-30 people in the audience started groaning in despair (think "Oh no!" and such) when the barn went up in flames near the end of the film. Clearly all of the stoners were upset by the loss of all that weed. Those few moments were funnier than anything in the movie and I laughed a lot during the movie.
  4. That rating makes me think there is some legitimacy to the complaints about the film straight-washing Mercury.
  5. LonePirate

    Eric's Top 10 Box Office Stories of Summer 2018

    Multipliers Deadpool 2: 2.54 Jurassic World: Forgotten Kingdom: 2.80 Ant-Man and the Wasp: 2.82 D2's legs are fairly poor. JWFK's and AMATW's legs are roughly average. In fact 17 wide release films from this summer will end up with better legs that AMATW's 2.82. The story behind all three films is the success of sequels this summer, not their ordinary to bad legs.
  6. LonePirate

    Searching (2018)

    While I quickly grew tired of the gimmick of viewing everything through a computer, this movie is entertaining and an engaging ride from start to finish thanks to a solid performance from John Cho as the father searching for his missing daughter. Yeah, there are some implausibilities and plot holes with the investigation. However, don't let those get in the way of enjoying a good film. 8/10
  7. Searching is a decent mystery thriller if you've been craving one of those. Watching everything unfold as if you're staring at activity on a computer screen gets old after about ten minutes and there are some plot holes during the search. Still, the movie is engaging and entertaining. It's a good alternative if you have already seen CRA, The Meg or MI:Fallout.
  8. This change will likely benefit crowd pleasing movies while hurting arthouse or niche films. Individual tastes vary but films that target broad audiences are more likely to hit the sweet spot of the new critics while arthouse films will find it more difficult to please a wider array of tastes and expectations.
  9. This film feels like it is eight years too late. The books are no longer all the rage like they were a decade ago. I will be surprised if this makes it past $30M DOM. Heck, $20M might be too high of a hurdle for it to clear.
  10. I am starting to wonder if we will see the full results of this poll before it is time to conduct the 2019 edition of the top movie characters.
  11. Lots of big milestones coming up for Labor Day weekend. Crazy Rich Asians and The Equalizer 2 will both cross $100M Mission Impossible: Fallout will cross $200M The Incredibles 2 will cross $600M Summer is ending with plenty to celebrate this year.
  12. Looking at last year’s three day weekend increases for the well-liked and high grossing holderovers (Dunkirk, SMH, DM3 and WW), it would seem CRA has a chance at reaching $30M for the three day and maybe even reach $35M over the four day weekend. Then again, it’s Labor Day weekend and films just don’t gross that much on that weekend. Still, it would be great if CRA’s three day gross this weekend is higher than its first three day weekend gross.
  13. Read the second sentence before the first one. I was trolling myself, especially since way upthread I posted that THM was just not funny enough for a comedy and needed more jokes.
  14. I am so sick of elitists and movie snobs expecting comedies to be funny. Also, please ignore my last post complaining about CRA being more rom than com.
  15. While I probably enjoyed the film more than you did, I can certainly understand where you’re coming from here. The film could use more laughs as it is far more rom than it is com. There are also some structural problems with the film due to unnecessary characters and a lack of a focus (until the 3/4 mark) on the true core of the movie - the dynamic between the characters portrayed by Wu and Yeoh. I personally needed the film to be more like Monster-in-Law. However, the film is entertaining on its own merits and the movie breezes by during its runtime. The characters are likeable and you want to get to know them, which always helps a film perform well. I think people are flocking to the film due to the “Rich” part of the title and the Asian setting and people in the film. Basically, it’s cultural exploration and education from the comfort of a theater seat.

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