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  1. That overperformance by BB3 probably has studio execs reviewing their early 2000s slate to find other franchises where another sequel can be made. Rush Hour, Spy Kids, Shrek and The Princess Diaries are probably all near the top. It's no wonder they are making another National Treasure movie.
  2. Who are these people telling Leto he looks good in a beard? Didn’t he win an Oscar while not having one?
  3. That $19K PTA for Just Mercy across 4 theaters does not bode well for its expansion this coming week, especially not against the more acclaimed and better performing 1917.
  4. Finally got around to seeing Bombshell today. Great film with another outstanding performance by Theron. It's amazing how she is great in every single role she portrays. Kidman, Robbie and Lithgow were also great but Theron is simply in a league of her own.
  5. I could have sworn there were Oscar expansions and great WOM for a Jumanji movie back in January 2018.
  6. Yes, a huge mistake on my part. Thank you for the correction and I have edited my post.
  7. Han died in TFA. Luke died in TLJ. Carrie Fisher passed away irl before TLJ was released. It was always going to be tough for audience nostalgia over the original trilogy to translate to TROS.
  8. Count me in the group with those who say TLJ is a better film than TROS. Anecdotally from what I can see, TROS has better reception from casual fans and a solid segment of the hardcore fans. Of course some of the hardcore fans still angry about TLJ won’t give TROS a fair shake. Throw all of this together along with the cold critical reception to TROS and I have no idea where the film will land. It should pass TLK for #2 of 2019. Where it ends up after that is anybody’s guess.
  9. Tuesday’s gross will be very interesting. The usual high Tuesday bounce will confront the usual hefty Christmas Eve drops. TFA and TLJ both dropped on their first Tuesdays and I suspect TROS will drop as well but it could be close to a steady day.
  10. The 80s nostalgia and homages to the first film are through the roof. This will play very well over the July 4th period in the US as the country's patriotism reaches a fever pitch. The invitation/orders exchange was great and coupled with the fly by suggests Maverick has not changed at all. Should be a fun time in IMAX.
  11. Good thing Rudd has all that Marvel money because there will be no sequel money from this mess.
  12. I watched that trailer and I wondered what sort of anachronistic, time traveling sorcery was going on there. Then I hit up Wikipedia and my concerns were allayed. Blue Monday was first released in 1983, a year before this movie takes place. All is well. Carry on!
  13. Exactly. BW should have filled the CM slot and CM should have been released this coming May so that it leads off this new phase as the character has a future and plenty of stories to tell. Nostalgia is the only thing BW has going for her character and this movie.
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