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  1. While the final 25 is a solid list of films. I had Fallout at #2 and Neighbor at #3 so my tastes were fairly common. As such, I am disappointed in myself as 15 of my 25 made the list. I need to amp up my movie snob credentials so I can join the cool kids (like La Binoche and a few others).
  2. I’m quite surprised #9 made this list as it is not the type of movie one would normally associate with the rank and file BOT poster. Between it and the two preceding films in the list, it looks like the BOT movie lovers showed up to vote this year. So far, this has been a solid list of films for 2018, with only a couple of head scratchers appearing.
  3. It’s too mediocre of a movie to warrant any backlash.
  4. LonePirate

    Weekend Thread: Miss Bala $650K preview

    It looks like The Upside will reach $100M dom. It is only the third day of February and we already have a contender for most surprising box office run of 2019.
  5. I did not have time to formulate my own list of nominees; but there were not too many head scratchers in the final list. I will never understand the lover for Bohemian Rhapsody (a bad film) and A Star Is Born (a mediocre film) but I am guessing people were just caught up in awards season hype. i have previously expressed my general indifference to IW, which was a repetitive and yawn-inducing flick. It will not receive my vote in any category, not even for Best Villain, mostly because of category fraud. If anything, Thanos was the hero of the film. Besides, Lively is a much more deserving winner in that category. And you people left Love, Simon off the Best Soundtrack list? For shame!
  6. LonePirate

    Tuesday Numbers

    The Mule’s legs have now grown to 5.27x. It needs about $12.8M to reach 6.00x.
  7. LonePirate

    Wednesday 9th Jan - AQM 2.14

    Those international numbers for Aquaman are amazing considering how relatively soft the film has been in Europe. Still, WB must be ecstatic about the film’s performance overall as they were probably hoping it would top out around $700M WW. I guess never underestimate the appetite for a mediocre movie if there is plenty of action in it.
  8. LonePirate

    Baumer's 36 best films of 2018 (top 3 has been revealed)

    Glad to see A Simple Favor made the list. The movie is far more entertaining than I was expecting given how its plot summary seems like it was lifted from a made for cable television movie. It’s definitely in my Top 10 for the year. Lively is simply fantastic in it. If there is an Ocean’s 9 movie, she needs to be cast in it.
  9. The Bumblebee numbers from China are not that surprising. Much of the film’s humor is cultural based and there is less robot vs. robot action compared to other TF films. I will let others debate whether or not the film having a female lead impacted the gross there.
  10. LonePirate

    Tuesday #s (Aquaman, Poppins, Bumble)

    Yet they are still shorter than The Mule’s legs (3.23 v. 3.92).
  11. LonePirate

    Tuesday #s (Aquaman, Poppins, Bumble)

    That speech from DDL was far more engrossing than his milkshake speech, imo.
  12. Please, never, ever change, La Binoche! I love reading these sorts of (genuine?) contrarian posts.
  13. LonePirate

    Wednesday numbers

    The most interesting and least discussed box office topic this holiday season is how The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots are cannibalizing each other. The Favourite seemed like it was going to ride awards prestige to $50M or more based on its stellar first two weeks. Then Saoirse and Margot decide to put the drama back in the period costume filmverse and The Favourite is no longer the audience darling and probably tops out around $30M. The backbiting among British monarchs never ceases it seems.

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