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  1. I wonder what people are talking about on Twitter. Oh ...
  2. Speaking of which, did Poe ever thank Rose for saving his man?
  3. Forget Thanos and company. The Lion King is your Summer 2019 domestic champ. Families are going to flock to this film like no other this summer, especially if the parents saw the original during their childhood in the 90s. $700M+ dom is definitely possible here.
  4. The Top 5 vote came from me as I placed it at #3. The film itself is highly entertaining, although I could imagine how it might seem dated for some of the youngsters around here. It is easily one of the best and funniest comedies of the 80s and it has actually held up very well. The car trunk scene is one of the best acted and reacted comedy scenes ever. Plus, the song is simply iconic. It's no wonder it was included in the montage at the beginning of Deadpool 2. And who doesn't love Dolly?
  5. I am surprised more studios are not targeting this market. They can make a “faith” based (Christian evangelical) film dirt cheap and it is almost guaranteed to make back 2-3 times its budget on opening weekend. The market for those films will watch anything if they are told it’s “faith” based. This also explains the current political leadership in the US.
  6. After three weeks without a big action film (unless Gemini Man gets bumped), on a very film friendly date with previews on a very beneficial Halloween night, with no major competition that weekend and the reteaming of Arnold and Hamilton, and you think this one will open below $30M even though Genisys opened to $27M with far more competition en route to a 3.32 multiplier? Good luck with that. Charlie’s Angels didn’t blink and change its release date because T:DF was weak.
  7. Those paid PR shills touting Rocketman are going to have some serious backtracking to do when the movie bombs.
  8. Linda Hamilton’s presence immediately makes this film better than the last three. Obviously, it has a very high bar to reach in order to match the greatness of the first two films; but even if it comes close yet falls a little short of those two, it will still be an excellent flick. Hopefully the reactions from Cinemacon today will be through the roof.
  9. There is no Oscar potential with this film. It will receive 0 Oscar nominations to the surprise of no one when nominations are announced in January. People really need to dial back their expectations and predictions about this film.
  10. There are more sloppy blowjobs from the press and tweeters at Cinemacon than at a prison glory hole. I haven’t seen such a gross display of ridiculous, undeserved fawning since the last Trump cabinet meeting.
  11. Based on that trailer, here is my ranking of the performances by actors portraying Joker in live action films: 1. Heath Ledger 2. Cesar Romero 3. Joaquin Phoenix 4. Jack Nicholson 5. Jared Leto
  12. That trailer has the stench of marketers run amok where all the film’s highlights are in the trailer and there’s nothing new and interesting in the final product. A dark, psychological character study of an evil/insane man without the counterbalance of a hero to ground or level the film is going to lead to very little repeat business and a horrible multiplier. People need to rein in their expectations on this thing.

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