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  1. So what you’re saying is that Venom won’t come anywhere close to meeting the irrationally high predictions being floated here at BOT.
  2. I think you’re being presumptuous here with your belief that a second film will even be made.
  3. That is a horrible, albeit somewhat expected, PTA for Leave No Trace. Any future expansions seem unlikely unless they are minor. Some of the big market theaters will be dropping it while some smaller markets pick it up. $5M looks to be the ceiling, although it could go lower. Reviews are not coming to the rescue for it.
  4. Does Eighth Grade have a sci-fi twist to it? I cannot think of any other explanation for that teenage version of Seth Rogen who appears near the end of the trailer.
  5. Summer multipliers update: Infinity War: 2.62 Overboard: 3.42 Life of the Party: 2.94 Breaking In: 2.63 Deadpool 2: 2.52 Book Club: 4.99 Show Dogs: 2.93 Solo: 2.51 Adrift: 2.69 Upgrade: 2.54 Ocean's 8: 3.18 Hereditary: 3.17 Hotel Artemis: 2.07 The Incredibles 2: 2.93 Tag: 3.44 Superfly: 2.96 Jurassic World: 2.45 Sicario: 2.27 Uncle Drew: 2.41 Ant-Man: 1.75
  6. I was thinking about seeing Leave No Trace yesterday as the back half of a double feature with Sorry to Bother You except I was so pissed off after watching STBY and LNT, whose trailer looked depressing as hell, did not seem like a film to watch in my mood at the time. I'll try to catch it in the days ahead, though. Thank you for the recommendation, Blankments.
  7. STBY is probably the most infuriating movie of the year. The first third of the movie up until Cash receives his promotion is amazing. The humor and social satire are as sharp as anything released in years. The film is at its most engaging during this segment. Once the second third begins and Cash becomes a Power Seller, the movie starts losing steam. Cash becomes a less interesting and less rootable character as he enjoys his success and navigates the drawbacks in his life that come with it. This personality change is almost cliche for movies of this nature as something is needed to drive the narrative and generate some conflict. While not as enjoyable as the preceding third, this portion of the movie is still interesting. However, the movie fell apart for me in the third segment once Cash attends the party at Lift's house. While his rap at the party is perhaps one of the most biting social commentaries in cinematic history, the completely ridiculous, unnecessary, bizarre and horrific sci fi genetic twist that occurs ruined the movie. For me, it destroyed any good will and empathy generated by the movie. It served absolutely no purpose and it turned the movie into (more of) a farce of epically preposterous decisions. The twist made zero sense and served no purpose. As such, I cannot recommend the movie unless people stop watching after the rap scene and leave the film knowing that Cash is no longer working as a telemarketer at the end. 5/10 - overall 9/10 - first third 6/10 - second third 1/10 - final third
  8. Punch-Drunk Love is easily Sandler's best film. Anger Management, Reign Over Me, The Wedding Singer and to a lesser degree 50 First Dates are also good films. The rest of his filmography is largely wretched.
  9. The first third of the movie is very good. I would rate that portion a 9 or a 10. The second third is not as cohesive and the movie starts to change as it prepares for the end. I would rate this portion somewhere in the 6-8 range. Then there is the last third of the film which is nothing like the previous 2/3rds and is not even hinted at in the trailer. It's just so bizarre, twisted and fucked up that it changes the entire tone and classification of the movie. Film lovers might appreciate the final third but casual moviegoers and general audiences are going to despise it. Personally, I would give the final third a 2 or a 3 and that is generous. The rapid expansion makes sense as this thing will be DOA very soon.
  10. Judging by the walkouts during my showing, that’s going to be a no. I cannot imagine how WOM will be anything but horrible for the film. I wasn’t joking when I said it was fucked up. General audiences are going to hate the last third of the movie, possibly almost as much as they hated mother!
  11. Sorry to Bother You is some fucked up shit. It’s seriously fucked up beyond words.
  12. The discerning folks over at IGN, who seem to love every blockbuster and fanboy genre film, have finally weighed in with their review. Fallout: 7.7/10 For comparison, here are their ratings for this week's wide releases: Hotel Transylvania: 7.6/10 Skyscraper: 8.1/10 They need to stick to games and tech and abandon movie reviews.
  13. Other than Nocturnal Animals, I’d say he is on the money with all of those reviews.
  14. Oh no! David Ehrlich loves it so that must mean it sucks. And I was looking forward to Cavill pumping his guns on the big screen.

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