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  1. AWIT is still showing twice a day at the AMC megaplex near me and it sold 6 tickets for the show that started about 10 minutes ago. $98M seems out of reach, let alone $100M.
  2. The same was said after Tokyo Drift with regard to the Fast & Furious series.
  3. Wed #s (so far drops are between 27-35%)

    It has started it in my neck of the woods.
  4. Wed #s (so far drops are between 27-35%)

    The two drive-ins closest to me are both showing Solo\AIW double features. It doesn't look good for BP but Disney does make some of the best fudge in the land so who knows how things will look once actuals arrive on Tuesday.
  5. Wed #s (so far drops are between 27-35%)

    There was a prediction (not mine) in the Tuesday thread of BC dropping 35-40%+ on Wednesday. There was no way that was ever going to happen. The film's demo is eating it up and loving every minute of it. There is a strong chance its four day gross this coming weekend is flat with or possibly exceeds this past weekend's gross.
  6. Book Club is not dropping over 35% on Wednesday, not with its WOM of mouth. Look at the past couple of Wednesdays. Only a handful of films dropped that much or more and none of them have the WOM of BC, let alone its monopoly on older audiences. Could it drop 30%? Sure. Anything more than that is a stretch, though.
  7. Be very weary of gleaning much from those advanced ticket sales percentages. Put more faith in ticket sales numbers instead. Neither AIW or DP2 opened against a film that was grossing $10M+/day and was looking at a weekend gross of $50M-$60M+. DP is selling a ton of tickets for same day shows which is why its percentage is so high and Solo's is still muted. A far more important gauge are comparisons of the number of tickets sold by Solo respective to the number of tickets sold by AIW and DP2 during the same time frame (1-2 days out). Those volume differences are what you need to be focusing on - whether Solo is selling far less, about the same or far more tickets.
  8. Book Club would dispute your claim about Deadpool bring the only great comedy around for a month. It certainly has WOM that is as good, if not better than, Deadpool’s WOM.
  9. I am starting to think Book Club might be that rare Shrek-like film that grosses as much or more during the four day Memorial Day weekend as it did during its opening three day weekend from the week before. It’s certainly headed for a terrific hold this weekend.
  10. That is a shame because the world needs more billies. Just look at how cute they are.
  11. One thing to keep in mind for Solo is that Star Wars films are practically family films nowadays (Rogue One being a possible exception). Solo definitely feels like and is marketed like a family film. The marketplace is hungering for a family film and now we have one with a holiday weekend to boot. Could Solo underperform? Sure. Could it easily exceed the lowered expectations people now have for the film? Absolutely!
  12. AQP’s multiplier is now up to 3.52 which is sensational for any film that opens to $50M+, let alone for a horror flick. It is easily one of the top three most impressive runs of the year so far.
  13. Any list of 2018 surprises that does not include I Can Only Imagine is not a list that merits any attention or respect.
  14. The horseback chase scene with Arwen and Frodo in FOTR is one of the most exciting and beautifully shot action sequences in any movie ever.
  15. By far the more iconic Spacey death scene is the one from American Beauty, given the circumstances in the film and the events in the real world.

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