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  1. Will anyone be running a 2009 countdown, given how we’ve had a 1999 countdown and we’re still submitting lists for this 1989 countdown?
  2. I am so relieved that Good Boys is not one of those films where all of the jokes are in the trailers and there is nothing new and funny in the film. It's definitely a very funny film with the laughs spread generously through the film, including one scene near the end which had me guffawing loudly, even if those around me missed it. Interestingly, were it not for a few F bombs, the film could have been PG-13 as it is surprisingly wholesome.
  3. After Aladdin, Pikachu and MiB, he does have the highest grossing live action comedy film of the year, so you’re partially right about that.
  4. Looks like TS4 will pass TS3 on Friday. Nice run even if it is a little disappointing.
  5. 1989 Batman is a mess of a movie. Nicholson was seriously miscast as his Joker was annoying instead of being menacing, disturbing or even campy. Keaton was fine as Bruce but not enough to save the film, which was painfully claustrophobic.
  6. 1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 2. The Little Mermaid 3. Christmas Vacation 4. Uncle Buck 5. Weekend at Bernie’s 6. Major League 7. Parenthood 8. Heathers 9. Do the Right Thing 10. Black Rain 11. Driving Miss Daisy 12. Lethal Weapon 2 13. Fletch Lives 14. Roger and Me 15. Road House 16. Glory 17. Born on the Fourth of July 18. Steel Magnolias 19. See No Evil, Hear No Evil 20. sex, lies and videotape 21. The War of the Roses 22. Field of Dreams 23. Say Anything 24. When Harry Met Sally 25. Let It Ride
  7. 1999 may have been filled with numerous good movies; but 1989 was filled with a lot of FUN movies. It is going to be an interesting countdown.
  8. I don't fault people for not liking TPM as some of the writing in it is bad and/or offensive. That being said, the film is far better than the atrocious Fight Club. The movie industry often handles mental illness poorly and Fight Club is no exception. Even worse, the film treats it as a scapegoat for the movie's events when one wasn't needed. The movie is not profound or interesting. It is a depressing, nihilistic mess of a film filled with unlikeable characters and actions. The adoration the film receives is mystifying to me.
  9. So The Farewell is looking to top out around $15M-$20M. Its PTA is slightly ahead of OUATIH despite the latter playing in roughly 9x the number of theaters. Further expansions are unlikely to do much except cannibalize existing locations. Still, it's a nice haul for a very summer unfriendly movie with no big name stars (Awkwafina is not a big name star, sorry). It's definitely worth seeing if you are tired of superheroes, sequels and spin-offs.
  10. Unfortunately, I think you are on the money with that prediction. There are things to like about the film but I personally believe it is overrated. Still, once a week or so I encounter some variation of the red pill/blue pill spiel in a written article that has nothing to do with movies or games. It certainly had a deep cultural impact, even beyond increasing people's disappointment with TPM that followed a couple of months later.
  11. Unless you’re an American or Canadian over the age of 30 (possibly over 20), you most likely have no frame of reference for Mr. Rogers. However, if you did watch his show as a kid (or an adult), this trailer will hit you with plenty of feels, just like last year’s “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”
  12. What in the ever loving fuck is going on with this movie? Wednesday July 10: $1.10M Wednesday July 17: $1.11M How did it manage to increase over last week?
  13. Aladdin is still 4th in the dailies on its 53rd day. What a craptastic summer it has been with so many bad and forgettable films this year.
  14. So who here had Aladdin with the same number of consecutive days above $1M as Black Panther? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  15. How has MrPink posted twice in this thread without being banned? Do the weekend threads need to be as disappointing as the weekend grosses nowadays?
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