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  1. What in the ever loving fuck is going on with this movie? Wednesday July 10: $1.10M Wednesday July 17: $1.11M How did it manage to increase over last week?
  2. Aladdin is still 4th in the dailies on its 53rd day. What a craptastic summer it has been with so many bad and forgettable films this year.
  3. So who here had Aladdin with the same number of consecutive days above $1M as Black Panther? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  4. How has MrPink posted twice in this thread without being banned? Do the weekend threads need to be as disappointing as the weekend grosses nowadays?
  5. If Aladdin drops 35% on Wednesday and then drops 5% on Thursday, it will maintain its $1M/day streak through Sunday (day 52). It is going to be close. It can’t drop more than 38% on Wednesday to keep the streak alive. It has increased on a few of its Thursdays so Wednesday might be the tougher challenge. Still, this is an amazing accomplishment for a film many thought would be the bomb of the summer.
  6. No kidding. 1999 was an amazing year for movies. Here are some of the movies that didn’t make the cut for my Top 25 but all of them are great movies: Trekkies, The Matrix, Run Lola Run, The Mummy, Magnolia, Deep Blue Sea, Three Kings, The Iron Giant, Fight Club, Boy’s Don’t Cry and so many others. My Top 50 list would not do justice for the year given how good it was.
  7. 1. The Talented Mr. Ripley 2. Being John Malkovich 3. South Park - Bigger, Longer and Uncut 4. Bowfinger 5. Office Space 6. Go 7. The Thomas Crown Affair 8. Toy Story 2 9. The Sixth Sense 10. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 11. Galaxy Quest 12. American Pie 13. Lake Placid 14. American Beauty 15. Notting Hill 16. Trick 17. The Insider 18. Runaway Bride 19. Cruel Intentions 20. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 21. Get Real 22. Election 23. Topsy-Turvy 24. The Straight Story 25. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  8. There were so many good movies in 1999! My Top 3 are set in stone but the competition for the other 7 spots in the top are up for grabs by over a dozen films. This film be making an appearance on my list.
  9. John Wick 3 is sitting at a nice 2.91 multiplier but I don’t think it has a little over $5M left in the tank to reach a 3.00 multiplier. Still, it has performed exceptionally well for an R rated action film not released by Disney.
  10. I finally saw FFH yesterday and wow! It is remarkably underwhelming. The story is ridiculous. The villain is underwhelming. The fight scenes are laughable, even before analyzing them. The cast was fine and Holland is great in the role. Unfortunately the movie as a whole is just not that memorable. 5/10.
  11. So the film many predicted would be the biggest bomb of the summer, in its 32nd day of release, is now ahead in the dailies of every single film released in June except for its studio mate released just four days ago. WTF is going on this summer?
  12. Let me tip my hat to everyone back in April or earlier who predicted Aladdin’s fifth weekend would be 20%+ higher than MIB:I’s second weekend. You are the true visionaries we should all respect. Oh wait, nobody saw that coming? What happened to all of the bold and crazy predictions around here?
  13. I don't know what is more hilarious: Aladdin dropping the most in the Top 10 on Sunday (34.1%) or Dark Phoenix dropping the least (15.7%). I think reality will be closer if you were to reverse those numbers.
  14. If someone had an ex who resembled Halle and the mere sight of her brought back bad memories, then I could understand why someone did not find her attractive. Or, if you had been blessed and you have a current gf/wife/partner who is hotter than Halle, then I could understand why you would not find her attractive. Otherwise, Halle is arguably one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced the silver screen.
  15. TS4 delivered a near knock-out punch to TSLOP2. Last Friday, it increased 55.9%. This Friday, it increased only 4.4%. It is going to finish about 60% down from the original TSLOP. Will TSLOP3 head directly to Netflix?
  16. Since people are have fond memories of old Batman films...
  17. The one good thing about almost all of the superhero movies from the past 20 or so years is that they have prevented their largely heterosexual fan base from mistaking their sexual desires with their box office analysis. I just didn’t expect Dark Phoenix to be the movie to mark that turn around. Wonder Woman seemed to have shocked them into mostly silence whereas Captain Marvel bravely reminded them of their incel status. Now Dark Phoenix has opened that Pandora’s Box and we will all suffer for it.
  18. And some people thought Chernobyl would be the only entertainment disaster they would see this month. This is the type of weekend that would produce a lot of reorganizations and firings in most other industries. At least Ma should hit $40M on Sunday and Aladdin (!) continues chugging along toward $300M.
  19. So Endgame appears likely to wind up around $840M domestically before Labor Day and about $840M after the imaginary Labor Day expansion some people believe will be happening.
  20. For those of you in Los Angeles with time on your hands tomorrow night:
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