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  1. Meanwhile, Universal’s F9 led Wednesday with $5.02M at 4,179 theaters, taking its running domestic total through six days to $88.1M. That is not the biggest Wednesday to date during the pandemic, rather the second-best, after Warner Bros.’ opening day of Legendary’s Godzilla vs. Kong ($9.7M). F9 should easily become the fastest movie to cross $100M during the pandemic, beating A https://deadline.com/2021/07/box-office-zola-opening-day-f9-wednesday-pandemic-record-1234784917/
  2. 221.5 M at 17:00 - 15.5M per hour 240 M at 18:00 - 18.5M per hour 263,8 M at 19:00 - 23,8M per hour
  3. Does COVID currently in China affect the sale of tickets?
  4. FF9 at 9pm MN - 44.5M (4.4M/h) OD - 95.2M ( 4,1M/h)
  5. @imbruglia On what side you can follow the sale of tickets in real time The second question is that these are good evaluation for the movie
  6. at 2 p.m. OD - 75M increment of 2m / hour Midnight - 27,5 M The growth is very jumping, for some time it stands and it is rapid growth
  7. I see that pre-sale stopped for a few hours Midnight
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