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  1. M. Night Shyamalan is back to many of his usual tricks in Old, and your mileage might vary on whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, and to what degree. For me, it was a wildly uneven viewing experience that ultimately worked a little more often than it didn’t. At its core, Old engages with an intriguing idea in using rapid aging to explore our collective existential dread over the passage of time. Shyamalan wrings some nice character moments from this theme, and it lends the film a greater sense of heft and import than it would have had with a more straightforward approach. The main trou
  2. I rewatched AI: Artificial Intelligence as a belated 20-year anniversary thing (hadn’t seen it since 2009). I know Spielberg still has the clout to make whatever he wants and the film had some extra intrigue to it as one of Kubrick’s lost projects after his death a couple years earlier, but it’s still wild to me that a movie this dense and philosophical got such a huge budget and a midsummer release. It’s still really good, despite some issues stemming from Spielberg tempering some of his usual impulses to make the film feel more Kubrickian.
  3. Actually had a pretty busy movie day today! I checked out Space Jam: A New Legacy on HBO Max this morning. I'm usually a big proponent of going and seeing these hybrid releases theatrically, but I opted to watch this one at home after seeing the weak reviews, and that was the right call. It's a busy, obnoxious mess that never really coheres. Later, I went out and saw Pig. It's a really solid, understated character study with Nicolas Cage's best performance in ages. And finally, I capped off the Fear Street trilogy. Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable set of m
  4. Caught this on HBO Max this morning. It was super weird watching a movie at home hours before its first theatrical screening locally. The original Space Jam may not be nearly as good as millennials remember from watching it as kids, but it’s still miles better than this long-gestating sequel. A LeBron James-headlined Space Jam sequel seemed inevitable for quite some time, and James’s charisma in past ads and impressive comedic chops in Trainwreck made it seem like something that might just work with the right combination of elements. What we get with A New Legacy, however, is a mes
  5. That’s definitely a much weaker multiplier than I was expecting from Black Widow and there’s no way around that, but taken as a whole, the weekend number is good. These are still incredibly strange times and we’re still only about three months removed from when Godzilla vs. Kong’s $48 million domestic five-day opening felt like a great sign for box office prospects, so I’m trying to keep a sense of perspective on where we are with recovery. I would also agree with the sentiment that Disney releasing the PA number feels like an effort at spin, as if to say “See? We got over 100, in
  6. A Judas and the Black Messiah A- In the Heights The Mitchells vs. the Machines B+ Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Cruella I Care a Lot Luca No Sudden Move A Quiet Place: Part II Raya and the Last Dragon Zack Snyder's Justice League Zola B Black Widow F9: The Fast Saga Fear Street: 1994 Godzilla vs. Kong The Little Things Nobody Spiral: From the Book of Saw B- Coming 2 America Those Who Wish Me Dead Wrath of Man C+ Army
  7. In a way, it feels strangely fitting that Black Widow is arriving after a lengthy delay; as a midquel arriving not only after the fate of the title character (or at least this iteration of her) is already settled definitively, but also more than half-a-decade after Scarlett Johansson proved that she could open an action movie with no MCU connection whatsoever in Lucy, it’s a solo film that feels overdue. Luckily, this solo venture is a solid outing that provides the franchise’s requisite fun action sequences and amusing character beats. The script is more straightforward and much more risk-ave
  8. My local theaters didn't do Thursday previews for Black Widow, even after doing them for F9 two weeks ago. Grumble, grumble, grumble. (For reference: even pre-pandemic, they basically only did them for new Avengers and Star Wars movies.) Honestly, finally getting a new MCU flick feels like a big step back toward normal moviegoing, and I am so freaking here for it.
  9. I went and saw Zola today. After all this talk about expensive private screenings, I feel like I really scored a bargain only having to pay $9 to be the only one in the auditorium. It's as wild as the Twitter thread that inspired it, and its use of Riley Keough's nails is almost as fabulous as that of Logan Lucky (no small compliment).
  10. That wouldn’t be a good hold for F9 by any means, but I also don’t think it would be as catastrophic as it might seem at first glance. Even under normal circumstances, the 4th of July isn’t kind to box office when it falls on a weekend. But coming off a 4th last year where many people probably didn’t do their usual activities for the day and are thus likelier to be itching to get back to them (as opposed to “just” going to a movie, even though that activity was largely out this time last year too), I’d guess that the drops will be even harsher than in the past. I won’t be surprised if Sunday e
  11. A Judas and the Black Messiah A- In the Heights The Mitchells vs. the Machines B+ Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Cruella I Care a Lot Luca No Sudden Move A Quiet Place: Part II Raya and the Last Dragon Zack Snyder's Justice League B F9: The Fast Saga Godzilla vs. Kong The Little Things Nobody Spiral: From the Book of Saw B- Coming 2 America Those Who Wish Me Dead Wrath of Man C+ Army of the Dead The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me
  12. I checked out No Sudden Move with its streaming launch today. It's your customary really solid Steven Soderbergh ensemble-driven genre film. I wish it had been a theatrical release rather than a streaming exclusive, especially since it feels like Soderbergh's most obviously cinematic film in a while. I'm also rewatching Lost in Translation for the first time since... 2010, I think? It's definitely different watching a film that is, in part, about the weird existential ennui of twentysomethings as a 30-year-old who first saw this movie on DVD at 13 and repeatedly thinking "Oh shit,
  13. I think a not-insignificant part of that might come from people who don't follow box office and/or don't see more than a small handful of movies in theaters per year assuming that theatrical releases generate big crowds as a rule. Anecdotally, I've gotten many a raised eyebrow when I've told people that I've been going to the movies regularly since the theaters reopened locally in February, but I always clarify that I've only rarely seen a crowd go above 20% capacity in that time, even with the cap raised from the initial 25% to 50. (I was also vaccinated relatively early, thanks to my profess
  14. 7 5 6 1 8 3 4 2 for me, though that's with the caveat that I haven't seen 2 or 4 in a looooong time.
  15. Agreed. I’ll confess to not really seeking out any contrary opinions on this subject, but is there really a significant base of people outside of whomever concocted this thing in league offices that really *likes* this extra inning ghost runner nonsense? It feels like the reaction has been largely negative (and rightly so).
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