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  1. Lego Batman made sense in light of the branding and the character's popularity in the first Lego film; it just didn't perform up to expectations. Doing Ninjago afterward, however, absolutely merits the "whyyyyyyyyy!?" above. It's kinda odd to consider that Lord and Miller had two big franchise films in 2014, and yet neither got a direct sequel and it feels like the ship has sailed on each. And then they get fired from Han Solo. But maybe now this finally opens the door for a Clone High revival? Please, Hollywood?
  2. I honestly expected Kingsman to go a little higher. The weak reviews probably hurt it, but otherwise it seemed like it had all the pieces in place to score a significant jump over its predecessor's opening weekend. That being said, it still fared much, much better than Ninjago. I guess it just didn't connect, even with a dearth of family-oriented competition.
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I've had a pesky head cold for the last few days, and in my mushy-brained sleep last night, I dreamt that the 2007 action-thriller The Kingdom got a sequel. The trailer even had a quippy one-liner for Jennifer Garner after she once again stabbed a terrorist in the head!
  4. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I'm just too much of a purist to get onboard with eBooks. It feels weird reading a book that isn't printed on paper.
  5. Um... how exactly did the Kingsman thread turn into the Best Picture thread? I was disappointed to see initial reviews land where they did, but the original got middling reviews too (58 at Metacritic).
  6. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I always did all my school notes by hand, even when I had a laptop in undergrad and an iPad in grad school. It helps that my handwriting is fucking immaculate and I love pausing to admire it.
  7. The Shining scored Razzie nominations in its day, so it's safe to say that there definitely were viewers who found it outrageously bad and nonsensical.
  8. Really strong second weekend for It. It's already just a tiny bit outside of the top ten domestic R-rated films ever, and it will easily ascend to fourth by the end of its run. There's enough competition on the horizon that I'm skeptical as to whether it can land near American Sniper's third place gross, but the fact that such a high ceiling is in play speaks to what a phenomenon the film has been so far. American Assassin had an okay opening. I know it's based on a bestselling book, but it looks so generic - and faced such massive competition from It - that the opening certainly could have been worse. mother! had a tepid debut, but a weak performance was inevitable given the nature of the film itself and the dominance It had over much of the potential audience. It may seem like Paramount will pay dearly for selling an avant-garde arthouse horror flick as a mainstream jump-scare piece, but I imagine it wouldn't have crossed double digits if they had platformed it and then took it wide a few weeks later (or at the very least, its PTA would have been abysmal). Really good holds across the top ten. I'm especially impressed with how well Annabelle: Creation has held up in the face of It's incredible breakout (Aside: yes, it feels really wrong to use an apostrophe on a possessive it, but this is a unique circumstance.) and Spider-Man: Homecoming's continued late legs.
  9. Ooh, a conversation about race on BOT. This is gonna end well...
  10. Best films of 2017!

    A Baby Driver The Big Sick Detroit Dunkirk A- Get Out Logan Logan Lucky mother! Spider-Man: Homecoming War for the Planet of the Apes Wonder Woman B+ Beauty and the Beast The Beguiled Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Colossal Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 It It Comes at Night John Wick: Chapter 2 The Lego Batman Movie B Alien: Covenant Annabelle: Creation Atomic Blonde A Cure for Wellness The Fate of the Furious Split T2: Trainspotting B- Kong: Skull Island Life C Unforgettable C- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Transformers: The Last Knight D+ Fifty Shades Darker
  11. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Bringing someone to mother! on a first date is a great way to ensure that you'll be sleeping alone that night.
  12. mother! (2017)

    Right. Can't believe I forgot about the first one. Nevertheless, it's still effective conservation of language.
  13. mother! (2017)

    I lost the number of times that I was thinking I would want to scream at the guests to "Get the fuck out of the house!" if I were in Mother's shoes. It definitely makes for satisfying payoff any time she reaches a tipping point. Unless I'm mistaken, she also saves the one f-bomb for the very end.
  14. I'm still amazed that audiences embraced The Revenant. Oscar nominations aside, we're talking about a grim, graphic 157-minute film with long stretches of minimal dialogue. DiCaprio takes enough risks that I won't be surprised if he takes on a film that divides audiences to a degree as large as mother! For as much as the internet loves it now, The Wolf of Wall Street got a C from CinemaScore.

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