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  1. A low-teens opening would be a miracle for Suspiria. Unless tastes change drastically in the next three months, it's not going to be any mainstream audience's bag at all, irrespective of how Amazon Studios might try to dress it up.
  2. Haven't done these formally in a while, so here goes nothing: Suicide Squad - $20 million Sausage Party - $18 million War Dogs - $17 million Kubo and the Two Strings - $15 million Ben-Hur - $10 million That said, I'm rooting for Sausage Party to hold up better and unseat Suicide Squad for #1.
  3. Well, guys, I'm sorry in advance, but I'm bullishly predicting a weekend record for Star Wars. The last three times I did so, however, the films fell well short of the top marks of their respective times (Iron Man 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers: Age of Ultron). That being said, it would be a funny (if unfortunate) instance of history repeating itself if the first new Star Wars movie of the decade once again misses the weekend record mark held by a Jurassic Park movie.
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