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  1. 『鬼滅の刃 無限列車編』配給発表数字です。 11/14:動員61万1418人&興収7億9534万3500円 11/15:動員53万5986人&興収7億2631万3550円 31日間累計:動員1750万5285人&興収233億4929万1050円
  2. HK OD about 3.05M HK$,biggest OD of 2020 second biggest OD for a Japanese film , only behind Doraemon Stand by me(3.32m on holiday)
  3. not accurate because of only 75%seats available, the systemcounts locked seats as sold ones.
  4. admissions not accurate because most theaters sell 5b% seats at most, some locked seated are falsely count
  5. Non~Hubei provinces only had 40+ cases on Wednesday. In Hubei, cured patients are more than new diagnosed.
  6. situations outside hubei are under control now, new diagnosed cases less than 100 per day now, several province zero increase last few days, I think Cinemas will be back as early as April.
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