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  1. Avengers 4 ATP is way higher than others though, your numbers 131.5HKD seems right. Now people don't go to 3D any more , most showings are 2D, maybe ATP becomes lower.
  2. Eternals has an average price of 92. JW2 made 88.65m, ATP is only 82.5HKD
  3. Lots of local movies during mid December to NYD holiday.I suppose no big Hollywood movies allowed
  4. Wednesday numbers Venom 2 OD 3.986M, about 4% lower than NTTD with much cheaper ticket price NTTD 1.39m/40.66m, best of 007 series Dune 130k/23.3m SC 146k/62.33M, has beaten TASM(61.98m), will pass Black Panther(63.3m) and BVS (62.97m)
  5. Wednesday numbers NTTD 1.62m/27.74m Dune 156k/21.8m SC 141k/60.98M Weekly adms(9/30-10.06 NTTD 291,485/292,256 SC 40,440/825,284 DUNE 31,879/236,021
  6. Sunday numbers 007 5.23m/ 22.38m HKD Dune 0.54m/ 21.32m SC 0.51m/60.51m
  7. Spectre opened with 17.6M HKD, NTTD OW will be around 22.5M Skyfall made 39.66m , #8 of 2012 Spectre made 40.35m, #11 of 2015
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