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  1. Yeah, I’m not seeing anything different to the campaigns for TFA and TLJ. Par for the course. If anything, the hype for Mandalorian and Star Wars in general is only going to help ROS at this point. hell, they’ll probably put a tease for it infront of one of the Mandalorian episodes just before it opens!
  2. BR2049 all over again. I say time and again that older audiences are just not coming out like they used to. So when you make a sequel to a movie that’s a beloved film of a much older generation, well you’re reliant on them showing up for it to be successful. The younger moviegoers whom, let’s be fair, are propping up the theatrical business almost single-handedly, aren’t necessarily spending their money on DS as they haven’t seen The Shining! They probably know it’s meant to be great and have every intention of watching it one day, but they can tell from the marketing they need to see that movie first. Just like what happened with Blade Runner. If there’s one thing to be learnt from what makes big money these days it’s realising that younger moviegoers like to be part of the conversation. The Shining isn’t their conversation - simple as that. Making sequels to cult classics of yesteryear is a risky business. Older audiences are proving time and again that they’re not interested in showing up for these kinds of movies. They’re to blame.
  3. I’m over in the states at the moment. Saw Parasite yesterday (we don’t get it in the U.K. until February!). Unbelievably great movie. Followed it up with a Dolby Cinema screening of Dark Fate. What’s with the rumbling of seats with the bass - horrible. Anyway, liked patches of the film but just couldn’t get over some of the story decisions that felt like an insult to the first two movies. Just my two cents. 6 movies in now and there’s still only two Terminator movies for me. For general audiences not that into the franchise it’s a pretty solid blockbuster. Certainly very entertaining. They tried. Unlike that atrocious MIB phone in during the summer.
  4. More impressive than the biggest grossing movie of all time?! Many of us thought Avatar would never be beaten!! Joker has done great, as did Aladdin - but Endgame is by far the big story of the year. I mean the thing made $350 million in its opening weekend! Lol. That was just gobsmacking. $850 million plus in a summer packed full of event movies is ludicrous, regardless of the years of build up. If anything you could argue fatigue should have set in by now. No doubt Joker’s impending billion dollars is a close second though.
  5. Screen daily reporting $3.8 million for Terminator. Assuming that’s the 5-day? Surely not?!
  6. This. Understatement of the century. The PT felt nothing like what I consider to be real Star Wars. The ST does in spades. I fully accept that the PT is real Star Wars to the generation that grew up with them though. Poor things.
  7. Good god it looks AWFUL!!!! why. WHY??? it was perfect the way it was. I’m fuming about this. Now I can’t even see the weekend’s stats in their entirety without swiping back and forth. I mean WTF??
  8. Would be very interesting to see a definitive BOT Spielberg countdown. Anyway.... ET - my personal favourite Jaws - his best Raiders - the best adventure movie ever made Close Encounters - magical Jurassic Park - the king of summer blockbusters
  9. Have we ever done a top 20 Spielberg forum vote? Or a countdown which includes his entire directorial filmography?
  10. But Jaws wasn’t about the shark. It was about a man with the weight of the town and its politics on his shoulders having to face his fears and do the right thing. As a character study it was remarkably well handled and thoroughly relatable. The shark was all metaphor. Like baumer said, it’s not worth entering into an argument about. Each of us like what we like and that’s that. I love the movie. Unabashedly. I wish we got more movies like it that a mass audience would get behind and see. Yet we’re well beyond that. Doesn’t mean I don’t still very much enjoy the event movie equivalents we get today, but in my opinion we’d be lucky if we ever got a huge hit on the level of mastery Jaws is.
  11. Aged in the sense that it’s so much better than the vast majority of ‘event’ movies made today that it’s embarrassing. I know what you’re saying, but I’d say any modern audience reaction of negativity seeing it fresh today is more down to their ignorance to what a proper film is than anything. This is what Scorsese was getting at with his recent comments. to my eyes, Jaws hasn’t and will never date. The filmmaking is extraordinary. Just watch the storytelling Spielberg does with the camera. It’s unreal. Still his absolute best film in my opinion.
  12. I’d love it if they re-released all of the nine, separately. In the week building up to IX. I would be all over the OT. Marathon? Not so much. I don’t want my first time watching IX to follow eight straight watches. That’s madness I tell ya.
  13. Joker is certainly a water-cooler, be part of the conversation movie. But I think people by and large just know they must see this Phoenix performance. It is remarkable. Like they did with Rami Malek as Mercury last fall. Regardless of what you think of the movie, Phoenix is incredible in it. Has to be seen to be believed kind of performance.
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