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  1. Luke Evans’ Gaston saved that movie. He was the one that really understood the tone to go for. You can feel the film go up a gear every time he’s on the screen.
  2. Been hearing a ton of buzz about The Farewell for months. Great to see a scorching limited debut for it. Let’s hope this bodes well for a successful rollout.
  3. It’s not confirmed but they’ve hinted at it. Hell, I’m going to D23 so I hope they wait and I’ll be there when they do reveal it. But I think comic con will get a decent reveal, if maybe not all of the slate.
  4. 4 years is an eternity in the MCU. Look what we’ve had in just over 10 years!! I fully expect another Avengers by 2023. Guess we’ll know more in a week when we maybe get Marvel’s line up at Comic Con
  5. Can’t see reviews hurting this at all. Visually it’ll be something people will have to see regardless. Plus I expect most audiences are probably going to adore it.
  6. As much as I’ve been cynical about what it’ll be like, I’m definitely not where you’re at - actively looking forward to talking about it’s mediocrity. I’m really rooting for it to be great. I’m just tapping out where my expectations are based on what I’ve seen. Countless films have confounded my expectations when I’ve gone in expecting the worst. I’ll call it like I see it when I leave the theater.
  7. My point is I believe that character is saying those lines when I’m watching them on the screen. The voice and character become one, largely because of how expressive the animation is. Without that, then yeah - the disconnect would be there. Timon is a character. Is Timon in this going to look and behave like a character, or just a realistic meerkat walking about like in a documentary? If it’s the latter, then the voice may well feel like a voiceover. I think you get where I’m coming from. If Disney had animated Timon in 1994 with no expression or emotion, then yeah...I’d have pictured Nathan Lane in a soundbooth.
  8. This is the kind of stuff that will emotionally attach itself to people who will then come back over and over. Cameron had a monster ballad epic from a superstar on both Titanic and Avatar, that had the theme of movies’ music in its fabric. This Beyonce record is exactly that. All they had to do was make sure she delivered a barnstormer that people are going to love - they’ve done that. Shit, I’ve been sceptical about this movie since they announced it (and still am), but there’s no limit as to what it might do once it’s in theaters if people love it. All the ingredients are there and I’m starting to feel like the stars are aligning....
  9. Interested to know whether the mods will let us talk freely about the film in this thread once it opens, as surely it’s exempt from spoilers? Lol.
  10. The real film writers have yet to see it/comment on it. Disney are very good at picking who they invite to their premieres. When I hear things like “Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner are hilarious” what I really want to know is....am I going to be laughing, but picturing them in a voice room saying the lines. Or am I going to believe those voices are coming from those characters I’m looking at? Most of my enjoyment hinges on the answer to that question. Everything i’ve seen of the talking so far hasn’t convinced me I’ll buy it. I’m not even saying it’s about the way the mouths move, but the body language that suggests what the dialogue is saying. Even 1995’s Babe managed to do this - so it is possible. I don’t know. All I’m seeing from these early reactions is nostalgia overload, evoking feelings that are really nothing to necessarily do with the film everyone’s watching. Soon find out!!
  11. Mendelson’s take is probably where I’ll land with it. This is a visual effects showcase, with nostalgia overload. A perfect concoction that will mean most will overlook the things the movie won’t be able to overcome. See how I feel when I see it....but at least it seems like it will be worth buying a ticket.
  12. U.K. Box Office (July 5-7)* 1. Spider-Man: Far From Home - £8.3 million (£14.1 million) 2. Toy Story 4 - £5.5 million (£36 million) 3. Yesterday - £1.6 million (£5.6 million) Midsommar did £0.64 million over the weekend, taking it to nearly £0.81 million. FFH off to a flyer and looks in good stead to take out Spidey 2 (2004) which did £33.6 million (the highest gross of the Spidey movies) TS4 down just 34% and should easily surpass £50 million now, with the school holidays just two weeks away. Aladdin did £0.43 million for £34.6 million. Yesterday fell just 21% to £1.6 million and a £5.6 million in 10 days. This one will play and play. *figures courtesy of screen daily.
  13. Aladdin and JW3 have been the real shining lights of the summer so far. EG too obviously. Great hold for TS4 - looks headed for $400 million without too much sweat. I’m just hoping we get a few overperformers coming later this month and early August. This summer desperately needs a real sleeper hit. TLK - starting to really believe its going to be a monster. Can’t muster much excitement about the movie myself, but I think the box office watch is going to be epic.
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