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  1. Whatever anyone’s thoughts on TLJ (I enjoyed it immensely), who the hell isn’t going to see this?! I see it opening around the same as TLJ. If it delivers a rousing, spectacular, emotional end to the saga...well I can’t see how it won’t top TLJ WW. In.
  2. I love the original, but I was always under the impression the remake did really well? Box office in 1994 brings back all kinds of stat memories in my head, but this one just escaped me for some reason. Besides, this is a much loved remake that was really well received. I just forgot it did such mediocre business, considering it's now a Xmas classic for many (and yes, I'm talking about the 94 one, as well as the original)
  3. Just checking this out. Since when did Miracle on 34th Street only take $17 million domestically?!? I'm staggered at that.
  4. Might sneak over 300. Definitely 260 plus. Ok....I’m in
  5. This is for sure going over $100 million opening weekend. I can’t see any way it misses it with all of this buzz. I bet WB wish they could open the movie next weekend.....oh wait....they have a little movie already opening next Friday.
  6. It looks like a decent movie, but still a massive sense of been there done that. I’m still not really feeling a hook, or a particular sense of suspense and foreboding. All very PG-13 looking. Hamilton is the biggest reason to see it immediately. I’m cautiously optimistic it’ll be fine.
  7. Once Upon A Time doing very nicely. Be over $100 million by end of next Sunday. $140 million total possibly on the cards? Looks like it’ll pass Basterds for QT’s second biggest grosser
  8. Wish I had the same reaction. I think how much anyone will like this will depend on how long they can tolerate the Dwayne/Statham ‘banter’. I think it works better as a sideshow, rather than a whole movie devoted to it.
  9. Love me some Fast and Furious but didn’t like this one at all. Oh well. Vanessa Kirby though....was worth the price of admission
  10. Absolute joke. No offence but I’ve got no time for people on our box office forum pirating movies that have just come out. At the very least don’t admit it - Christ.
  11. When I got out of Lion King opening night I honestly thought $700 million was on the cards. Even though I wasn’t fussed I could tell my audience ate it up. But like I said earlier today, it has that one and done feel about it. Repeat viewings are what get the majors to dine with the gods. For most people their first time seeing TLK 2019 will feel like their 20th time.
  12. There’s no way to tell what kind of multiplier Hollywood will have yet. What would the audience score have been for some of his other movies? We’ll never know. This is a new thing having the relatively new RT audience score relating to his films. There are going to be youngsters seeing the movie for the stars that would never normally watch this type of movie. They’re much more likely to use RT than the older audiences it’s made for who would never login and use that site. Personally I see it doing solid business for the next few weeks as older audiences continue to check it out.
  13. Lion King 2019 is a one and done kind of movie. Worth seeing once, but I never saw it getting the repeat viewing that I2 clearly had. At the end of the day most people going to TLK have already seen it tons of times over 25 years. It’s exactly the same film.
  14. That Favreau Magic Kingdom movie he was going to make at Disney sounded like a lot of fun. basically Jumanji/Night at the Museum in a Disney park - that sounds like a no brainer for them to do at some point.
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