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  1. A live action Shrek sounds like a full-on Cats level nightmare to me. I’m firmly in the ‘no thanks’ camp. A new animated sequel though? Bring that right on.
  2. Encanto with a massive $3.2 million China debut. Guess the Chinese have miraculously already seen it somehow!
  3. we’ll see. I’m fully expecting things to get public and potentially embarrassing for Disney pretty soon.
  4. agree with you that he wouldn’t have cast him. Thankfully for the quality of the film, the production beat the social media trend. This movie will be around for decades. It’s easily one of the best films of the year, in no small part thanks to them nailing the casting of both leads. If they didn’t work then the movie wouldn’t be what it is.
  5. Pixar and Disney. You think things can be rosy at Pixar after this?
  6. Anybody thinking Turning Red going to Disney+ is omicron related is kidding themselves. I expect the fallout to really kick into high gear this week in public within the Mouse House.
  7. first time? Read the reviews and I’m sure you’ll have a significant number that lauded him. The film would not work if he was weak in it. There’s tons of people even on this forum that loved the movie and liked him in it. I thought like he was a throwback to idols of yesteryear personally. Fit the period perfectly. if Styles had been in it instead, isn’t there just as much risk a similar story would come out about him? I mean, that guy was a front page womaniser for years - but that would be ok right as Twitter haven’t got mad at him yet. we can’t have internet outrag
  8. I saw Licorice Pizza this afternoon in the U.K. Played like gangbusters. Brilliant film. Should do well over here.
  9. sure, but it wouldn’t have been as good. Elgort is phenomenal in the film and no studio tells Steven Spielberg who to cast in his films. If anything he tells them.
  10. Jurassic World trying to hold on to #7 all time from the Spider-Men like….. The Spider-Men taking Titanic for #6 all-time on Sunday like…
  11. yup. It’s the first insight we’ve got that the latest quarter sub numbers for Disney+ sure ain’t that great in terms of growth. Embarrassing decision. Feel so sorry for all those that work for Pixar.
  12. especially WB. And it backfired on them with TSS etc. fair enough though if you thought my original joke could have been construed as bait. Wasn’t my intention of course.
  13. fair enough. But weren’t you the one that said theaters were dead to my comment the other day? 🤣 not bait at all right?
  14. How come my Suicide Squad joke got removed mods???
  15. Spidey pushing Avengers aside for number 8 all-time like…
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