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  1. Concur with much of what’s being said. As the days go by it just seems like more and more of a sensible decision to just move everything back to 2021. why rush everything out to weaker potential box office in the last quarter, when you haven’t even got close to readying next year’s due product? it’s just keeping the theaters alive that’s the issue. You’d think that shouldn’t be a problem with what the theaters mean to the studios making the big money. Once we’re really out of the other side of this pandemic - which looks like many, many months at the least - people will come back as long as the product is there. I really don’t see the rush. I couldn’t even handle the thought of not being able to see some of these big movies until next year when this broke out a few months ago. Perspective and humility has now kicked in and I just think it’s best we move the big hitters way back.
  2. This has got me so nostalgic for 2002. Great job on the piece. Although you might want to change Lando to Boba Fett in the Clones bit before any loonies have a meltdown 🤪 I haven’t actually seen Greek Wedding since it came out. Might revisit it this week. xXx making nearly $150 million domestic seems crazy now. Adjusted that’s Furious sequel kind of money. It even beat out Minority Report! Although it just goes to show that quality means a film lasts forever. The Spielberg movie is going to regarded as a great in the genre for decades to come. xXx? Not so much. Lol.
  3. What about that awesome Star Trek 09 trailer with Two Step From Hell’s Freedom Fighters over it. That was an incredible trailer.
  4. Difficult to rank but there’s a few that immediately come to mind. The Phantom Menace and Force Awakens teasers were incredible. The first two Matrix movies had amazing trailers. Reloaded....I always particularly loved the “here we go” from Morpheus, cut to Neo getting plugged in and the shades going on as the WB logo hit the screen to, I forget what dance song. All the Lord of the Rings trailers have to be right up there. No trailers have captured the chills of ‘This Christmas’ quite like those did. The big trailer for the original Mission: Impossible - love that. Cliffhanger!!! All the Independence Day trailers. The first teaser for Twister, with the family in hiding. “From the producer of Jurassic Park, and the director of Speed’ with awesome sound effects. Man...what about The Dark Knight first teaser with the logo appearing with sparks of light, and Bale/Caine’s voiceover. That’s a classic Chris Nolan trailer. Top Gun Maverick’s first trailer gave me real goosebumps last year. The opening to The Lion King as a trailer was breathtaking. As someone said above - MoS - amazing. Superman Returns has an equally brilliant one with Brando’s speech voiceover. A rambling post, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.
  5. Amazed at Greyhound. That had real potential to break out with Hanks attached. Alas, Sony didn’t want to take the gamble. A shame.
  6. Scoob is out today right? yet not all over the world? yeah, that's going to turn out well. It may not have been tracking great a few months ago, but that kind of movie would have been perfect for when theaters start re-opening. An animated movie with no competition for months, and they jumped the gun throwing it out on demand. Might well have been a nice little hit for WB, and eased families back in to the moviegoing sphere.
  7. I too am waiting for news as to if they're going to hand draw the movie. Weirdly I was talking about Space Jam to my dad last night. We went to see everything when I was a kid, and we didn't see this, despite being huge Looney Tunes fans - plus I was frequently decked out in Jordan Air gear. We concluded we didn't go because we recalled it looking like a poor man's Roger Rabbit. This is exactly why the live action/animated hybrid in its most traditional form never really went anywhere - it was too damn difficult to do, and WFRR set the bar so high it was almost pointless trying to take it on. I mean, they haven't even made a sequel to Zemeckis's classic for that very reason. Yet with this Jam sequel, if it isn't going to be hand drawn then what's the appeal? You might as well drop LeBron into their world, than have the Tunes in ours if they're going to be CG. Even with the 'not as good as RR' effort of the original, there was still some magic to be had seeing hand-drawn mixing with live action. I do not want to see computer animated looney tunes characters in a live action movie. It'd be pissing over Chuck Jones and everything the brand and characters stand for. Sonic and the Smurfs do not have the tradition and legacy of Looney Tunes, so I hope they respect the form of hand drawn and try to make something that's worth the 25 years it's taken for them to get round to following it up. It will certainly be easier to make as you can CG the live action objects they interact with. But if I have to watch a CG Bugs Bunny that resembles the form of what they did with Sonic the Hedgehog - count me out. DRAW THE CHARACTERS!! The ones we all love. It's so rare to see these days that I guarantee that will form the biggest appeal to those on the fence. Speaking of Roger Rabbit - man if they did do a sequel with Zemeckis (I know it's been written and mooted for many years), and they promised to at least hand draw the characters like before - that would be some event. I would much rather he made that movie than the live action Pinocchio he has in the works.
  8. I'll just rank the movies. None of the games I would put over any of them, just as I prefer the film medium for my Force fix. I like a few of the games mind you. Clone Wars I'm currently making my way through, and enjoyed Rebels quite a bit. Too early to rank Mandalorian. Loved it as I watched it, but never have felt the inclination to watch it again - although will before season 2 arrives. 11. The Phantom Menace 10. Solo 9. Attack of the Clones 8. Revenge of the Sith 7. The Rise of Skywalker 6. Rogue One 5. The Force Awakens 4. The Last Jedi 3. Return of the Jedi 2. Star Wars (refuse to call it ANH) 1. The Empire Strikes Back
  9. There’s not a chance this opens in June. I fully expect it will bump the Dragon movie out of its November slot. We’re in for way more shifting yet anyway. Some of the already moved tentpoles may have to move again just because of how hit their productions have been. I still think Tenet gets moved to Christmas and Dune gets bumped to 2021. We’ll see.
  10. The Trolls decision looks like insanity to me. almost like Universal just throwing money away. That movie would have done well whatever time of year they released it. I’m wondering whether the fact it had already released in a few countries was the main factor? They can’t control any leaked content, so sitting on the movie for the rest of the world might make them believe people would seek it out by other means? regardless, releasing just to rent for twenty bucks, when parents can buy Onward for the same, or wait two weeks to have it on Disney+....... hmmmm. I’m really not sold on this $20 VOD trial. Just let people buy the movies. Trolls 2 for 20 bucks for keeps though in April - now that would make more sense.
  11. Herd immunity was merely speculation that the media ran wild with in the U.K. Fact is that through the week the government have frantically looked to address the financial implications before pressing the shutdown button. Anyone who thinks every act they did each day this week wasn’t planned is kidding themselves. It was done as calmly and efficiently as possible, mainly to ensure businesses and the people knew they were financially looked after. Their model accounted for some not listening to their initial pleas. Whether that less hurried approach in terms of lockdown was the right way to go....time will tell. Yet we’re shut down now and just have to hope people heed the advice and stay put in the coming months as this is going to be a horrendous few weeks. I’m no Johnson lover at all, but I think on the whole he’s proved to be pretty capable. Unlike a certain other leader who can’t even string a sentence together and doesn’t know what he’s doing. Terrifying to watch.
  12. The moment theaters are back up and running and Disney go “hey! Anyone want to see their first new MCU movie in a year?” with theatrical the only way to see it.......$$$$$$ We might even see cheaper ticket prices to combat what’s going to be an awful time for millions struggling with income. We’re miles away from that, but the event movies are there waiting for us. Right now we’ve all just gotta concentrate on doing the right thing before we can have our distractions back. Which is ultimately what they are. There’s more important things to focus on in the coming weeks ahead. It’s fair to say the outlook on Hollywood spending astronomical sums on so many major movies is precarious. It’ll be changed significantly from what we’ve been used to the last decade or so.
  13. I don’t disagree. it’s untested to ask for $20 to rent a movie to watch on tv though. It’s a risk. $20 to own it is different, and maybe that’s what they’ll do. Who knows. It would be less of a risk putting it out just to rent if it didn’t then get stolen and pirated within minutes, but that’s the reality. Money is a massive worry for everybody at the moment. I think it would be an eye-catching huge shot in the arm for potential new subscribers if they put it on D+. That is their golden goose in terms of products that are still functioning right now. *on the subject of Soul - it’ll definitely get delayed.
  14. release it in three months when they’ve got other tentpoles scheduled? Let alone another Pixar film in Soul!! I don’t see it. Will they really make more money putting it up for rent than on Disney Plus? I’m not convinced. I don’t think millions will hand over $20 to rent it for 48 hours, but they would hand over $6 to subscribe to Disney+ to see it. Disney would prefer the latter surely?? It cuts out a huge part of the piracy problem as well. Onward will be seen as the best carrot they’ve got to get subs for D+ seeing as the movie itself is in no man’s land. It’s exceptional circumstances for an already released major blockbuster. Trolls is different. If Uni had their own platform and content people would sign up to a service for then they’d be considering their options too.
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