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  1. I just checked out my local indie and the upcoming show of On the Rocks is almost sold out (with social distancing reduction of course). A movie that everybody knows is on Apple in a couple of weeks, and they're still coming out to see it. Desperate to see new movies. Which ironically the indie cinemas can provide due to not adhering to the 'window' law. There's a continuous pipeline of major movies coming out in the coming months from superstar filmmakers, and big stars. Indie cinemas are going to do great with these. If only the behemoth chains thought differently! I can only speak for myself, but I will always try and see a major film theatrically if I can - even if I know it will be on streaming in two weeks. The way these films are performing in indie cinemas further shows that appetite. Big screen is still a player, window or not.
  2. People are going out to restaurants to get out and do something enjoyable. You say eating is a necessity, but they can just eat at home - so why are they going out? They're going out because people like to go out and enjoy themselves. Restaurants, bars, movies, bowling - whatever. They wouldn't be going to the restaurants if there was no food they wanted to eat there. That's what's happening to plenty of people who would go to the movies if there was something to choose from. I take your point on the broadway comparison, but like I said earlier - it is totally different. To run a stage theater you have to be able to fill it completely to make anything. A movie can be shown tens of thousands of times from that one production. It's not a fair comparison. They had to shift everything back as they can't function without full capacity. Cinemas can function, and are all over the world. They just need product.
  3. sure. it varies from state to state, town to town I would imagine? I guess other forum members would be the ones to verify that, depending on what States they are in. Forgive me for my assumption on much of what I am saying. I am forming much of what I believe in what I'm hearing, reading, seeing - and from you guys.
  4. Some cracking discussion going on now - well done guys. I think most of us have had enough of this. There's nothing we can do about it, but we can call out mistakes that have been made. For every person that doesn't feel comfortable going to a theater, there is someone who will. The latter is not being served, and the former isn't getting the movies either. You've got the same customers, just at opposite ends of how they're willing to seek your movie out. So adapt and keep them both happy. It is disgraceful that the studios and exhibitors didn't work this out months ago. A temporary new window and realistic pricing and I don't think we would be in this situation where theaters are on their knees. Greed is killing the industry as we know it.
  5. Agree. Yet what's subconsciously feeding that fear of going to the theater is that the studios keep delaying the movies! You can bet these same people are still going out to eat in restaurants though. The lack of support from the studios has only made this narrative what it still is in the US.
  6. define enough money though. How are other businesses carrying on then? because they have to. They have employees and customers and a duty. Hollywood are just burying their heads in the sand. They needed to find a way to make this all viable for them, and they've got so many ways to do it. Look at how restaurants adapted. Delivering when they had never done so. pricing appropriately etc. Imagine if the studios were in charge of supplying the restaurants with food - they'd all have gone under!
  7. and why is that? All of the other comparable territories have done decent business with Tenet. NY and LA being closed has obviously been a factor, but the fear through the media over there - we've all seen what it's been like. I lost count of the amount of YouTube critics describing going to see Tenet in almost full hazmat suit. Regardless, they didn't need to flee 2020 as there's still 75% of the ticket sales outside of the US of A that really matter and are getting screwed over by the studios.
  8. I know I'm ranting a bit, but (like all of us) I am just incredibly frustrated at Hollywood's embarrassing lack of coming up with anything to keep the industry viable in these times. Every other business has managed to. Ok, Broadway, West End - that's totally different. Stage theatre can't really function without packed houses. They're doing one showing, versus hundreds of thousands of one movie that cinema exhibition can do. Cinema should be their priority. Keep that going with its head afloat. Then price appropriately to sell the films to people at home x amount of weeks later. It's no good charging $30 for a movie when people aren't getting the same experience as going out to the theater. Get that right. Put it up on every platform. Sure you'll have to share a bit of money with Apple/Amazon etc, but more people will have it in sight to then order - assuming the price is right. Moviegoers would still have an exclusive time to go to theaters if they wanted to. Enough would go for business to be half decent. There's so much they could have done to make enough money to keep all the essential plates spinning for the future. I look at the MCU and the staggering momentum that franchise has kept up by having a rhythm of releases, and cannot believe they're prepared to just keep delaying it. It's insane. I know we were talking months ago about the Trolls 2 fallout etc. I worried about them shortening the window. Things have changed now, and exhibition and studios need to do a temporary deal to get through the next year or so to survive. People haven't all of a sudden stopped wanting to see these movies. There's ways of delivering them to people both in cinemas, and digitally, so everyone can keep going. Survive and then take it from there.
  9. yet the rest of the world has shown that not to be the case if done properly. The UK has had a movie make nearly £20 million this summer. Which would be akin to a regular $150 million hit in the states. and we've had the virus as bad if not worse over here.
  10. Like you alluded to, that ship has sailed due to Disney World having been open for months, and they're desperate to open Disneyland. Social distancing is in place in the parks, just like it is in cinemas. If they're worried about the brand then they wouldn't have opened the parks. I agree it's why they can't do the parades etc, just like they can't fill a theater. The cinemas can keep people apart though. There is no legitimate reason as to why the studios are not bringing these movies out other than they want to make more money than they would. They are hiding behind the virus in my opinion, rather than sticking their chest out like every other industry and getting on with it for their employees/partners and their customers. Again, whilst wishing for a day that they think is going to come in a few months. The virus is as prevalent now as it was in March! It's not going anywhere for the foreseeable. They've had all year to realise this, but nope....next year it'll all be fine! In my opinion, big movies coming out will slowly build confidence in the market and films in the states will do just fine. Like they have been internationally. They could throw their window out and agree for a temporary new one which allows theaters to show the films before they can then put them out on VOD so many weeks later. At least until we do get to the 'day that might not come'. That will keep their partners going and keep people in jobs, as well as providing entertainment for people that are going out and seeking it elsewhere regardless. There is a new 'normal' and the sooner Hollywood realises that and adapts the better. Sticking their head in the sand and putting exhibition out of business is not smart at all. I know many disagree, but all of exhibition the world over is saying the same as me. They're ready and prepared for looking after people, so give them some product!
  11. The indie cinemas could. plus the bigger chains that have that rule would absolutely agree to change tact for the time being. Why wouldn't they?
  12. Numbers are up yeah, but it's a different world now. Things are still open, with social distancing measures. Statistics are proving cases are largely nothing to do with hospitality, hence why they're all still open and running. Europe are learning to live with the virus rather than shut everything down. Which had to be done earlier in the year whilst measures were taken to prepare for living with it. It's absolutely not like it was to go out and do things now. There's rules. There's space and distance and masks. No reason why cinema cannot join all the other leisure sectors and run, but Hollywood won't let them. We are light years away from where the likes of No Time to Die think they're going to make close to a billion dollars in six months time. What are they going to do? Move it again? lol. Just kick the can further down the road and meanwhile everything that's there to even make it function goes under? They could have gone a month internationally and then released it digitally/bluray/UHD a month, six weeks down the line. There's so much they could have done to support cinemas, but no. Just wait for a day that might not come when they hope it's going to. It's like the rest of the hospitality/entertainment sector has managed to find ways to adapt, and Hollywood has point blank refused. This despite the fact that movies have been making decent money internationally.
  13. Sure, but the fact that they'd rather not release it in theaters completely says everything. Zero reason why they couldn't release it in cinemas at the same time or a few weeks before, other than....subscribers!!! more important than their exhibition partners by all accounts. We'll see if they regret that when their partners aren't around to make them hundreds of millions of dollars when this is all over one day...
  14. I am wildly conflicted as to who is to blame for all of this. Whilst I agree the way the current US administration has dealt with the pandemic has been catastrophic, it is irrefutable that many other businesses in the hospitality sector have managed to chug along. The cinema business has proven to be more than operational pretty much everywhere else in the world, other than the States. Our fatality total and current case rate in the UK is just as bad as in America, but we managed to open cinemas up and do decent business. I am more leaning towards blaming a big proportion of this chain shutdown on the studios, who are wishing for a day that might not come any time soon - and in the meantime throwing their cinema partners under the bus and putting people out of jobs. Audiences needed a run of films to get momentum going, and instead Tenet stood alone. Depending on what happens to these chains going forward, I think we may well look back and think "man, those big studios really did screw their partners over for the sake of greed". I am particularly wound up today over Disney's decision to put Soul on Disney+ on Christmas Day. A new Pixar movie is a theatrical event. Just because America isn't dealing too well with things, that doesn't mean the rest of the world shouldn't have it theatrically. It absolutely sucks for real film fans that value the experience the filmmakers make the films for. By all means, go for Disney+, but at least share it with theaters that can and want to show it. Some support for them, and for the territories begging for new product. Right now we're in this ridiculous situation where all bets have been placed on a vaccine being round the corner. When we just don't know that to be the case, or when it might be rolled out to a sufficient degree that makes 2021 viable for the studios to release these movies. My feelings...just get on with it and start releasing them, for an exhibition sector that has invested heavily in providing a socially distanced way of seeing films. Just like every other hospitality sector that is open. So yeah, I guess I just don't agree with Mendelson at all. We've screwed our handling of the pandemic just as badly in the UK as in the states, and I went to see Trial of Chicago 7 yesterday at the cinema - socially distanced and as well done as any restaurant/pub/bar around. They could have put Soul out for a few weeks theatrically, before the Disney+ debut. For the integrity of the film and its artists, as well as a shot in the arm for exhibition and filmgoers. They're not going to make as much money as they did before, sure. For now. Who knows how long that will be the case for. When you're sitting on product that people are itching to see and the theatrical sector's survival depends on it...well I think they could be doing so much more to support them than they are. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There is a majority audience outside of America that have most of their cinemas open, and have done for months. Sure you make these big movies to make money, but you also make them to provide joy to a mass audience that desperately need it right now. Do the right thing for them and your cinema partners that make you the big bucks, or risk losing them forever. Sadly, expect WW84 to be the next to announce it's going straight to TV, or moving back another six months to a time when things probably won't be any different.
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