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  1. that’s cool. I guess we’ll never know. Regardless, these conversations around day and date releases are going to escalate as the weeks go on. We’ll get more and more evidence to form what the impact is. It is rattling. I know plenty on here like a good joke, as do I. Yet I am very worried the movies are going down an unnecessary rabbit hole. The one that riles me the most (as I’ve said before) is Disney putting Luca straight to Disney+. Way to go for the king of entertainment putting the big family movie of the summer on tv, when families would have no doubt loved
  2. In the Heights isn’t a franchise movie, or known major IP though is it? in my opinion this has been the movie that’s been hurt the most by the day and date farce. It needed the exclusivity more than any other movie. Any chance it had from WOM is also going to be massively hit by being online for free. Look, it’s just my opinion. I’m very, very unhappy with what a couple of the big studios are doing to the movie business and the art of film. I think it’s horrible that media will be calling out ITH’s bad numbers when it’s the studios that are making this happen.
  3. Do they? Recent musical box office successes would say otherwise. This was put on streaming day one, and many audiences watched it that way. $11M OW on a $55M budget isn’t good for a movie purely in theaters. That’s not the case here though, so I disagree entirely on both points. Again, this movie is playing for free with the click of a button in 2160p HDR for the world. This cannot be tossed aside as a minor thing.
  4. we can agree to disagree. My sentiment isn’t directed just at WB and HBO Max. When you create a system where by audiences are now getting used to either day and date or a few weeks later at home, then you’re just asking for trouble. During the pandemic it was understandable, but now…they need to start focusing on what’s been their golden goose since the advent of the medium - the movie theaters. I keep saying it, but any business that puts a premium version of their product online for ‘free’ is not a good business. It’s a controversial topic on here for sure, but it’s re
  5. I’ve every sympathy for everyone at WB that put every effort into making a great movie and marketing the hell out of it. Yet the fact remains, their overlords selling them all out for subscriber numbers - there’s just no getting away from that. I keep hearing “yeah but Godzilla v Kong made $100 million and that was on HBO Max”. That movie was an anomaly. A super IP picture that screams big screen, just like a Star Wars or Marvel movie. The regular pretty major releases, like ITH, are being and will continue to be slaughtered by this decision. Expect to see major budget WB m
  6. You put your movies out there for free on opening day, you get what you deserve. Sad for Miranda and the whole production as it’s clearly been an ecstatically received movie. What a waste. What a way to showcase the magic of the movies. It may well have decent legs to a degree, but it’ll only wind up with a third of what it might have done total imo. Premium Access is also a joke. Yet at least that charges something to make the movie out to be something special.
  7. I’m so hyped to see ITH next Friday when it opens here in the UK. That it’s already out in 2160p HDR for the world to devour at their leisure is an absolute joke from Warner Bros. I know I keep saying this with the HBO Max policy, but man alive. They delay the movie’s release a year, and it’s clearly meant to be a crown jewel audience musical phenomenon - and then they put it out online day one. Just as audiences and the theaters are roaring back. WB are meant to be a gold standard for movies. This is arguably their massive Oscar play movie, as well as one of the biggest movie
  8. Definitely. Do not underestimate Lin Manuel Miranda fans coming out in force on Friday. It helps that the movie is meant to be terrific as well.
  9. QP2’s $47.5 million 3-day was slightly inflated due to Monday being a holiday. So, say, $44 million if it was a regular weekend. Around $20 million second weekend is more than ok, considering a major horror franchise sequel just opened competing for the same audience.
  10. John Campea said on his show yesterday ‘a little birdie tells me the Cruella DPA numbers aren’t good’. Take with a pinch of salt, but he and Meyer Burnett have multiple sources in the industry and at the studios. If true - great news! Move your PVOD back 45 days and then stick a charge on it. That way you’re getting extra revenue AND not putting a perfect version of your movie online for free the minute it opens!
  11. I get what you’re saying. But you can’t get as far with half a tank of gas. That’s all it is. We’re not here to write reports on it. We can just call it what it is….box office mid-vaccination campaign with limited capacity. Quiet Place’s weekend was spectacular and relatively way better than POTC5 for example. My argument was around internal multipliers. Which, in my opinion, can be just thrown straight out of the window as a comparison in the current scenario. When it’s a level playing field then, sure.
  12. Just been to see AQP2 in the U.K. - opened today. Wow it’s just great. Word of mouth will be through the roof. btw - those questioning its internal multiplier over the weekend, and comparing it to POTC5 etc…why are you doing that? This is a new world now where they’re only just lifting mask restrictions for the fully vaccinated, and there’s social distancing galore. Even the demograph polling shows it’s younger audiences coming out for the movie. Those that are older and likely/understandably more tentative will eventually be reassured to come back. This is just one big fir
  13. Nearly 50 million with screenings nowhere near full due to social distancing is fantastic guys. How many people don’t want to show up until the masks go (which vaccinated people are now permitted to do from this weekend after yesterday’s news)? This is just the beginning! If Disney took BW off D+PA then it would do double what QP2 has just done. This will be remembered as the catalyst weekend…
  14. I take all your points - they’re very good ones. but…would you keep your HBO sub if, say, they started showing these movies 45 days after debuting in cinemas - rather than day and date? From a business point of view, WB will be looking at AQP2’s success and wishing they hadn’t committed to an entire year of day and date releases. You can bet there’s huge conversations and scrambling going on right now at all the big studios.
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