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  1. Great rant as everything you’ve said is true. Projectionists would take pride in the presentation of what they were putting on the screen. Paid for their expertise and delivering the experience. Considering the staggered showtimes at multiplexes today, why they can’t employ one or two projectionists to jump from screen to screen at the start of a show to check everything is in order I’ve no idea. It’s irrefutable that the rise in success of indie cinemas is partly a direct result from movie fans saying enough is enough. Everyman is going to have me shelling out more than I’ve been used to in recent years, but I feel like I’m getting value for my money. At near £18 a month Cineworld unlimited sounds great on paper, but when the reality is more often than not sub-par viewings - maybe that’s the trade off? I’m happy to hear others here that say their local Cineworlds are better than ours, but I also believe too many are accepting of mediocrity now. 100% bulbs in Everyman (outside liemax) was a revelation to me last week...and it shouldn’t have been!!
  2. You’ve said it tree, the place is a joke. Corner cutting to the extreme. They don’t even check everything is set up right in my local on a Friday morning when a new schedule is set and new/existing films have moved screens. I called them out on it and they said it’s policy. I’m like “don’t you think the paramount thing to check is that the movies are playing correctly before you heat up the hotdogs to sell?” Truth is they have staff being paid pittance and the top brass just don’t care. it’s all automated now and run at the lowest possible cost. I don’t understand why someone like Empire magazine doesn’t do an article on it. Testing screens all over the country out as a regular feature, or letting readers write in and having a regular name and shame column.
  3. not surprised to hear IMAX branded screens are well serviced. Also interesting to hear equivalent Cineworld problems with your local to mine. After 19 years of being a member i think I’m done with them. I won’t miss the fear of the presentation being compromised every time I go. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes I have to walk out. Unacceptable.
  4. Cue a shift from 80’s remakes/reboots to 90’s ones!!! Ace Ventura is on the phone as we speak...
  5. Bad Boys 2 in particular is loved by guys who were teenagers in 2003. Basically that 30-45 years old demograph of 2020 were primed for this new movie. Once reviews hit - boom. Top Gun - skews a little older in terms on nostalgia, but even the generation above who didn’t grow up with it know it backwards. Bruckheimer is back!!!
  6. yeah, my local Odeon is a liemax too. Like you say, even those are very good. Anything with the imax brand has to be at its optimum as you’re paying a premium. The rest of the screens though - lets be fair as we all go a ton here....very hit and miss. Didn’t used to be like this.
  7. same boat as me pretty much. Yet having now been twice I can feel the draw like a tractor beam. All those doubts you have when you see something in Cineworld, wondering whether it’ll be bright enough, the sound, kids, loud mouths. Having to time when you see something for a likely well behaved audience. All goes away at Everyman. it’s true that the screens aren’t massive - but they’re more than fine when the presentation and comfort is that good.
  8. I have a Cineworld over the road and unlimited card too. But the sub-par presentations - I’ve kind of had enough. Had a card for 19 years and I’m regularly complaining to them. don’t disagree with you on the blockbusters. I’m still seeing them massive in IMAX where I’m guaranteed top quality laser projection. Yet for most other decent films that won’t get IMAX I think I’m going to have to go Everyman. Events - IMAX Run of the mill - Cineworld Supposed great smaller scale movies - Everyman it’s just nice to have an alternative now for when you really need the quality guaranteed. I saw the first 5 mins of Little Women before I walked out and complained in Cineworld as they had a channel of sound out (even though I complained in the ads). Saw it in Everyman with perfect sound and that opening 5 minutes this time was twice as bright.
  9. Quick shout out to my fellow Brits. My city has these past few weeks had one of those Everyman boutique cinemas open. Here we have five screens and it’s about a tenner a movie. if you’re like me, infuriated by the frequently sub-par presentations of movies in your multiplex - holy shit, this little indie chain is going to blow your mind. I’ve seen Little Women and Uncut Gems at Everyman this week and the picture and sound is as good as anything I’ve ever experienced. Delightful theatres with arm chairs or sofas and you can order to your seat (which they stop once the trailers begin). I’m talking drinks in glasses. Coffees in coffee cups. Food on plates. absolutely brilliant and, more importantly, you’re surrounded by people like you - there for the movie and want the best possible quality experience. Each screen is never any more than around 60 seats. It’s like your very own home theatre on steroids. Couldn’t not share my experience and encourage any of you guys that have an Everyman nearby to check it out. I’ll still see my IMAX mega movies in that format, but for everything else - I’m converted to this place. Not cheap, but man is it worth the money. Projection bulbs dialled up to 100% ?!?! Thank you Everyman!!!
  10. we can respectfully disagree I’m not about comparing it to other movies. Yet it’s all about the experience and it just won’t be the same at home. Just my opinion.
  11. that’s not what I was left with primarily. yet people being impressed with how it looks and feels is the whole point. The entire task Mendes had was to put the audience in with the lads on a mission. Feel like you’re on the journey with them. To that end he’s wildly succeeded.
  12. Pretty much the definition of ‘see on the biggest screen you can find’. The entire production made my brain hurt, I was so bewildered (in the best way) on how on earth they pulled this off. It’s a minor miracle and looks effortless. Just stupendously planned and executed to the point where you’ve just got to hold your hands up and go wow.
  13. Agree. It should get 7 or so nods tomorrow. Can’t see it dropping much next weekend with all the Oscar buzz. Older audiences will continue to discover it for weeks to come.
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