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  1. On the subject of Dear Evan Hansen, might it be worth noting that a screener leaked online over a week ago? I mean, that’s hardly going to have helped matters.
  2. I’d say closer to $13 million. Saturday bump should be good.
  3. I think it would be safe to say the chances of it becoming the 2nd biggest grossing Bond in the U.K. after Skyfall are slim to none. Lol. two thirds of Spectre would be gobsmacking.
  4. To have two of the three biggest grossing films ever over here, Bond hits all quadrants. It’s going to be huge. The pre-sales where I live look encouraging. The hype machine will kick into overdrive when it premieres in London on Tuesday. It’s inescapable. Spectre and Skyfall huge? Not a chance. Certainly by far the biggest grossing film in the U.K. since Rise of Skywalker. It’s important the movie is good of course, but I feel pretty confident it will deliver.
  5. I started my marathon last Thursday, watching all 24 movies. 16 in, and I’m now starting the Brosnan era. So hyped for next Thursday morning.
  6. the movie isn’t out until next Thursday? The AJ fight is this weekend.
  7. you’ll enjoy it regardless. If you liked Goodfellas then you’ll like this. but….I would strongly urge you watch the show first, and then this prequel. The show is absolute nirvana from start to finish and you’ll likely start it and hurtle through them all in a matter of weeks. The events of Newark will land properly then once you’ve got what follows in your veins!
  8. I’ve just come back from seeing it in the UK Now I’m a huge Sopranos fan. Along with Mad Men and The Wire, it’s my favourite show of all time. Newark is GREAT. Everything a Sopranos fan could wish it to be. So for anybody thinking they’ll catch it on HBO Max who is a fan? Go to the theater. It’s cinematic and a somewhat religious experience to see something you love return and feel like it’s always been there - you just haven’t seen it.
  9. Exactly. Glad you’re speaking my language! Now I hope the ‘they’ll put everything straight on Disney+ immediately after theaters’ crowd will admit they were wrong to assume Disney would not have multiple windows before ‘free’. They’ve been notably quiet tonight…..
  10. Guess I was right that they weren’t going to put it straight on Disney+ ! I took some flack for that too, but I couldn’t see them throwing money away. So I guess we could see it hitting iTunes etc to buy outright the week commencing October 18th? Likely 4K UHD/Blu-ray release a couple of weeks later?
  11. yeah, as others have said - it’ll be the same file that’s on HBO Max. It’ll be available uncompressed if people want it. Again, I’m not condoning any of it of course, but it’s futile to ignore it. I’m just happy the movie is out for weeks internationally, before it’s compromised with no going back.
  12. agree. I thought one would have budged closer to release, but we’ll never know.
  13. International to the rescue for Denis and the hopes of Part 2! I’m pretty happy with that opening for Dune. Let’s savour every day we have of it not being available for free in 4K HDR for download. Lol’d when I had an offer through for 6 months HBO Max at half price.
  14. Don’t forget…apparently families don’t want to go to the movies at the moment. Lol Hotel Transylvania and Addams Family would have done strong business and built their brands. I guess at least Addams is coming to cinemas at least.
  15. Me. Greatest musical of all time. Now newly adapted by the greatest director of all time. By miles my most anticipated film of the next few months. There is a huge audience for this. It’s the musical of all musicals. As for whether the older generations will show up during the pandemic, remains to be seen. But idgaf. Cannot wait.
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