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  1. Great start for Venom. Mind-boggling numbers for NTTD. That it’s likely heading for top five all-time after the 18 months we’ve had really does defy belief. It would be like a movie making $600-700 million in the US during these times. Remarkable.
  2. I wouldn’t give its target audience that much credit that they even looked into it that deeply. I would say it was more “Last Duel? Never heard of it” as they looked for brands, sequels, prequels and children’s films to see instead.
  3. just checked, and it’s a web rip so it’s been released somewhere in the world digitally already - the real thing. Lol WB - what are you even doing?
  4. how did they not give Last Duel a shot? Wide release. Great reviews. Fact is that it’s audience are only coming out for IP movies, which is tragic. Nothing to do with the studio or the film. It’s the audience’s fault.
  5. just gave you a follow on Letterboxd @Krissykins well jealous of what you’ve seen in Glasgow for the LFF. We’ve had the same showings at Chapter Arts for it in Cardiff, but I’ve been out of town this weekend.
  6. I thought it was a terrible move. I can only go on the evidence of how it’s worked out for them. Look at how much their movies have made domestic. The embarrassing Suicide Squad gross and ridicule of the brand due to the association with tanking at the box office alone! Their major Oscar hope of the year with In the Heights, now more famous for tanking than how great the movie was. Oscar hopes over. Underperforming is largely what sticks. No matter the quality. Which is disastrous when you’re trying to set up franchises. The Dune debacle is well documented, but how
  7. how can you say that when it might have opened to $70 million plus and had decent legs? That’s a pretty significant impact, no? And like I said, an absolutely colossal impact on the rest of the world watching it for free. Then you’ve got the impact on repeat viewings, rentals and retail once it’s done with theatrical. Every window is impacted once you put it out on the internet. Why would you rent/buy the movie when you can already get a perfect version of it for nothing on day one? This hybrid stuff is already over from next year anyway. And you can bet it wouldn’t be
  8. not when you consider Halloween might have opened even bigger without piracy. Let alone had good legs which will probably be affected. Let alone all the territories all over the world that haven’t had the movie yet, but are watching it right now for free. Hybrid releases lose potential revenue at the box office. I don’t think that’s even in question anymore. Hence why even WB are ditching it, as well as everybody else.
  9. I’m not sure why there’s any wanting sentiment for Ghostbusters to not do well. That seems just bizarre to me. It looks great. Most of the reviews are pretty great. There’s literally nothing that would suggest to me it won’t do well.
  10. No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. I don’t need to get into it further. People know exactly what I mean.
  11. 1917. With no stars. Exodus did fine. Noah did really well. Historical big budget epics should be making half decent money.
  12. it should still be doing minimum $60 million though. You say covid still rages, but there are still millions of older aged audiences showing up for children’s films during the pandemic. Shang Chi and Venom haven’t made that kind of money just from the younger demos. Why is that? Why will they not show up for Last Duel, but will turn up in droves in three weeks for a Marvel film based on a comic they’ve never heard of? It’s tragic stuff. Again, I see these movies too and enjoy them, but I would be mortified as a middle-aged moviegoer if all I saw was IP films. It
  13. if they made a courtroom drama with Matt Murdock it would make $200 million domestic. I’m not even joking.
  14. yup. $350k Thursday preview number. I love how deadline try to spin it being a turn off for viewers due to the subject matter. Like that’s turning viewers off from watching, say, Squid Game at the moment. Fact is, there’s a way too high proportion of older audiences that are only coming out for recognisable IP. And they are embarrassing. Hell, I love all the IP movies too, but I would love to have a conversation with a 50 year old grown adult as to why he’ll go day one for any Marvel superhero movie, but not a Ridley Scott one. I don’t blame the youngsters. They’re sho
  15. oh I know, don’t worry!! It’s just kind of pathetic that a movie like this can’t get grown adults out, but children’s sequels can. I’m starting to find it pretty infuriating, and hope there’s a nice surprise of a number for this.
  16. I wonder if we can just get a couple of million grown adults to get up off the sofa and go see this thing this weekend. There has to be at least that many seeing the ads and thinking it looks like their kind of movie. Leave your house and go and see something that’s not for children, just this once!! You might like it!
  17. great news! Really wanted to go last night. I’ll be grabbing it Monday for sure.
  18. Did anyone see Scream last night? How was the new transfer? Hoping to pick the 4K disc up on Monday.
  19. to be fair, U.K. cinemas probably don’t want to make way for anything when they’ve a movie that’s just pulled in £15 million in its second weekend. Lol.
  20. guess that Disney+ PA played a little part in the end.
  21. I might have to brave my local Odeon. Which is usually pretty good, but I have new high standards of projection I’m used to with Everyman My Everyman - Bond, Venom, Halloween, Ron, Addams 2
  22. My beloved Everyman isn’t even showing The Last Duel this weekend!?!? I’m borderline about to go down there with pitchforks! There’s zero chance I’m seeing a no doubt beautifully photographed Ridley epic with dim projection anywhere else.
  23. Correct. 56 million is more than good. BOT in early September - “move everything to 2022! The sky is falling!” BOT in mid-October - “Bond needs a do-over as it’s only making $700 million plus”. I’d love to see @EmpireCity’s reaction to some of the Bond meltdowns over the weekend. Although he did predict it and rightly vacated for a few days. And for those saying people like me are overboard defenders of a franchise we love…well no. We’re just offering a factual comeback to the pile on there’s been the last couple of days. If we hadn’t then the place mi
  24. that’s cool. They’ve faced difficult decisions before. I think they’ll welcome a fresh start. If anything, having a relatively interconnected story for the past 5 movies has had its own pressures.
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