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  1. And to give examples of this from just last year alone, Charlies Angels, Little Women and Book Smart. No one showed up to Charlies Angels at all. Little Women was still a big hit yet how many think pieces where there? And it kind of was smart to keep audiences away from Book Smart because if more people saw that movie the WOM would have exposed it.
  2. What no love for Monicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. Thank you and its not just CRA granted it was in a different market place but Crouching Tiger did most of its business in NA with indifference in East Asian markets. From what I seen in the trailers it looks like any number of mainland Chinese movies. Even domestic the numbers getting thrown around are kind of crazy. It was behind domestically BatB, Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas and closer to the Hunchback and Hercules.
  4. Unfortunately I do. It appears to be a perfect representation of Film Twitter Guy. They base their views on what they hear others like them say a movie is about and than run that take into the ground.
  5. I agree they are not radical left but the problem is there is no good label for this "film twitter" type group. Since representation and minority rights has tended to be a left position in the US this group is going to be seen as left and because they are so loud on twitter and in reviews they than get tagged radical left. But, like you pointed out its really not true. Economic leftest have for the most part praised the movie pointing out all the critiques the movie makes about deregulation, austerity, mental health, and income inequity. The group that was in a moral panic over the movie ignores this or even mock the film over them. This group as a whole is at best center left and mostly has center politics.
  6. Disney screwed up the release date. Jungle Cruise looks to be almost the perfect type of holiday release movie similar to the new Jumanji's, National Treasures and Night at the Museums. In the summer it is competing to be peoples first choice while the holidays its the acceptable choice for entire families. I really do think a summer release is costing them 50 million or more of potential box office.
  7. That is because the Wild Stallions have not had their hits yet but once they do the kids will love them.
  8. This was not a good movie and just had too much pandering, cheap laughs, omg nostalgia, and dumb you have to ignore. I know it is stupid nitpicky but if the green goblins are made from elements, not on the periodic table humans could not damage them at least that easily without nukes. They would at their height weigh at least 5,000 pounds. The entire cat thing came across as internet loves cats lets have them and speaking of the internet only thing missing was an AOL disk because dial up is just so funny on its face. Honestly, it is probably just me because my theater was eating this up. They also loved the look Blockbuster and look Radio Shack they are funny because they went out of business and were 90s stores. Outside of a few of the site setting. I also don't get the flashing back to her childhood as they basically did nothing with it. Even the get up when you are knocked down montage did not really work as the clips had no real context. I know we are told that she did not get along with her parents but they don't show it really except for like 8 seconds. Someone also mentioned the little girl being hey mom go to space in a jerryrigged spaceship and probably never come home again or your a bad role model.
  9. This movie is going to make 650 plus. All of its panderings and cheap laughs were being eaten up in the theater I was in. I don't really like any of the Avenger movies so take my score with that in mind but 4 out of 10. I mean at least it did not have a CIA agent taking over a country in the Global South as a hero.
  10. The release date was fine it was 4 weeks since the Harry Potter spinoff it just looked stupid and there was nothing marketing could do to save it.
  11. This had to be an incredible set with the two actors with the rep of being the biggest PITA to work with.
  12. Easy In. For the reasons you gave plus what is the hook for SW now they brought back everyone that would move the needle except Jar Jar? AT least domestically TLJ made an extra 50-100 million because Disney locked up prime theaters they will not get that 4-weekend window again.
  13. Where did they advertise because I think I have seen one ad for Replicas and no trailers and I see about 10 movies a month? I think they left money on the table by not releasing it on Christmas. This is just the type of movie that would have played very well over the holidays.
  14. And the payoff of the movie is that Freddy finds love with the man that called him out on this wild lifestyle and they spent the rest of his life together presumably happy.
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