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  1. Just to add on. AMC paused the A-List in March 2020 and did not automatically re-enroll members back until July 2021.
  2. There have been 4 movies that have even broke 18 million dollars for the 3 day and 0 movies that broke 30 million and this is movies doing well? And one of those movies was Tenet which didn't it have its week of AMC numbers in that 20.2 opening? The biggest opening was 14 years ago that is how much of a non factor it has been when it comes to opening. WB that has had big success with the second Sept weekend with horror movies has shown 0 interest in moving the date to Labor day to get that extra weekend day. Even if you want to play the adjusted game the list is made up of stuff
  3. In the US the recorded music industry 1999 was the peak year of revenue and the industry is just now getting back to 50% of that peak. Now what actually matters to the public, less than half of the working musicians today than in 2000 and less new material that is commercially released and the public is listening to even less variety each year (defined as albums that sell 100 units or equivalent.)
  4. Just another of the hundred reasons why late Aug to Mid Sept is an awful time to release non horror films.
  5. What where people thinking this could do in a non covid world? To repeat what I am sure has been said a thousand times. It went from PG-13 to R has that ever happened in a non horror franchise before? I mean its usually the other way round to chase those teen dollars. The first one had Will Smith. This one no will smith and the marketing kind of made it appear they just replaced him with Idris Elba. The first one had Joker this one had Polka Dot Man and Bloodsport. This is coming off the quasi-sequel/spinoff Harley Quinn that disappointed and
  6. Could not agree more. At the MCU IM to EG was the Iron man story with some side quests. There is no longer this thread. Also, the commitment to the story is no longer 2 to 3 movies a year its now 3 to 4 movies plus 4+ 10 episode TV shows a year. Its basically becoming the comic industry where the pure number of titles you need to follow for that years big crossover starts to drive casual readers away.
  7. Yeap. Outside of MCU what does this movie have going for it? I don't think Disney themselves have much hope for this either given that they gave it the worst release date possible.
  8. Exactly, this is about the worst time and circumstances for this to happen too as "the events" seem to be drying up. Even the MCU is teaching its audience to stay home to watch. I guess Loki show had some MCU changing twist. And at the theaters we get 3 movies, 1 is of a character who is dead and 2 more with characters even big comic readers never heard of. And no they don't compare to GotG that had an all time great trailer and marketing.
  9. Ran out of likes but could not agree more. COVID is going to get all of the blame but all COVID did was accelerate what was already happening in the industry. Outside of the hyper hits like Endgame and Star Wars the industry was shrinking rapidly.
  10. I don't think Shang Chi matters unless it goes ballistic or really bombs as it will be hard to separate the bad release date from COVID and other factors.
  11. The industry is only giving the paying public what they are willing to pay for. From 2011 until Covid, there have been just 2 original IP in the top 10 (besides animation which is basically sold as Pixar, Disney, or Illumination).
  12. They have done this in the past pissing off and losing their biggest most profitable TV producer over a Disneyland Ticket.
  13. Great post. What is the next that these studios and producers are waiting for? Right now the theatrical industry is doing beyond the best case scenario on Jan 1, 2021. On that date we were looking at sluggish vaccine rollout that had supply chain issues. We had a pre-Meme AMC that was heading to a secondary to determine if its files or not. Yet here we are AMC cashed in on its meme. Vaccine administration rolled out great and at this point its been a couple of months where anyone that wants one can easily get one. CDC and local officials have been much faster opening up everything that I
  14. I know in the North most schools start the week before or the Labor day week but most of Florida outside of the Miami area are already going back to school the week of the 9th. Not sure how widespread this early is but it is out there.
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