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  1. Yes. Is this somehow controversial? Adjusting for inflation Titanic had about 45% more viewers (probably more as Titanic didn't really have access to Imax and 3D) when the population was 50 million people smaller.
  2. You didn't even mention the worst release date on the calendar. Or Two other martial arts films already came out and did not exactly light the world on fire.
  3. Its not a murderous row but we have an MCU movie and a Fast movie that both came up 20-30% short their opening weekend of realistic precovid expectations. AQP2 did about 20-30% of pre covid tracking. Snake Eyes will open to a quarter of what GI Joe 2 did and this is the first comic book movie staring an Asian lead in a major IP. The big movies have had no legs. At what point can we even start asking the question if people are still willing to see movies in theaters?
  4. This, every week its everything but people have decided they are not going back to the movies as the reason and their might not be a recovery. This is something TwoMisfit and myself and few others mentioned over and over the last year that people will start to stick to their new habit of just watching Disney+ instead of going out to the theater. There has yet to be any indication at all that people are going to the movies just to go to the movies. I think their is good evidence that for the major releases this year they have been down 20-30%.
  5. I don't undertand the reviews this is as good or better than the Marvel films but with better action set pieces. Yet they get praised this gets killed.
  6. Agree completely and yet I think Apple still buys it for 2 Billion give or take because this kind of money has no effect anymore for Apple and Apple might as well target the A24 groupies. But yeah compared to MGM. Its not like anything in the A24 catalogue is a franchise. While its not bad to have a Moonlight and Lady Bird as a catalogue titles its not billion nice.
  7. Great for them that some sucker is throwing around 3 Billion but even in this world of overvalued assists 3 billion for a company that has not even produced a half billion in box office is freaking steep.
  8. Feel the same way, this just has a Jumanji National Treasure type vibe to it that would seem to play much better as the movie a everyone in the family will agree to see during the holidays than as a first choice in the summer.
  9. You are right, every single one of those 2 million people would have gone to the theater to see this movie if PA was not there. None of these 2 million people would have purchased the digital release under a traditional window. They all just went you know what lets see BW on PA out of the blue. And kids movies have been the worst hit movies during COVID with awful legs like Raya, Tom and Jerry, and the Croods.
  10. If PA is still on the table I would think the discussion has to be do they roll the dice that they can avoid the headlines that Shang Chi is the lowest opening MCU movie or do they just try to make as much as they can. That they gave it the worst opening date it seems they are willing to take a bad headline with this movie.
  11. Because nearly everyone that bought PA this weekend would have either seen it in theaters or purchased it when it was released to the home market. Now, Disney lost out on all the people that would have went to the theater and also bought the movie and all they got in return was basically moving up when they can realize the revenue they where going to make anyways by a few months.
  12. If I only had a Thumbs up to give. What I wonder is how many of the people that went PA are people that would have went to see the movie and then would have bought the movie the first day it hit its home video window. So basically Disney is giving up on all the theater revenue and just able to realize the revenue from PA a few months earlier.
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