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  1. Yeah, Disney doesn't usually release animated trailers till a couple months out of the release date. It's not like live action where it's 6-8 months out.
  2. Well by the time Black Widow comes out it'll be irrelevant since the rest of the year should be open and getting back to normal.
  3. Over Premiere Access? The only other movie getting it is Cruella. By Shang-Chi they won't need it.
  4. Think Nielsen does another "one time only" streaming rankings with this like they did with Wonder Woman?
  5. They made all that big deal virtue signaling patting themselves on the back about how great they were for removing Pepe Lepew but kept the Clockwork Orange Rape Gang???
  6. Its not like the movie lacks awareness. The keys here are the new date and Disney+
  7. There's also stuff that isn't consistent with what we know is in the movie already.
  8. Black Widow will likely be the first Premiere Access release where they give out the actual numbers
  9. Keep in mind, this decision wasnt made lightly, especially given that Feige didn't want it. As for theaters, well frankly with the Paramount laws repealed it's only a matter of time till studios (esp Netflix) start buying them.
  10. Most telltale sign so far of restarting the marketing lol
  11. Well at this point if theaters aren't open in September they'll just use Premiere Access again
  12. Yep. I don't think anyones under the impression Raya is a hit on par with, say, Hamilton, but you don't make a move like this for the highest profile release of the year for the company if it's an abject failure. If it were they would have just delayed it and maybe just have had Cruella on Premiere Access.
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