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  1. I mean there's not much theater owners could to to "take action" against Marvel being bigger than indie films other than not screening them. There are, on average, 3 Marvel films a year. Combined with DC/Sony/other stuff like Brightburn/Kick-Ass/Incredibles and etc and thats about 6 or 7 superhero films a year. Out of hundreds of releases. Hardly a strangulation.
  2. He called for theater owners to "take action" against big Marvel films competing with smaller indie films
  3. I don't see how Marvel has apparently become this horrible evil that's ruining cinema. Like Scorcese has a movie he's executive producing ruling the box office currently, one he's directed on the way to the Oscars, but he's rallying the troops to get theater owners to boycott screening Marvel films?
  4. How the fuck is it even possible to ruin Wonderful World like they do in this trailer
  5. I can guarantee the reactions to the trailer contain a lot of "I thought Dr Dolittle was black?"
  6. This has all the signs of a total trainwreck. I also think there will be a brief (but not serious) backlash over recasting a character that, while not originally black, is most famous for starring a black actor.
  7. I guess Marvel is like the Patriots now: being the biggest and having tons of success means everyone wants to take them down a peg?
  8. Why are you acting like Venom is of the caliber of any of those? It's not R rated or unique in a way the others are. Thisd be like listing Fant4stic as a reason Marvel shouldn't have the rights.
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