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  1. Until this begins rolling I don't believe this is happening. It's like the Crow.
  2. The problem is that when predicting Detective Pikachu's box office potential everyone used the merch/game sales as points of reference, despite there being actually theatrically released Pokemon films that nobody used as a frame of reference.
  3. Man what's happened to BoxOfficeMojo is tragic. It was THE place to go for box office and now it's been completely hollowed out by IMDB and just aesthetically hideous design wise. If it was between folding and what it is now, it'd be better if it had been shut down.
  4. Man this is the forum where half the people thought Detective Pikachu would crack a billion, I don't know WHAT sarcasm is here anymore
  5. I think you're really overestimating how many male fans of Twilight there are.
  6. This is gonna be awesome. This could be a breakout (by A24 standards) at the box office depending on how they do it.
  7. He absolutely would have gotten a nom if Pesci didn't come out of retirement for Irishman.
  8. I mean Captain Marvel made a billion without it, and Black Widow is an established character already. Not implausible that it could do on par with that.
  9. Even if coronavirus is still a thing affecting box office (I personally dont think it will be) by the time this is out I think itll still make a billion without China.
  10. Oh my god, he was there because he was THE DIRECTOR. He just didn't write on it. It's really not rocket science. He was going to direct it. Someone else was going to write it. Anyway, one other thing about Raimi almost certainly being director is that it means there's a very good chance we get Danny Elfman on this too.
  11. LMAO he didn't give a shit about Joker. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/joker/martin-scorsese-doesnt-appear-to-be-remotely-interested-in-watching-joker-i-saw-clips-of-it-a172471
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