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  1. I mean the Russos had community cameos in their last 3 movies so odds are good he's IN Endgame already. Everyone keeps mentioning GOT but I can't really find any precedent for a TV show premiere impacting box office in any meaningful way. Not Walking Dead, anything.
  2. I really can't see how anything other than Star Wars tops this this year. I also don't see where the Lion King beating this and Star Wars reports I've seen are from, it looks good but 2 billion+ for a remake?
  3. Wait, how badly is Shazam doing? I figured it wouldn't do that big (it's not every blockbustery compared to say, Aquaman or even Deadpool) but to hear it's bombing is disappointing.
  4. The Toronto as Philly shoot is SO BAD. If it weren't for the scene on the "Rocky Stairs" I would have never guessed it was meant to be Philly (especially since his school is still named after Fawcett)
  5. I wonder how much this wave will spill into Phase 4, especially Spider-Man (which immediately follows this) and Eternals (which is the rumored post-credits tease).
  6. Fandango implemented new policies to specifically deal with the demand for Endgame tickets and this movie broke EVEN THAT in 3 hours. Out.
  7. So, are we looking at a billion this week or next?

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