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  1. Conspicuously this wasn't (or hasn't yet been) part of Fox's date shifts. Could be like Soul where it's an indication it's going to a streamer.
  2. Officially off the schedule. My guess is it becomes a Hulu Original.
  3. Idk why it's do bad in China, Marvel is huge there. Ant-Man is more popular than fucking Batman in China.
  4. Comparing anything post covid to Endgame is pretty unfair. It'd even be generally unfair under normal circumstances. With Sony having made their delays, it's only a matter of time till Disney does too. I don't think we'll have any actual announcements of stuff going to Disney+ till the next earnings call in early February but I definitely think the delays will be announced by then, which will give us a clear image of what's going day and date and what isn't.
  5. So Disney/20ths backing up an aircraft carrier filled with cash to his office right now, right?
  6. Before Soul was announced, there's was a slate of delays that happened to not include Soul. If something similar happens to Black Widow, that will be a big clue as to their plans.
  7. Yeah, but that probably won't affect the Christmas movie. If anything Spidey is the most likely to keep it's release date
  8. Can they CGI his face into Garret Hedlund? update: his alternate Insta account literally does nothing to hide it's him???? Drugs and psychopathy is some powerful shit
  9. Better than now isn't even close to good enough for a theatrical exclusive wide release. Frankly with how bad it is it would have been safer if they released it *last* year
  10. Not in the US it doesn't. April was the optimistic timeline, and that didn't account for the and rollout and people flat out not taking the vaccine.
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