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  1. People kept saying AMATW totals as if that's not nearly 700 million WW. Do you know how many franchises would kill to have that as being seen as "bottoming out"?
  2. They managed to do something that DC's films haven't been able to do in decades, which is make a likable version of Superman
  3. Marvel/Scorsese discourse part 40 million, this time with Todd Phillips https://www.comicbookmovie.com/joker/joker-director-todd-phillips-disagrees-with-martin-scorseses-comments-on-marvel-films-a171898 Interesting given Phillips obvious boner for Scorsese movies in Joker.
  4. Do people actually know what Kennedy's position is, and that Filoni or Favreau being put in her role would mean they would work on their Star Wars shows less and not more?
  5. On the Deadline denying Joker 2 thing: Mike Fleming is a cretinous weasel who "debunks" whenever someone beats him to a story, which is hysterical considering how many times he just lifts stories from other sites and runs them as exclusives, so take his word with a grain of salt.
  6. Any person who bought that "I'll only do a sequel if the story is good" horseshit clearly forgot about Hangover 2.
  7. Even the shots that have been released of the Snyder cut clearly have unfinished effects. Some of them (Wonder Woman killing Steppenwolf) are clearly still animatics. If they weren't black and white it'd be much more clear how far from theatrical-release ready any sort of Snyder Cut is. At most I think we'll get deleted scenes on HBO Max, like how Endgame has all the alternate cut scenes on Disney+
  8. According to the reports that all references to the X-Men or the concepts of mutants being an established thing got cut...it doesn't sound like it is. They can't use a connection that no longer exists to promote the film.
  9. Leto isn't even coming back for Birds of Prey, a movie his character actually appears in.
  10. Yeah no. They aren't going to axe The Batman for a special edition of a movie that was already a bomb.
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