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  1. Iger's new book is amazing, because there's a whole chapter where he basically lays out a presentation to the Disney board that, in so many words, says "Disney animation has either sucked and not made money or was okay and not made money since Mulan". So if you thought Hercules was the end of the Disney Renaissance, congrats, that's basically the official Disney position
  2. A sequel to a film meant to cash in on the nostalgia for the original from 20+ years ago? You sure? And Looney Tunes Back in Action wasn't exactly a smash hit. There's a reason they haven't made a film since then.
  3. Summer 2021 is insanely overcrowded since most of the summer 2020 films got bumped back there (and I'd be willing to bet more big names will join them by years end). It's going up against Uncharted, Top Gun, Purge, Jungle Cruise and The Minions, in just July alone. With Lebron James and the Looney Tunes, two things that don't exactly scream a huge box office draw.
  4. Gonna have a feeling uh Disney is not going to release it on 9/11 Plus I'm 99% sure Wonder Woman is getting bumped down the ways anyway
  5. It'll be very interesting to see which cities get the limited releases and which don't, since the most of the major US cities (LA, NYC, Orlando) are huge virus hubs
  6. Well well, how the turn tables I could definitely see this being the industry model for the time being. Keeps people with back-ends happy and doesn't entirely piss off theater owners.
  7. Yeah it sounds like they're done with sequels for the forseeable future. I'd imagine any sort of sequel things would wind up being Disney+ shorts or something of the like now anyways.
  8. Iger really helped turn Disney animation around. We've come a long way from...the dark days.
  9. I also wouldn't be surprised if there were some kind of limited run in the future when things reopen. At least to soothe the theater chain groups that'd get mad about moves like this.
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