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  1. And Dune made basically half what it would have without HBO Max. And the second weekend will likely be a substantial dropoff like all Max releases have been. People predicting this will be a huge bomb two weeks out from release based off of a 70 percent RT range is ludicrous.
  2. You mean an incredibly reasonable belief it'd underperforming at the time it was made?
  3. Multiple rounds of reshoots isn't new though. Especially since it's based around the actors availability.
  4. I think Graces narrative of "the second Eternals screened all of Marvel's movies suddenly became messes that need fixing" might be a little convenient, especially considering her incredibly dubious credibility.
  5. It's honestly less surprising given between giving away plot spoilers early, both major and minor, critics and journos seemed intent on being wet blankets from the start. I won't let it ruin the experience for me though.
  6. Not just here, on Twitter too. The standards of success were always low enough that a sequel was guaranteed but they're acting like it's made 200 OW or something. Then there's Film Twitter deciding "franchises are great now actually".
  7. God Dune fans are fucking insufferable. Might just cancel my ticket and watch on HBO instead.
  8. Film Twitters really showing their ass on constantly hating sequels and then being rapturously ardent that this movie become a franchise.
  9. Nah, Solo tanked because they released two star wars movies 5 months apart. They tried to Marvelize it, but Star Wars movies work best when feeling like a big event. That's why their previous movie spinoff plans are now shows. If it were what you were describing then Rise of Skywalker' would have been more impacted.
  10. I think the sample size is large enough at this point it's safe to say, at least for the RT score, it's probably going to stay at about where it currently is.
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