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  1. Shocked that Sony hasn't announced the sequel yet, assuming it's the mystery 11th Phase 4 project Feige mentioned.
  2. TBQH even if it's good I don't think it'll get a lot of nominations. Black Panther made it through with lots of technical noms that this won't get, and needed to be a worldwide phenomenon to get to Best Picture. The biggest shot it seems to have is Best Actor, which with Hanks, Dicaprio and probably Deniro all being essentially locked there's not a ton of room to break out.
  3. I mean the reviews are really what sink or swim it. Some blockbusters do good despite bad reviews, but something like this?
  4. Since Feige said they had 11 projects coming up in two years (and then clarified that this did NOT include Blade) in Phase 4, it seems likely that they'll be announcing the third soon, likely in July 2021.
  5. Blankments just liked this post from four years ago. Where the hell does that dude/lady even get the time????
  6. Feige said after the panel that the movie DOES have LGBT rep in it, so it may just be someone who hasn't been cast yet
  7. It might be a lot if they were ALL movies, but a lot of these are TV shows (and, from the sounds of Mandalorian, weekly TV shows), so it's not too much all at once
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