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  1. I mean they're pulling from the same Southeast Asian cultures and imagery so yeah. Though this time the cast isn't white (heyooo)
  2. Yeah, unless it's focused on in the movie it's just a prop.
  3. Imagine having a movie where the characters are transported to a mystical world and what you do is have them change from one desert to another barely distinguishably different desert
  4. The debate as to whether the Flash is responsible is irrelevant because all 5 Marvel projects with confirmed or reported connections to the Multiverse come out long before Flash will.
  5. I don't see how people hear they're doing Spider-Verse and think it's copying The Flash movie coming late 2022 and not...the animated Spider-Verse movie Sony already made.
  6. Yeah it won't do rampage numbers because of the female lead, not because its helmed by the director crapped out the entire Resident Evil franchise.
  7. Disadvantage of being the last one to leave: all the good parking spots are taken. June is most likely but it's hardly ideal in a very crowded summer.
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