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  1. I don't know, despite seeing one good trailer, I'm not getting a lot of vibes that people are looking forward to this. I think this is gonna bomb.
  2. I'm surprised with the 80% I didn't expect that. I might go check this out
  3. It should infuriate everyone that any studio would cancel a film because of what our stupid president said. He wouldn't of known about the film if Fox News didn't bring it up. God, Hollywood is stupid.
  4. Not noticing any buzz with this film. I don't think people care about this sequel or any of the other kids movies coming out in August.
  5. So big question, does Mulan ever cut her hair or is the army just gonna let her fight as a known woman cause I been watching this trailer sitting here confused by that.
  6. I might have to check this movie out cause i'm curious how Chris Rock came up with a Saw movie
  7. I feel like Elizabeth Banks wants people to know that shes apart of this film in some way shape or form.
  8. It doesn't look completely bad. Nothing great but nothing bad. I have a feeling Elizabeth Banks made the whole "Everyone is Bosley" just so she can be in the movie.
  9. Little surprised there's not reviews yet on RT. Looks like they might be going the Christopher Robin route on this one.
  10. This looks like it's trying too hard and if its some worship Satan stuff AGAIN....like you can't keep going back to that well. Some of the shots look good though.
  11. I mean this looks kind of the same as the first one I guess. I don't know, it just doesn't look interesting.
  12. Final Total: 5.9m domestic Worldwide: 8.6m
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