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  1. So big question, does Mulan ever cut her hair or is the army just gonna let her fight as a known woman cause I been watching this trailer sitting here confused by that.
  2. I might have to check this movie out cause i'm curious how Chris Rock came up with a Saw movie
  3. I feel like Elizabeth Banks wants people to know that shes apart of this film in some way shape or form.
  4. It doesn't look completely bad. Nothing great but nothing bad. I have a feeling Elizabeth Banks made the whole "Everyone is Bosley" just so she can be in the movie.
  5. Little surprised there's not reviews yet on RT. Looks like they might be going the Christopher Robin route on this one.
  6. This looks like it's trying too hard and if its some worship Satan stuff AGAIN....like you can't keep going back to that well. Some of the shots look good though.
  7. I mean this looks kind of the same as the first one I guess. I don't know, it just doesn't look interesting.
  8. Final Total: 5.9m domestic Worldwide: 8.6m
  9. So I run a small two screen theater. I figured we were gonna show Avengers in both theaters again but instead we are getting this in one theater. Apparently from my boss STX is paying us to show this movie.
  10. While I feel the story could of been more, this is still a very fun and delightful film. I had a smile on my face while leaving. The animation is of course up to typical Laika standard which is great. Laika deserves so much better then the box office gives it. The fact this film is gonna struggle getting over 10m domestically during it's run is just sad. I mean Wonder Park made 42 million and that doesn't even scratch the surface quality wise compared to Missing Link. Even with this being one of the weaker outings, (This is more on The Boxtrolls spectrum for me) this is still a welcome edition to the Laika family. Grade: B+
  11. I'm surprised to see how much love this trailer is getting cause I think this looks really bad. And considering I didn't hear about this film till I saw a poster a day ago at the movies, It makes me believe their trying to bury this film.
  12. Update from my theater: We have had 2 screenings and only have had 4 people for Missing Link. (3 really but I bought a ticket even though I could watch for free.) Anyway this movie is great and people should really go see.
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