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  1. I rewatched the LOTR trilogy last weekend and really wondered if I would spend so much time on a trilogy on the hobbit. I would watch 2 maybe...
  2. I didn't know about it until the day before its release...
  3. 1. Rock of Ages2. TDKR3. Jack Reacher4. Skyfall5. Django Unchained6. Lincoln7. The Master8. Les Miserables9. The Hobbit10. The Great Gatsby
  4. It fails when he does non wierdo roles. I think he's stuck and I'd like him to return and get away from the quirky for a short while. That means no more POTC...
  5. What I read on forbes recently was Tom Cruise making 75M for his MI movie. Leonardo DiCaprio was paid 50M with his hit, Inception in 2010. Last year he took less than 2M for J.Edgar.Actors like Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio (Brad Pitt still?) usually are taking 20M for each leading role and once in a while making more off of a hit. RDJ hasn't been paid 20M outside of franchises or SH movies. He will get there I think.I predict next year's list will have Taylor Kitsch on the top with 200M.
  6. I remember when Brad Pitt complained he felt like second fiddle to Tom in Interview with The Vampire. Maybe leave him out of dreamcast?
  7. most searched movie of 2011. overhyped. I loved it but the some of the claims that it's significantly better then the other MI is such false crap.
  8. adding to this...on RTTMB: 89% on 6.3k votesRoA: 89% with 7.4k votes (not bad for a Musical)FacebookTMB: 34kRoA: 110KTwitter:RoA is more popular, I think partially because they've advertised so far on AI and DWTS which have over 10M viewers each. The international hype is from the fact that TC is in it and he sings. It's something completely different from the recent role he played, Ethan Hunt. That's just the internet hype. if, somehow, TMB opens at 1 on the weekend, RoA will still outgross it since it it's the better film.
  9. and the latter had Rihanna, the award winning actress and all.
  10. This is a really good concept and I can see the movie doing well unless they screw up.
  11. DDL - Lincoln or TC - One ShotTC for supporting - RoAacademy owes him three..we can settle for one this year..
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