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  1. Tuesday's Numbers (IW 23.5) page 2

    hate to say its but its time for the WWW IW thread.. so whos gonna make it..
  2. but then we dont get a final epic lightsaber duel.. its the last one
  3. unfortunately my english isnt good enought to explain, what i mean.. sorry should be more like ROTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlecG3nYaLw i know lucas went overboard but, should have been more like this, personal opinion
  4. hmm ah yeah i see.. they could have ended the fight like the obiwan kenobi one?
  5. oh yeah this saga is about Rey and Finn right? but it was Luke and Leia that stole the show..
  6. just saw it.. would rate 6.5/10 oh god the second act.. you can remove that completly it would be a 7.5/10 movie soo 1 xwing can take out a dreadnought? poe commander of the fleet(?) is happy that he took out the ship.. not a single fuck was given for all the people that died? why do we have finn? no worldbuilding? is the order evily ruling the galaxy? we know nothing? why do they always have to add humor? instead of that casino bs they could have shown rey and luke training and bonding, get a father, daughter feel going, would be so much better i thought the ending was good.. but wouldnt it be better to have real brutal showdown fight between luke and kylo.. with kylo winning and killing luke and becoming the real bad guy, the next vader.. also fueling rey character? Why is this a BOLD and UNIQUE movie? post seems negative but there were alot of great moments too.. going to rewatch in 4D
  7. Logan 9 Wonder Woman 9+ Spider-man 6 Transformer -1
  8. just saw the movie.. its fun but nothing special.. maybe because WW was so awesome but after seeing WW.. this is nothing and saying that despite spider-man being my favorite hero.. 6/10
  9. i just saw this.. oh my god.. dont even know what to say.. you cant even call this a movie.. still having a mental breakdown after seeing this worthless crap..
  10. oh man.. just finished watching pirates 1 out of nostalgia.. after i watched the new one.. these movies had so much more potential.. completly ruined.. argh

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