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  1. John Wars

    Tuesday's Numbers (IW 23.5) page 2

    hate to say its but its time for the WWW IW thread.. so whos gonna make it..
  2. Logan 9 Wonder Woman 9+ Spider-man 6 Transformer -1
  3. just saw the movie.. its fun but nothing special.. maybe because WW was so awesome but after seeing WW.. this is nothing and saying that despite spider-man being my favorite hero.. 6/10
  4. i just saw this.. oh my god.. dont even know what to say.. you cant even call this a movie.. still having a mental breakdown after seeing this worthless crap..
  5. oh man.. just finished watching pirates 1 out of nostalgia.. after i watched the new one.. these movies had so much more potential.. completly ruined.. argh
  6. solid movie (if you dont have a problem with something that happens) even if the movie flops i dont think it will affect Jlaw or Chris.. they are one of the good things about this movie
  7. fanboys be like: WB is happy with BvS.. it made a profit.. thats all they care about.. thats why they went crazy with SS.. got involved with the movie.. its obvious now that they arent happy at all with how its going atm..
  8. you people.. looking at my close group of friends consisting out of 10 ppl.. only 1 of them besides me watched Civil War.. yet all of them watched avengers 1 and most of them 2.. i dont know how its in the USA but outside this is just a cap movie.. numbers are great.. you guys are freaking crazy..
  9. ahahah keep on defending those numbers.. more to laugh for us
  10. John Wars

    Official Tuesday Actuals: BvS 4.09M (+28%)

    dont forget RTH gives us numbers early... either business picked up or slowed down and messed up his prediction
  11. People are rooting against movies in every single movie thread.. but now it suddenly matters cause people might get fired? lol i understand the mods/admins, they prob have full inboxes with ppl bitching and complaining.. but this is ridiculous..

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