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  1. hate to say its but its time for the WWW IW thread.. so whos gonna make it..
  2. i just saw this.. oh my god.. dont even know what to say.. you cant even call this a movie.. still having a mental breakdown after seeing this worthless crap..
  3. solid movie (if you dont have a problem with something that happens) even if the movie flops i dont think it will affect Jlaw or Chris.. they are one of the good things about this movie
  4. wow really? SW beating Bond in the UK.. or atleast coming close.. didnt expect that
  5. they should have done the hulk vs iron man fight in seoul.. would have been so much better
  6. good thing you do.. otherwise it would just be a boring forum
  7. i havent read a single post in this thread so iam going with something that probably no one has said yet titanic
  8. damnn man.. respect i wouldnt be able to do it
  9. Great movie just as much fun as TA GA loved it.. 8/10
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