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  1. The low end for China is probably too low now that the extension has been announced (it's at $106m right now) and it will play until Jan. 20. Maybe $117m-$126m?
  2. I was going to wait until Christmas Day to see F2 for the 3rd time, but Cineplex Odeon sent me an email letting me know from Dec. 6-11 all movies in all formats are just 50% of the usual number of Scene points to see them. I hoard my Scene points (I just used some to see the new Star Wars in VIP 19+ on it's opening Saturday so I can order a pitcher of beer and watch the movie in comfort), but I can't pass up a bargain, especially on a dead weekend like this , so I just bought a ticket for 1:45 tomorrow. It looks like people like a bargain, it's already over 40% sold (103 of 236 seats sold).
  3. So, roughly $34.1m 2nd Friday. A wee bit under the early estimates, but still a gorgeous number. Interesting to note that without the $8.5m from Thursday previews the first Friday did $33.7m, which means the 2nd Friday actually increased.❄️😎❄️
  4. ❄️❄️So glad F2 is doing so well. With those monster Tuesday and Wednesday numbers and a total that will be near or over $300m by the end of the weekend it looks like the odds of finishing over $500m domestic have gone up considerably.❄️❄️ I'm definitely going to see F2 again this weekend, as well as Knives out.😎
  5. I've been anticipating F2 for years now, but also had a little fear that they would muck it up with a sub par money grab of a sequel. Thankfully F2 is a worthy sequel. Beautifully animated, a solid story and songs that really worked better in context than just listening to them before the movie released. I'd say Olaf gets the most improved character award for F2, he had some really funny stuff, especially his "stage acting" telling of a story.❄️❄️❄️
  6. I'll be there opening day and I'll be sneaking in some Twinkies. 😋 Whoever is in charge of marketing this movie should contact Hostess for a promotional tie in and have theaters sell twinkies at the concession stand, at least for opening day, or opening weekend.😎
  7. Absolutely amazing that a little $20m movie about an assassin coming out of retirement would spawn a 4 movie franchise that has vastly increased with each movie (OW's of $14m, $30m and $57m). I remember after the first one people were hoping $88m WW would be enough to get a sequel, but it was by no means guaranteed, and now we are headed to a 4th awesome installment.😁
  8. Just starting to see TV spots for this. It looks pretty good and the TV spots are really playing up the fact it's still 100% at RT (50-0 so far) This looks like a good movie to see between John Wick 3 and Godzilla 2.😎
  9. It must have expanded in NA, I was just looking at weekend showtimes and it's in several theaters near me this week. I'll probably check it out, along with another viewing of Alita. 😁
  10. I am so looking forward to this. I haven't been this excited for a movie since the first Frozen where I pretty much spent all my time in the Frozen thread, followed by the South Korea and Japan threads. It helped that they put out one hell of a trailer to start the ball rolling. I have little doubt it will beat Frozen's domestic total, but I'm not sure about WW as that ridiculously huge Japan number will be hard to approach.
  11. Just to see what other stuff Jessica Rothe has coming up I looked her up on IMDB and noticed something rather odd. In HDD her character is Tree Gelbman, but in HDD2U her character is Flower Gelbmans?😮
  12. I saw this today and went in with low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was a little dark humor in it and I actually really liked the little bit every time someone died in the movie. I definitely enjoyed it more than his last few movies.
  13. I like the new trailer and am looking forward to seeing this. I wonder if I'm the only one who was thinking "Rollerball" during the trailer?😎
  14. I loved the first one and I really like the trailer for the 2nd. It looks like good goofy fun that takes itself just serious enough. I hope this does well so we get to see more of Jessica Rothe, she needs to happen.
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