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  1. Cyrano release has been pushed back to February. It joins Operation Mincemeat and Morbius as films moved out of January. Hoping the rest stay strong
  2. yeah today has been quiet and tomorrow is normally a bad day for cinema.
  3. yesterday was very good. up above £3m again
  4. i know wales is only a small part of the UK box office but apparently the covid passes there are having a big effect on their numbers, and the social distancing they're bringing back (as well as scotland) next week will also hurt it
  5. spider-man down another ~10% on wednesday matrix was #2, probably just under £1m
  6. spider-man down just under 10% on tuesday compared to monday. burning off demand, or people worried about covid?
  7. Nice bump on Friday, up around 35% from Thursday. Not as big as OD though
  8. clifford was number 1 on saturday. will end up being pretty close for the weekend although I think west side story should still come out top. not great for spielberg though almost being beaten by a big red dog!
  9. i don't think it's the restrictions as such which are having an effect (although who really wants to spend 3 hours of their leisure time sat wearing a mask?), but just the whole media narrative changing is definitely keeping some people away.
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