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  1. Doctor Sleep is flopping badly at my cinema. Worse opening than Terminator last week
  2. Top 3 still Lion King (~£4m), Hobbs & Shaw and Toy Story. Blinded by the Light around £850k, Playmobil £375k
  3. Playmobil is doing terribly. Worse than Angry Birds 2 was last week for us
  4. We're sold out every show but one for Mary Poppins before Christmas. Also sold out on Boxing Day
  5. Should open big but won't have the legs of the first. I was really disappointed by it.. it's almost like half a film, basically nothing of note happens that you couldn't explain in one sentence.
  6. It is mad that one of those 3 releases didn't move up a week to this weekend though where the biggest competition would have been week 2 of A House With A Clock In Its Walls. Similar situation in December (unless something moves) with Aquaman, Mortal Engines and Spiderverse all releasing on the 14th, and only a bunch of small films on the 7th.
  7. Why would they do that? Just can't cope with demand? It seems like a certain way to put people off to me. We've been packed at my place today. Hotel Transylvania about double yesterday
  8. We had our biggest week of all time with Mamma Mia & The Incredibles combo. Mamma Mia also had the biggest opening of any film
  9. Mamma Mia is going to be ridiculously big at my cinema. Might challenge Force Awakens for our biggest ever 7 days 😎
  10. £9.5m for the weekend. Not sure what the previews were but they were tiny. Should do great business over the school holidays
  11. We've been quite busy with Incredibles. Actually playing better in the evening than the day time. Mamma Mia 2 presales are amazing. Like Star Wars big for us
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