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  1. Ya but you can’t assume that right? Like with reserved seating you can almost guarantee the first row or two are gonna be largely empty. And im not sure outside of like big population centers like population density is high enough to really support selling out every showing.
  2. Absolutely it matters because 90 min vs. 150 min means an extra showing or two a day. So automatically you get 20-30% higher ceiling. Because there is a bit of running into supply constraints with IW. Definitely I know anecdotally there’s a lot of my friends who would’ve seen it OW but couldn’t get good tickets. Especially with reserved seating these days, like people aren’t just gonna walk up and nope they have a good seat instead of front row and a one way ticket to nausea. So ya, being able to add an extra showtime or two would really help. (And this is a trend in the movie industry too of
  3. I think there’s still statistically a ceiling, but we probably need to revisit that $250 mm number. I remember that number being thrown around as the max since like HP7 like 7 years ago. With population growth, expansion of large / premium format experiences, and also just inflation (an IMAX 2D ticket is $21 where I live now compared with $16 or $18 a couple of years ago and regular tickets are now $14 up from $11). So, the ceiling probably still exists it’s just not $250 mm. Probably like $300 or $325 or something.
  4. There was one in Toronto today haha. Thought it was pretty averagely executed, but the story was pretty good and ya I do see this doing well at least in terms of legs.
  5. It better be. It’s the first Nolan I’ve absolutely loved. If Shape of Blandness wins I might die.
  6. No but the sequel is basically performing at like half of the originals level despite getting better reviews and doing much better at the BO in the U.K.. So think there was anticipation that it’d at least match its predecessors performance in the States. Dont think it it really matters tho. It’s done well enough in Europe that they’ve turned a profit and were probably getting Paddington 3.
  7. Oh 100% ya. I saw it at TIFF and honestly I cried for the last solid like 25-30 minutes
  8. Concert's End. Directed by Kenneth Branagh and featuring a named cast of 31 actors
  9. I'll take the rights to Yes, Minister / Yes, Prime Minister (Armando Iannuci helmed reboot coming)
  10. Like to reclaim Narnia and 39 Clues. And also secrets of the immortal: nicholas flamel. And also, animal farm.
  11. Might have a rehash of Risk Management then complete with the original batshit crazy ending of a police-chase and helicopter scene. Think a couple of the really old players might've beta read that version haha. And i'm still cheesed my WWI epic flopped critically. Think numbers was the only person that liked it.
  12. Question, are we allowed to recycle some stuff from previous iterations of the game? Was thinking of maybe polishing up some of my flops or fixing up some flaws from previous successes and dropping them in. And thinking of snatching the coens for something again. Have some ideas for a political black comedy...
  13. That makes sense. Not sure how hard this is to do and like if it's too complicated like oh well. But Sasha Stone from awardsdaily runs a simulated oscar ballot each year, and how she displays it is like she displays the original allocation and then like each redistributed result until a winner is determined. Like each column is an iteration and the movies are in rows. Not sure how hard that is to do...
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