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  1. Watch SPECTRE helicopter chase: James Bond filming disrupts London as Daniel Craig hits the Thames
  2. Early details emerge on 'SEPCTRE' shoot in Morocco "Sam Mendes will shoot in Tangier's Medina - the old part of the town with narrow, maze-like streets..." "...as well as Erfoud, an oasis in the south east of the country, near Morocco's border with Algeria."
  3. James Bond director Sam Mendes shoots new Spectre scenes inside London's iconic City Hall as filming resumes after Daniel Craig's set injury
  4. Digital Audience Ratings: ‘Spectre’ Soars, ‘Southpaw’ Packs a Punch "Each week Variety publishes ListenFirst Digital Audience Ratings (DAR) – Film, a measurement of fan engagement across all the major digital platforms as it relates to film (see the TV version here). Provided by ListenFirst Media, DAR – Film measures what entertainment content is resonating most across Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia combined."
  5. Back with a bang! Daniel Craig keeps his cool as he walks through massive explosion on Mexican set of new James Bond film Spectre
  6. James Bond film crew clean up Rome on Spectre shoot "Gobsmacked Italian media outlets have reported that production crew worked with the city council to clean up and remove graffiti from locations prior to shooting. They are also said to have brought in their own private security firms, who somehow made a plague of non-licensed parking attendants on the Tiber-side road in Trastevere disappear overnight - something the city authorities have been notoriously incapable of doing." "Other unforeseen good deeds included handing out hot meals to homeless people during a night shoot near the Va
  7. Mexico wanted James Bond, but only if the country looked as good as he does "Mexico allegedly offered $14 million in tax incentives and rebates to Sony Pictures and MGM Studios for a few minutes of the Sam Mendes-directed Bond film, "Spectre," but wanted to make some script changes in return..."
  8. James Bond's Aston Martin DB10 takes on Spectre villain's Jaguar CX75 in dramatic high-speed car chase on the banks of Rome's River Tiber
  9. Mayday! Spectre crew shoot breath-taking scenes in Austria of an aircraft nosediving into a snowy trail
  10. Shooting on location in Austria starts tomorrow as Daniel Craig and the crew arrive in the country for the snowy sequences
  11. The high water mark for product placement in a Bond film (and maybe any movie) was Die Another Day. A license to shill With 20 marketing partners, Hollywood has never seen product placement like this "Not only is MGM spending $30 million in advertising, according to Variety, the movie studio enlisted more than 20 marketing partners who are reportedly contributing at least $100 million in promotional support for the franchise. Only the Olympics can boast more “official” sponsors." Some of Spectre's promotional partners were listed in the press release that was distributed on the
  12. Lights, camera, handsome distraction! A smouldering Daniel Craig shoots new Bond film in central London with co-star Naomie Harris
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