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  1. harry713

    Tuesday's Numbers: Ocean 8 - $6.22M

    It's silly to measure AIW against BP when they both performed well above prerelease expectations and if BP didn't exist there would be no arbitrary 700m dom goal for AIW to begin with. The films SHOULD do nothing more than what they actually did. There's no exact measure of how a solo or an event or a crossover Marvel film should perform. There are so many circumstances to consider when evaluating why a film made as much as it did. It seems pretty pointless to care about a 20m difference in one country.
  2. Any chance it ends up passing TFA for third place?
  3. harry713

    Wednesday numbers: IW $7M

    How noble of you.
  4. harry713

    Wednesday numbers: IW $7M

    Jim can.
  5. harry713

    Wednesday numbers: IW $7M

    Yeah I think he's pretty new to understanding more complex BO tracking.
  6. harry713

    Wednesday numbers: IW $7M

    Some people never change.
  7. harry713

    Tuesday (9/5):- Infinity War - 10.67m

    I was hoping BP's third weekend would be in play but it doesn't look like IW can get there. Ah well.
  8. harry713

    Wed #s IW - 16.8m

  9. harry713

    Wednesday Numbers(27/12/17):TLJ $22m

    I've heard the first hour is great and the last 80 minutes are pure dumpster fire.
  10. Spiderman 1 adjusts to $620m. It's just a different ballpark altogether.

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