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  1. I know the second film with Garland was a commercial failure (didn't even match it's budget) and the Streisand film was a critical turd, but don't know much about the first. Is this the first iteration where the stars aligned both critically and commercially?
  2. harry713

    Tuesday Numbers | 20/11/2018

    Ah. Actually this is closer to the answer I was seeking above. The increases and decreases made no sense, even with the new films entering the marketplace.
  3. harry713

    Tuesday Numbers | 20/11/2018

    So if anything FB2's increase is pretty impressive? I was trying to make sense of the general narrative at the beginning of this thread.
  4. harry713

    Tuesday Numbers | 20/11/2018

    Trying to make sense of the muted Tuesday increases. Typical Thanksgiving week business that I need reminded of? But also we expected a larger increase for the one film that did increase substantially from Monday? (not that I think FB2's performance is good)
  5. harry713

    Wednesday numbers

    It increased its last too consecutive Thursdays so there's a good possibility it does increase.
  6. harry713

    Tuesday Numbers 6/11:

    200m seems to be close to locked, with 210-220 in play. I wonder if they will go for a theatrical expansion or home video release when Oscar nom's are announced.
  7. Pretty sure ASIB will be closer to 14m this weekend after a 2m thurs. 4m (+100%) 5.6m (+40%) 3.9m (-30%) 13.5m wkd (-29%)
  8. harry713

    Monday Numbers

    All of this is irrelevant. The main point is TLK already has a built in mega audience. They could have gotten Brandy to voice Nala and it would still have a mega 200m+ opening and 600m+ total because.... (chorus joins in) i t ' s T h e L i o n K i n g. You can't really create more interest for a film that already has 100% peak interest. There's nowhere further to go.
  9. harry713

    Monday Numbers

    You’re missing the point. TLK is going to be one of the top grossing films of the year and probably all time. That’s because it has a built in audience because the animated original is so beloved, not because Beyoncé is voicing one of the characters.
  10. harry713

    Monday Numbers

    Lol people aren’t going to be watching TLK because of Beyoncé. What a troll.
  11. harry713

    Monday Numbers

    It will make that today.
  12. harry713

    Monday Numbers


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