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  1. International should probably finish around 275m. There is still Japan, India, and South America remaining though I wouldn't count on those markets contributing more than some 30m or so. Domestic really depends on NY/LA, but I'm thinking around 60m-ish.
  2. This is also partially why the lumped in number was so weird, because they said it wasn't about the opening (And tried to make it look as big as possible anyway). Because this weekend will make that narrative look worse even though the drop itself is kinda....fine, removing the element of how terrible last weekend was gross-wise.
  3. WB played themselves here. They bet on having a respectable number through the 11 day total (probably a number starting with a three?) and now they're in a situation where the 2nd weekend drop is gonna be bad and the number is gonna be single digits for the 2nd weekend which the press will run wild with. After that though, I see no point in hiding. The only card you have left to play after that is low 20-30% drops (if not smaller depending on reopenings) to basically say "Hey this thing will run for a decent while, maybe Tenet isn't the right movie but the market can show good legs"
  4. I gotta be honest, I even feel 350m would be a good result at this rate because I'm thinking the US is not gonna be able to get much further past 60m.
  5. Al Michaels fucking up Denis Villeneuve's last name will get this film into the meme territory it needs.
  6. If both failed, I'd love to be a fly on the wall in those meetings right now within the studios.
  7. On desktop, there's a little 'X' to the top right corner of the signature and you can ignore it.
  8. Meanwhile I'm rubbing my hands because the theaters will be so dead in a couple weeks I could have an IMAX showing to myself.
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