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  1. Think it's fair to say I've been an ardent defender of Nolan for years here on this board, but I'd really really like to see the justification from WB/Nolan on the health risk or are they just that delusional that if the government deems it safe, then it must be safe to see movies in theaters.
  2. As I said elsewhere, Once again the discussion (internally) always seems to be centered around money, not safety. And this is why Disney and WB/Nolan look batshit insane right now as deaths nearly got back up to 1000 yesterday in the US.
  3. I admit, I watched a bit of Gladiator last night and now I'm feeling Unhinged a bit more.
  4. This movie wouldn't exist at all without Nolan let alone it having a smaller budget, we'd be eagerly anticipating Unhinged to bring us back to theaters.
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