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  1. Given the short time frame, this is a slam dunk for one of his phoned in scores with help from his friends
  2. Oscar season is quite a bit shorter this year, I'm not sure what kind of impact that has but theaters might be less compelled to keep contenders going until the end of February if other screens call for it (but it looks like a weak February overall). It could also mean more people pack into theaters early as we approach Oscars.
  3. Mmmm yeah once they start hopping around I lose most interest. Even then, the excessive jumping and twirling is a bit tough to watch nowadays. I'll admit that 15 year old me thought it was pretty cool as hell at first, but pretty quickly I would have even preferred something like TPM style fight instead. Fancy choreography but more grounded.
  4. Han was never upset at Ben killing him, even after he's stabbed he tries to soak in the moment with Ben before falling. Ultimately he cared about Ben returning to the light more than anything.
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