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  1. @CJohn was telling me he thinks Blade Runner 2049 could make 190 million and I had the most confused boner because that means it'd outgross Interstellar and Dunkirk
  2. I implied no such thing. I only implied that Red Sparrow isn't gonna be some juggernaut that will kill Annihilation.
  3. Tomb Raider UNDER 100M

    Easy in. Even if the trailer was good I'd still say in.
  4. *Trump cancels Fandango ticket purchase*
  5. The average rating is incredible, especially from top critics. Should have never doubted the power of the whisperings of an Awards Watch member
  6. I guess I don't remember this BvS. Not sure why I bought it tbh. But I was all set to buy the Digibook, but since it was $28, shit, might as well go 4K since I'm upgrading the TV in a few months
  7. Am I the only thinking the Blu-Ray is somewhat pricey? Was slightly thrown off by $25 price tag on release week. I suppose I'll pick up the 4K version since it's only $5 more.
  8. This explains all the likes you give me...
  9. This might be the problem. I dislike the Tomb Raider games. Because the male chauvinist pig in me prefers the Uncharteds of the world with normal necked people like Nathan Drake.

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