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  1. I think Angel Hernandez needs to worry more about calling proper balls and strikes and not being a terrible ump, instead of these team ups 🤔 @Porthos @Plain Old Tele @4815162342 @DAR @Deep Wang
  2. I hold the keys to the kingdom. I can change the password anytime I want. I am just benevolent. That's what my ego tells me.
  3. My brother mooches off my Netflix and I asked him to sub to HBO so we can share it. He hasn't subbed to HBO
  4. And they mentioned repeatedly how they intend to make more Spider-Man games lol. I'm assuming there was a clause to develop more, so even if Marvel were to be vindictive, they're probably not able to do anything right now.
  5. To be fair, Sony does not own the rights to Spider-Man for video games. It was licensed to them by Marvel, but they went to Sony because they had the most confidence they could deliver a quality game. And they did.
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