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  1. I hope J-Law is sipping dat Fernet Branca in the background.
  2. MrPink

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    I think the Netflix baggage could prevent it from winning but it'll be a big contender all year, I'm sure. Mudbound didn't have the same kind of buzz not to mention it debuted at Sundance, so it lost some of its luster by the time Awards Season came around, despite its release later on. It might have even nabbed more nominations than I expected. 4 was not a bad haul for it.
  3. "Shouldn't a man infer from Fukunaga's arrival, and departure, and fucking failure to make Season 1's dialogue more relatable as being connected not just to Pizzaman, but prefiguring Pizzaman in a causal sense?"
  4. Which makes me wonder why he even signed up at all. He's known to have clashed with others on True Detective and formerly IT...so I'd put more than small odds he might drop out.
  5. The title can be "A Witch Called Wanda"
  6. The Hawkeye series is coming. I believe. 🙏
  7. Requesting Brie Larson's one expression be turned into a forum emoji
  8. Given @WrathOfHan's distaste for senior citizens, I'm surprised he didn't love the trailer 🤔
  9. I think it was always set for a decline of sorts, since the reception to the first one was good, but not not necessarily amazing and some people really hated the direction they took. But Rise was a terrible mistake across the board in terms of handling, made even funnier by the fact that Uncharted 4 ended up being delayed, so they wouldn't have even had issues differentiating itself from the competition. I'm presuming that was a factor in MS seeking out Tomb Raider and Square taking the money.
  10. Brie Larson's 'accent' sounded fine to me. Trailer however didn't really do much to separate itself from other origin films (which tbf, EW's article stressed it wasn't). It was fine.
  11. Well I'm sure the whole Netflix aspect is gonna cause some indignant voters to go elsewhere. Who knows what happens with the Oscars voting system.

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