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  1. I guess what I'd say is that if the entire world was on a level playing field where vaccine availability was equal, I'd agree. But this isn't the case, and those markets where vaccine availability cannot approach the US yet means more to some movies than others. I'm sure plenty of movies will stay, but also, studios are gonna take a decent bath on it if they rely on markets where vaccine availability is still lacking (think SE Asia) I don't agree with the notion that a bunch of movies are going to move, certainly not to the degree of what we saw in 2020, but even for someone like m
  2. Yeah but I'm the kind of baseball fan who freaks out after every game and now believe we will get rocked in the playoffs. Our rotation is in shambles
  3. You are good people. I was feeling so good about the Houston additions and now it just feels pointless. 5 straight ALCS' in a row is a victory for me.
  4. Fuck this shit @Porthos I quit. Fuck Bauer. Fuck Dodgers. I yield my time, FUCK YOU
  5. Why are you asking Paramount to blow even more cash just so you can turn around to use it as more evidence to exclaim theaters are dead.
  6. It's not that GI Joe can't be popular but I don't see what it has to offer at this point that isn't done by other bigger/better franchises.
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