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  1. Wait, wtf he had a song in 2012?
  2. Nolan: living in BOT’s mind rent free
  3. You're gonna have to find out "who" was gushing over it and "who" voted to determine that.
  4. Either A. The Marvel contingency is not very big on this forum relatively or B. The Marvel contingency are about as good as the youth at voter turnout. It's not a backlash thing specifically.
  5. The only way to win this year is to not play. DON'T SUBMIT A LIST
  6. A Simple Favor? Bohemian Rhapsody? You silly BOT.
  7. I refuse this timeline unless Viggo goes on stage with the crew to eat an entire pizza like a sandwich
  8. Pac Rim was Legendary's baby, who pushed for it all the way against their better judgment. It shouldn't have been made tbh. They banked on China exploding more for it and that didn't happen. As for Fury Road, to make it work you'd bank on running into less production issues than the last one, and the critical reception to enjoy a nice bump. Fury Road also missed out on a China release. WB has less franchises to work with overall and they're certainly a little more open to throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks compared to the likes of Disney, neither a good or bad thing in and of itself. Disney could make an Alita sequel, but spending 150-200m on a movie like Alita to make maybe 400-500m WW when they can use that on their current stable (live action remakes, Marvel, animation) just seems like a big opportunity cost for them in the end. WB isn't in the same kind of position to do that. I don't want to say it's totally impossible, but it's in a pretty different situation than the other two. It's a profit battle as much as it is a studio battle to make it worth Disney's time.

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