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  1. The Emmy's are pretty notorious for repeatedly giving Best Drama to previous winners whether deserved or not. I mean, from 2000s on, The West Wing, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones have 12 of the 20 Outstanding Drama awards.
  2. I thought GOT was pretty great for about 3 seasons, then the 4th season started to frustrate me a bit, and then it was varying degrees of frustrating with a dash of spectacle until the end. I did enjoy Season 6 generally. While S8 was pretty bad, I don't think the gap between S7 and 8 were as big as fans probably would say.
  3. Outside of Stan and Peggy's abrupt rush to the finish line (it was overdue, but it could have been handled better), it's pretty great. The phone calls
  4. hey all, i'm social distancing by being the only person camping at a theater right now. hopefully i don't get fined
  5. Imagine if I voted and flexed my influence to get others to vote. But I am merciful.
  6. I don't know why anybody was thinking Inception would be #1. Nolan wins the Year End lists, not the other ones (excluding comic book list)
  7. Totally forgot that by having Young Drake, there's no Elena, which is part of what makes Uncharted work. Lol. Bring Chloe in tho, you cowards.
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