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  1. No, I'm good. Which says something given the current state of affairs.
  2. Something seems wrong about the depiction of these high schoolers because this forum told me that high schoolers spend their time cyberstalking crushes and their boyfriends on Twitter rather than showing off dozens of dicks and taking all the drugs
  3. *Shrug* It's clear a lot of people felt it ended perfectly at 3 and were wary of the franchise continuing. Going beyond Toy Story we've always seen a lot of drop offs with a 4th film. People are conditioned to 'trilogies.' I didn't mind a 4th as long as it was good, and personally while it's probably the weakest for me, it was still a very enjoyable entry.
  4. I don't really subscribe that strongly to the idea that just because the market has been dead for a few weeks means this film should explode. It's still a 4th entry in a franchise many considered closed.
  5. Yeah honestly my gut reaction is to say this is more of a fault of the tracking/presale numbers and how it was interpreted rather than TS4 not clicking or getting audiences to the theater. But obviously you can see I predicted 110m 😅
  6. I have a B7. I don't have burn in issues, I did worry with the initial break in period but after a few weeks, I kinda just operated using my TV as I would if there were no burn in potential. Most TV channels have embedded logos here but obviously commercials break that up. Doesn't sound like there's much you can do but I'd be wary of watching more than one episode at a time probably. I've played games like RDR2 in 2 hour stints or longer, not that I'm timing anything but again, no burn in issues.
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