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  1. But that's like only $1...get me at least 1 million dong.
  2. Honestly, I think it's one of his best performances. Far better than the Revenant.
  3. Imagine bringing back an actor from the dead but not actually bringing back fictional Han back from the dead.
  4. Depending on price limit, I guess I'm game?
  5. Baby Shark brought us here. Signing Parra changed it all
  6. To be fair, Greinke has had a ton of traffic all postseason. Like it always felt like he was on the precipice of breaking. Obviously not tonight, but he was fortunate to walk away in Game 3 without allowing more. Still, Hinch had a lot of faith in his BP and probably too much. The problem is the Nats had too many looks at the vast majority of them.
  7. And the kick in the nuts was that tonight was the night my brother decided to watch Bohemian Rhapsody
  8. I don't like bringing in Harris after the 2 run homer yesterday. But there's not a lot of people we could trust. Either let Greinke go or put in Harris. But still, I do think we should have put in Cole to keep it close. A 1-2 run deficit is a hell of a lot better than 4, which weights down on a player's mind.
  9. Congrats @Jayhawk I'm glad that Greinke wasn't the one to lose it for us. That trade would have been slagged forever. But no, he threw a great game. The problem was, and had been for most of the season, RISP. I can't say I understand why Cole never pitched in this game. But now I can throw away these dynasty hopes and never get my hopes up again as high as I did this year. With the front office and stuff, I'll never dedicate as much time to baseball as I did this season. And now to a night of fireworks that'll keep me from sleeping. Remember I LIVE in DC.
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