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  1. Coogler is just a producer on Space Jam 2. They're just trying to give him all the time he needs to come up with something to live up to the first.
  2. @Sam I'm reading up on Marvel's "What If" series and if there's not a Justin Hammer as Iron Man storyline with Sam Rockwell reprising, then what's the fucking point.
  3. People looking for more drama/adult fare. There hasn't been much this summer. Which is why I think it's positioned well currently.
  4. I enjoyed Aladdin over the 1000 plus movies I've seen is substituting the Aladdin RT square for me. Anybody who tells me that doesn't count can take a hike
  5. Honestly my personal favorite near miss was Rich Hill in 2017 who had a perfect 8, fielding error in the 9th cost him. Came back out for the 10th, gave up a homer and got tagged with the L.
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