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  1. Depending on price limit, I guess I'm game?
  2. Baby Shark brought us here. Signing Parra changed it all
  3. To be fair, Greinke has had a ton of traffic all postseason. Like it always felt like he was on the precipice of breaking. Obviously not tonight, but he was fortunate to walk away in Game 3 without allowing more. Still, Hinch had a lot of faith in his BP and probably too much. The problem is the Nats had too many looks at the vast majority of them.
  4. And the kick in the nuts was that tonight was the night my brother decided to watch Bohemian Rhapsody
  5. I don't like bringing in Harris after the 2 run homer yesterday. But there's not a lot of people we could trust. Either let Greinke go or put in Harris. But still, I do think we should have put in Cole to keep it close. A 1-2 run deficit is a hell of a lot better than 4, which weights down on a player's mind.
  6. Congrats @Jayhawk I'm glad that Greinke wasn't the one to lose it for us. That trade would have been slagged forever. But no, he threw a great game. The problem was, and had been for most of the season, RISP. I can't say I understand why Cole never pitched in this game. But now I can throw away these dynasty hopes and never get my hopes up again as high as I did this year. With the front office and stuff, I'll never dedicate as much time to baseball as I did this season. And now to a night of fireworks that'll keep me from sleeping. Remember I LIVE in DC.
  7. i just want baseball to be over already, win or lose. i'm exhausted and i'd like to do other things with my life
  8. Has sizable established fanbase due to the game (which was adapted from a book), the latest installment selling like 20 million copies. I'm not hugely optimistic about the quality but basically I'll check it out since I liked the game
  9. I kinda look at the Jeremy Irons stuff as similar to the whole Tales of the Black Freighter stuff in the Watchmen comic. But it'll probably intersect at some point.
  10. I can't allow myself to give any hope at this time.
  11. Still not enough. Luhnow really fucked the aftermath.
  12. I don't think there's any question that Taubmann should go. Whether the Astros do the right thing or not is something that's going to weigh heavily on my support of the team in the upcoming year. Selfishly, I wonder if part of it also has to do with the fact that the chances to win another WS will not be as high as it is now currently, but it's definitely taken a toll on whether I feel proud to say, I'm an Astros fan, here in DC right now. It's hard to determine exactly what the Astros can do to make this up, but given that it's been 48 hours since the piece hit and we're no closer to actual action, I'm not sure if the Astros/MLB are just waiting for the series to play out to let the whole thing blow over (the wrong move). Personally, I think it has to start with Taubmann being let go. I don't know what he necessarily brings to the table, but if Luhnow is the true mastermind of this operation, then fans going to bat for some person they've never heard of makes absolute zero sense. Is this guy the Jose Altuve of assistant GM's? What does his skillset bring that others can't that he has to be protected and defended? After that, an apology will be needed to SI for calling them out for fabricating the story when it wasn't true. Then the PR person/team has to be completely revamped/let go because it's clear after numerous PR incidents that the current team in place can't do it. Then clear penalties/rules need to be established within the locker room so that this can be addressed swiftly in future years. A major part of this story is that the PR swiftly denied such a thing when the easy route was to investigate before taking action. They couldn't even meet that bare minimum standard of response. I do hate that there's such a distinct difference between the players and the organization. It grows harder and harder to support the management organization every day, and yet those players are so damn likable, so fun, and many seem like genuine good people. What would really hurt is if there's not as much distinction between them as we think.
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