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  1. I'm just cautiously curious due to all the time spent willing this into existence, not necessarily due to trust in Mangold, who I don't think is all that great of a fit for this? Phoebe Waller Bridge is a cool get though.
  2. I do think Justin Lin deserves a ton of credit for turning the Fast and Furious franchise into what it is. Or perhaps criticism if you've hated the shift. But despite his work of varying quality, when he hits, I think he's great. Wan and later F Gary Gray really got to reap in the rewards, financially speaking from Lin's foundation
  3. This is what we call the Giants Odd Year Bullshit. Granted, it has been neutralized in the last 4-5 years.
  4. I liked this more than the first purely on the strength of Cillian Murphy being a much more engaging lead than John Krasinski. The 2nd half starts to fall into the same trappings of the first though. B
  5. The Witcher 3 had more performance issues than bugs I would say, at least on console, but even on release, it was always very warmly received by fans and critics alike. I'm not sure there's a point of return for Cyberpunk 2077. The problem with Cyberpunk 2077 goes beyond bugs too, the open world they've created is clearly done on a high budget, but little creativity and attention to detail to separate it from the rest. The game is perfectly competent excusing any bugs, but there's just not a lot of there...there. I mean I felt like I experienced all the game had to offer after 15-2
  6. Personally to me, I think anything over 50m 4-day is a win, so hopefully it does for the big headlines.
  7. Cillian Murphy is pretty notoriously press shy, I saw him do one Late Night appearance for Dunkirk with Colbert probably because there weren't a ton of lead stars to put on Late Night for the film and it was pretty clear he was uncomfortable with the whole experience.
  8. Sony does not have their own channels for the most part but they produce a ton of TV content that they own the rights to (Seinfeld, Breaking Bad to name a couple). They're a television giant in terms of production but I think Sony was probably smart to realize that too many streaming services would put them at a disadvantage and they certainly lack in the movie catalog to compete against someone like WB or Disney. Instead, they can play all sides and make a ton of money which is honestly what Viacom should have been doing too, probably.
  9. I'm divorced from the context here, is that good or just normal?
  10. I like how they put 'undisclosed role' when he will undoubtedly be cast as a secret nazi
  11. After watching the trailer, I'm ready to put my Skip Bayless hat on and declare MJ > Lebron, officially. I was expecting much better line readings from Lebron than what we got
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