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  1. This is one of the most surprising bombs in years. It seemed like they delivered a perfectly good and bold movie and it's not like exposure wasn't there. I think people assumed a reverence with the original among mainstream audiences, and the trailers didn't do any favors as to explaining how that world worked.
  2. It's a very disturbing movie but I don't think audiences will hate it. The ensemble is so strong that I was convinced Rodriquez and Leigh would've gotten awards attention if it hit in the fall. It'll last the test of time which is the mark of good weird sci-fi.
  3. One of WB's main 'silos' just blew a tire this weekend. I thought Ninjago was completely fine but it's not a memorable movie by any stretch, and if there's already a TV show on the air families aren't gonna spend the $100 to go out for more.
  4. If I had seen this, I'd say Paramount's awards lineup this year would have nothing on how weird and wild this movie is. But of course I haven't seen it...
  5. mother! (2017)

    Silly to read people use phrases like crazy, striking or polarizing as negatives. mother! is all of those things and we're better off for it, we need movies that can provoke and divide and we can wrestle with. The movie is a ton of fun - the two 'ensemble' sequences are deliriously paced and heightened, and my favorite parts of the film. I ultimately had trouble separating Aronofsky (who wrote the movie as a response to his divorce from Rachel Weitz) from Bardem's character, and felt the movie's intentions were a little confused. The religious allegories particularly fall flat for me - the film has better success when its allusions aren't so on the nose. But I can't say I was bored for a minute. Couldn't possibly give it a rating, or even say I loved it, but it's a must-see.
  6. Brigsby Bear (2017)

    The year's most overlooked movie. I was expecting surreality and weirdness from Mooney and Lonely Island Co. which I was totally down for. I was NOT expecting a story that paints our attachment to pop culture as a coping mechanism for trauma, one that can isolate but can also bring people together and inspire. It's one of the best stories about storytelling I've seen, anchored in an understated and humane central performance.
  7. IT (2017)

    I think I'm particularly harsh to movies that have the capacity to be better, as opposed to movies that never really stand a chance from their opening scene. I enjoyed this quite a bit: I found its imagery inspired, its casting impeccable, its one-liners funny, and its point of view (kids in fear of adults) specific and consistent. Moments from this movie - a tortured lamb, a dancing clown, a balloon delivering a knife - will stay with me as long as any other horror movie's. Its knee-capping problem is how every beat feels executed within its own vacuum: Muschietti is so delicate at telling stories at a micro-level of a scene, he largely ignores the cumulative effects these dreams hold on these kids. Nothing changes, no real shift in character between the first and third acts. By not letting the time and space of its world build momentum, It becomes a slog, a 135-minute barrage of jump-scares that wears out its welcome well before they stroll up to the haunted house. Also this might be sacrilege to say but it could've lost a couple of kids. Would've happily said goodbye to Little Jew to get more scenes with Mike.
  8. Jurassic World (2015)

    look, it's a bad movie
  9. Is this a challenge baum
  10. In my opinion mediocre movies that think they're terrific movies often turn into bad movies
  11. a few things I think are interesting this week: Dunkirk's gonna be the first movie since Wondy to hold at #1 for two weeks. Thank god for Girls' Trip. Was getting concerned not a single comedy was going to land this year. Baby Driver's a legit WOM hit. It's dealt with a ton of adult-driven blockbusters since opening and has braved all of them. 100 mil depends on if its theater count collapses next weekend. Either way I think it's going to be a signal for studios to put quality mid-budget things in the heart of summer because there is an audience that wants something a little smaller. War is a dour, joyless movie and there's no reason for WOM to be particularly pleasant. Not surprised it's collapsing against a far superior adult-driven film. That said, Fox should've known moving back to August would've given the film more room to breathe. Spidey is doing fine but like a lot of you I'm surprised it's not doing a little better. I think July can get very 'movie of the week' and there's a lot of new stuff taking away attention, but its legs might end up closer to Ultron's (which would take it to 281m) than Guardians' (which would take it to 309m). I thought kids would be driving its weekdays like an animated movie. Oh well. lol @ valerian
  12. Baby Driver is gonna get oh so so so close to 100 mil DM3's legs haven't been very special but its obligatory huge summer weekdays just reinforce how much of a disaster Cars 3's performance was
  13. Reminder: Inception got a B+ Cinemascore and everyone for weeks was freaking out that audiences wouldn't understand the movie at all much less enjoy it
  14. Don't see how this fails to hit Interstellar's 47m opening with these reviews.

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