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  1. Am I... gonna love this?
  2. I think this holds closer to a Marvel than a Pixar, maybe down -53% to 85 mil for a 360m 10-day. I think it will co-exist with JW fine but it's going to be burning off a lot of demand during the week. From there it would need a 3.83x to hit 600. Dory did a 3.74x with a more competition (Pets) than I2 will face. It will be close. All that said... having seen this twice, both of my audiences were locked in to the movie. Repeat viewings are going to be kind to it.
  3. If presales are just outpacing Dory's, it's not outopening Dory. 10m previews 47m OD 40m Saturday 33m Sunday 120m OW (the original opened to 103m adjusted when CGI was a massive novelty and Pixar was undefeatable... this would be a good start)
  4. Not since Black Panther have I left something and gone "People are gonna LOVE this movie," but here we go
  5. More studio fare like BOOK CLUB, please. Gonna pull well over a 5x and fill single screens well after the megablockbusters have hemorrhaged interest. The midrange success is crucial to the future of exhibitors.
  6. *checks numbers* Oof. Wonder what's opening next weekend... *checks next weekend* Ok guys see y'all in a few weeks!
  7. Ant Man outgrossing Solo (inevitable) is more insane than IW taking TFA's opening record
  8. 16m previews 48m Friday 38m Saturday (+20%) 34m Sunday (-11%) 26m Sunday (-23%) 120m OW / 146m 4-day 325m DOM ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Comedy sequels decrease, as do most superhero sequels outside the MCU, and Deadpool is proving the law of both. I think the only world in which a straight sequel to the first movie would increase is if they teamed Deadpool up with Logan or whatever. The fact that it's going to mirror the original's opening and was well received critically is kind of miraculous (it's also a far superior film to the original...)
  10. Kind of nuts that IW's run beyond its opening is somewhat dull to track only because Marvel outdid itself a couple months ago. From a 58m weekend Ultron legs take IW to 680m, Civil War legs to 660m. I'm inclined to split the difference unless it takes a 60% plummet next weekend (which is possible).
  11. Gopher

    Wed #s IW - 16.8m

    15m Thurs (-9%) 33m Fri (+120%) 54m Sat (+64%) 41m Sun (-24%) 128m (-50.4%) / 465m 10-day Assuming a slightly lower Friday bump than Avengers because of the stronger Monday hold. Its Saturday/Sunday are gonna be on par with Guardians 2's opening Saturday/Sunday this weekend last year...
  12. 250-255 OW Even with a 60% second weekend tumble that's 410-415 in 10-days. And there's no rules that it'll play like Ultron or Civil War anymore considering how high attendance is this weekend. We're in the endgame now...
  13. Might've been wrong earlier - an A Cinemascore and better exit polling than Civil War/Ultron is awesome for a movie with an ending this bleak. I think it'll come within spitting distance of the record depending on what kind of family bump it gets Saturday.

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