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  1. Interesting to see how much TLK's run is mirroring BATB's domestically. Swinging higher on weekdays and lower on weekends. Presuming TLK has a 4x from a 38m weekend (BATB had 3.44x from its third weekend, will give the end of summer haziness the benefit of a doubt for TLK) it'll end up at 542m, just shy of BATB's multiplier (2.84x vs. 2.88x). It's safe to say Disney's out of IP for remakes that can make these numbers again on their own. Little Mermaid is a possibility but I'd expect closer to Aladdin's final total (still ungodly).
  2. Gonna point out in all the doom and gloom that Rocketman's going to hit a 42-43% drop off a solid opening weekend, easily the best of last weekend's releases. Will likely leg its way out past 90m. Totally respectable for a 40m grosser (though I imagine marketing was at least that much), which will clear 200 worldwide. Whether this was the best time of year to put it out for the film itself I'm unsure about, but it's definitive proof that an original movie for adults can fight its way past the summer insanity if 1. the marketing buy is strong enough 2. the movie is good.
  3. This will pass... Civil War in 5 days Ultron in 6-7 days Avengers in 10 days Black Panther in 15 days Avatar in 17 days Force Awakens... by the end of June at least
  4. Domestic crown feels likely. If it pulls 340-350 it only needs legs a bit better than IW's to get there. If a film was gonna get to 1 bil domestic this is the one.
  5. 10 mil previews 37m OD 32m Saturday 24.3m Sunday 93.3m weekend Go big or go home
  6. It's a strangely paced film (so was Unbreakable though!) and one of its plot developments I could see didn't even play with a crowd of die-hard M. Night fans. But I found the movie consistently entertaining and really admired its ambition. I'd much rather filmmakers at this level of attention make these sorts of risks, many of which landed for me. The reaction will be mixed but it will have its ride-or-die supporters.
  7. I think this holds closer to a Marvel than a Pixar, maybe down -53% to 85 mil for a 360m 10-day. I think it will co-exist with JW fine but it's going to be burning off a lot of demand during the week. From there it would need a 3.83x to hit 600. Dory did a 3.74x with a more competition (Pets) than I2 will face. It will be close. All that said... having seen this twice, both of my audiences were locked in to the movie. Repeat viewings are going to be kind to it.
  8. If presales are just outpacing Dory's, it's not outopening Dory. 10m previews 47m OD 40m Saturday 33m Sunday 120m OW (the original opened to 103m adjusted when CGI was a massive novelty and Pixar was undefeatable... this would be a good start)
  9. More studio fare like BOOK CLUB, please. Gonna pull well over a 5x and fill single screens well after the megablockbusters have hemorrhaged interest. The midrange success is crucial to the future of exhibitors.
  10. *checks numbers* Oof. Wonder what's opening next weekend... *checks next weekend* Ok guys see y'all in a few weeks!
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