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  1. People really will ruin anything if they get the chance (Never seen the Paddington movies but thought it was charming how they were both so high up in the aggregator rankings)
  2. If this gets anywhere close to $70M 4-day then we're back in business theater-wise and any upcoming day-and-date streaming or streaming only is a deliberate decision. Not sure if I can see it happening, but here's hoping.
  3. You pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as I can tell. While every other big studio was scrambling to make their own streaming service, Sony did the smart thing and stood back and waited to be the ones to provide content. Now they have a crazy huge deal with Netflix and Disney to provide content that these streaming services need. On top of that they are in no rush to pull their films from theaters early like a lot of other studios, possibly providing longer and more fruitful runs for them in the future. If you ask me, they came out of this extremely well. I agree Paramount
  4. I agree it isn't the "be all end all" but it is extremely important. It's the first tentpole release since Tenet that isn't going straight to a streaming service on day one. If this movie overperforms, then it is more likely that studios start pushing their movies theatrically a lot harder over the summer. If it underwhelms, then a lot probably won't change, but I'd imagine more studios will double down on their day/date streaming release plans.
  5. Please, please, please, breakout Quiet Place. I don't want the Disney Plus future, I really don't.
  6. Fingers crossed for A Quiet Place to break out this weekend but I can't get optimistic about box office or this industry in general anymore
  7. ugh Amazon can't resist grabbing whatever they can with those grubby hands
  8. I still don't get this casting at all. I like both actors just fine but they seem very miscast for this. Marky Mark especially, my main problem with Holland is he isn't old enough yet since I assume Drake was in his early 30s? I mean he's mid 20s but he's has a very youthful appearance. It's a weird scenario where it's two actors I quite like in roles I absolutely do not want them to be in. I guess they're going for a prequel of sorts? But whatever, hoping this ends up being some fun, much needed escapism.
  9. I hardly ever use RT anymore. I don't dislike the idea of a review/score aggregator itself but people stick to that percentage like it's the word of god. When I do use it I generally narrow it down via "top critics", primarily because I've seen that some movies have 400+ reviews on there that they pulled from all sorts of places and I'm very questioning of the credibility. People seem to think the percentage is more important than the tastes of the critic (and how they line up with yours) and more important than the actual review itself.
  10. That's a great point. "Universal acclaim" is also kind of a slippery slope. The actual meaning of it seems to change depending on who you talk to or what you're reading. Rotten Tomatoes is the absolute worst for that kind of stuff. A lot of people see a movie that has 94% and thinks "holy shit that must be an amazing movie" when in actuality it just means 94% of RT's "critics" gave it a 6.5/10.
  11. Because Disney (and anything under their roof) is prone to executive meddling to ensure that everything fits their blockbuster formula so it can get off of their blockbuster assembly line and make a lot of money in China, or I guess nowadays go on their streaming service to garner subs. They don't actually care about doing something creative and fun. Of course all studios meddle in various degrees depending on the project but Disney seems to be the company where everything screams "this feels corporate" I'm not the only one to feel that way, there might be some bias against the stu
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