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  1. Are we just choosing to ignore that the most predominantly African-American led blockbuster ever is the highest grossing domestic film of the year and will likely stay that way?
  2. Lmao if Disney put half as much effort into making A Wrinkle in Time as they did trying to get it to $100M they’d probably not had that problem.
  3. The Incredibles 2 is going to have a better Father’s Day hold than past Pixar releases. Most animated films skew slightly female but I’ll be surprised if I2 isn’t a big Father’s Day outing. I doubt it’ll make some crazy ass Man of Steel hold but it can probably manage a a comfortable sub-10% drop especially with more spillover.
  4. Rth is just resting for next weekend for The Incredibles 2 party.
  5. TS3's 3D share OW was 60% and it's second weekend 57%. Theaters had less 3D capable tech then so it's safe to say that number continued to slowly trickle down as other 3D films opened. BOM said in their end of the year report it was basically even in attendance with TS1 but behind TS2. I really expected that to break out to like $450-500M at the time but it came a fair amount short. That's why I'm hesitant to assume what I2 will do.
  6. Recasting Fischer would not go over well. Not at all.
  7. tbh these Star Wars spinoffs aren't really the same as say the MCU. Whereas those compliment other current films in the franchise these are pretty detatched one-offs basically designed to tide people over for the next main entry. They're pretty unnecessary and come off more as fan fiction at times. I think it's best to go back to doing just main Star Wars films and let them be the events they should be.
  8. Studios have gotten horrible at this theatrical to home video window thing. I'm not even sure why, it made more sense back in the mid to late 2000's when movies where selling tons of DVD's but these days the numbers are minuscule. Like a film that would have sold 15 million DVD's in 2006 would be lucky to sell 3 million Blu-Ray/DVD combined these days.
  9. Also worth noting that Ant Man came out in the highly competitive 2015 summer and also followed Age of Ultron which was a bit more polarizing in terms of audience/fan reception. Coming off of the extremely well received Infinity War (and the pretty fantastic Phase 3 in general) I think Ant-Man 2 should do quite well there's a ton of public interest in where exactly the MCU is headed post IW.
  10. Damn that really makes me wonder how much Infinity War and the whole phase 3 climax has changed since it was originally announced in 2014. Like obviously the addition of Spider-Man happened but that only affected a minuscule amount of the core phase 3 concept they had at the time. The Inhumans was one of the "inbetween" Infinity War movies (now only Captain Marvel remains). Clearly the original plan was for Inhumans to be an integral part to the phase 3 climax.
  11. I think 50-55% drop this weekend and sub 45%, maybe even sub 40% next weekend. I don't think Solo will cannibalize IW five weekends out. At that point it'll just be down to one screen at most theaters which is pretty par for the course for a big film a month out.
  12. They said "hell" in Cars as well. I remember being 12 and completely shocked by that. Though it's worth noting in the context the word is being used in the films it's alluding to Hell as a place, which isn't considered a swear.
  13. Mango

    Wednesday numbers: IW $7M

    http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=weekend&id=rapunzel.htm Weekend 26
  14. Tarantino hyper-violence and complete decimation of the idea of "subtlety" doesn't seem like a good choice for a horrific and truly depressing true story but like some have mentioned I can't really imagine all these big name actors risking their golden reputations on something like that. Leo himself is known for stepping up with things start to get out of hand, so we'll see.

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