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  1. A quick Google search of the film is showing a good amount of audience reviews . It's showing me 30 right now, I'm not going to click for fear of spoilers to see how many seem legitimate but it looks like the special screenings actually happened. First glance says it looks like a big winner quality wise. Hell even if it isn't "top tier" Nolan it may end up getting points just for the novelty of being the first thing people have seen on the big screen since March.
  2. If this actually happens I'm there for it. There is a drive-in 45 minutes away from me. If they play it, I'm gonna give my windshield a fresh clean and watch this Nolan epic from the comfort of my driver's seat. Apparently the theater has been doing no contact ticketing as well so I can just pay for it online and show them the receipt on my phone through the window.
  3. I’ve always thought that it would be a good idea to go back to the old “slow rollout” release style. Hypothetically it could create interest among people that feel they are missing out which in turn drives more hype and more people in the seats. You would have to push the streaming/Blu-ray releases back from their current 3 month after standard to at least 6 months or something. These days a lot of people will just shrug and say “ah it’ll be on *streaming service* in a couple months” but if you change that up maybe they’d be less willing to wait if they are hearing good things. Though Hollywood likes that instant gratification even if it could be more fruitful in the long run so I doubt if this style is adapted it would last very long after the pandemic subsided.
  4. I'm not sure what it is but the posters are giving me TDK vibes. I think its the dark blue/grey city background with the sparks and flames behind the lead, but I am taking it as a good thing.
  5. Looks extremely promising so far. Can’t wait to see the actual film. As for box office, that’s definitely one hell of a budget. Even more so when you consider Washington and Pattinson are probably less expensive actors than the likes of DiCaprio/McConaughey/Bale among Nolan’s previous huge budget films. Inception adjusted is around $340M adjusted and with many less premium screens than this will likely get so that’s a good number to aim for. Depends on the films quality (which I’m sure will be great) and moreso marketing. Inception’s marketing campaign was brilliant back in the day.
  6. This has hit meme status overnight. I’m seeing a ton of memes and posts related to this across various forms of social media and obviously the more casual audiences don’t give a shit about the studio politics but they do care about Spidey in the MCU. Sony/Disney both would be stupid not to renegotiate this.
  7. Toy Story 4 is having some awesome legs! After it’s opening I didn’t expect it to pass TS3 and thought it might not even make it to $400M but I’ll be damned if it isn’t holding in there strong. It should play well through the rest of the month and will probably get the usual Disney Labor Day boost.
  8. I was iffy on seeing Hobbs & Shaw tbh but I wouldn’t mind catching this trailer in good quality and then staring at Vanessa Kirby for a couple hours.
  9. IMAX doesn’t want the IMAX experience devalued so they won’t allow an IMAX transfer of Endgame on Blu-Ray yet for years they churned out considerably less impressive LieMax venues instead of pushing their 70mm real IMAX. Idk I feel like they don’t give a shit it’s probably on Disney.
  10. SMFFH opened on discount Tuesday with no preview shows and extremely limited midnight shows. In addition to that a lot of dumbass college students that come to the bar I work at didn't think it was coming out till this weekend after the surprise when I told them I saw it today. I think it's doing well over $200M through Sunday. Fuck I wouldn't be surprised if the gross went up tomorrow. No preview gross to inflate opening day. It's been years since we've seen that.
  11. Shrek 1 is pretty solid. Definitely a product of it's time but for the most part it holds up. Shrek 2 is a very good sequel and essentially a slight improvement overall I'd say. Shrek 3 is hot garbage and I only saw like thirty minutes of the 4th one but it looked even worse. None of them hold a candle to Toy Story or most Pixar properties though.
  12. Armond White and Chris-chan's brother were the two most notable to give TS3 bad reviews.
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