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  1. Yeah I’m gonna go in blind after this trailer. I’m really interested in seeing what they do here. In a time where nearly everybody already lives their lives through their phone screens, there’s plenty for a new Matrix movie to say. Also, fuck you WB your streaming service can go fuck itself this could be a huge box office earner.
  2. Can you imagine how much it would have made if it would have been a universally acclaimed sequel?
  3. Wow that's a fun gimmick. I definitely feel for the actors that had to record dialogue for every single minute of the day. I can't believe WB is gonna waste the return of The Matrix on an HBO Hybrid release after Shang Chi just set a Labor Day weekend record. Just push this to either Valentines Day or Presidents Day weekend and have it be theatrical only WB, you stubborn fucks!
  4. Shang Chi being the knight in shining armor for theater owners and the industry itself. $75 million at the height of delta is pretty damn great. The other sole theatrical release Free Guy being a low key MVP too. With any luck things keep getting better. Venom and Bond should get some people in theaters, and hopefully Spider-Man can shoot us into the stratosphere with our first mega opener since Star Wars.
  5. Bringing back legacy cast worked wonders for Days of Future Past in 2014. The hype for this is through the roof almost immediately. I could definitely see this pushing $400, maybe even $500 million based on the market and the “other” circumstances at the end of the year. It’s also benefitting I think for being the first big event film post covid. One that wasn’t in the public eye since 2019/early 2020 I mean. People love Spider-Man and always have, if Sony sticks to their guns theatrically this will be massive.
  6. Of course new strains are an issue. We’re just gonna have to keep making a new vaccine every year, same with the flu and a bunch of other stuff. It’s not perfect and it isn’t going to be 100% effective, but it might be the best option. There are plenty of stupid or shitty people out there that will ensure we’re never vaccinated enough. That’s just how the world is. In a perfect world we’d have everyone in developed countries mostly vaccinated by now and be working on the less fortunate ones, but that’s just how it goes.
  7. Seems kinda dramatic. Just get the vaccine or don’t. If you want to be stupid and put yourself at risk fine, plenty of Darwin Award recipients to go around. I got mine, my grandparents got theirs and life has went on. I could give a fuck if conspiracy theory politics loonatics bite the fucking dust.
  8. Same. Fast 8 dropped back down to earth for the franchise after hitting a major high with 7. I was expecting it to either barely crack $200 million or come a little short. Still a good total, just that the franchise has kind of been squeezed dry. The numbers it’s putting up right now seem pretty great for the recovering market.
  9. I would also like non spoilery PMs about technical stuff if possible this is kind of out of the left field lol
  10. People really will ruin anything if they get the chance (Never seen the Paddington movies but thought it was charming how they were both so high up in the aggregator rankings)
  11. If this gets anywhere close to $70M 4-day then we're back in business theater-wise and any upcoming day-and-date streaming or streaming only is a deliberate decision. Not sure if I can see it happening, but here's hoping.
  12. You pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as I can tell. While every other big studio was scrambling to make their own streaming service, Sony did the smart thing and stood back and waited to be the ones to provide content. Now they have a crazy huge deal with Netflix and Disney to provide content that these streaming services need. On top of that they are in no rush to pull their films from theaters early like a lot of other studios, possibly providing longer and more fruitful runs for them in the future. If you ask me, they came out of this extremely well. I agree Paramount
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