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  1. Shrek 1 is pretty solid. Definitely a product of it's time but for the most part it holds up. Shrek 2 is a very good sequel and essentially a slight improvement overall I'd say. Shrek 3 is hot garbage and I only saw like thirty minutes of the 4th one but it looked even worse. None of them hold a candle to Toy Story or most Pixar properties though.
  2. Armond White and Chris-chan's brother were the two most notable to give TS3 bad reviews.
  3. Wall-E getting a snub at the awards in 2009 was a helping hand to Up getting nominated the next year. The big change up over the next couple years was a direct response to specifically Wall-E and The Dark Knight getting passed over.
  4. Honestly if Paramount doesn’t get their shit together quickly they’re gonna end up like Fox. With Disney buying Fox I wouldn’t doubt that WarnerMedia or Comcast make a play for them.
  5. Fuck it, why not. It’ll open around Dory, maybe slightly under. If WOM is good it’ll easily cross $400M.
  6. What kind of admissions are we looking at with a final gross around $900M? I don’t remember if TFA’s admissions were ever exactly stated. I know that before it though you had TDK and Avatar with both around 75 million in ticket sales. Even with 3D and all the premium formats $900M has to be around like 80-85M tickets right?
  7. I think people might be overestimating Friday increase and underestimating Saturday increase.
  8. After all the shit Liman has gone through with execs I just wish I could pitch him a script to a movie based on one of the Final Fantasy games and watch as it ends up amazing
  9. Just bought tickets to see Endgame in our premium theater with my family this Saturday morning at 11:00am and it’s already like 70-80% sold through.
  10. So we’re looking at $450M by Wednesday, $500M by Friday, and over $600M by Sunday. Fucking insane.
  11. That’s just the evolution of box office. When TDK came out it’s midnight showings were far more limited than that of the preview shows today. Ditto for ROTS, SM3, DMC and the other hard hitters of that era. One cool thing to think about is Iron Man in 2008 actually got Thursday night previews before they were a thing. It did $3.5M. Literally 1/100th of what Endgame did OW. Idk the growth of the MCU is a fascinating thing. The overseas box office in particular has come a long way since the original trio’s films.
  12. WB/DC’s second (hopefully much better) attempt at a Justice League in the next ten or so years maybe? Avatar 5 assuming 2-4 are surprisingly necessary and universally praised? Idk. In 2008 very few, if any saw the MCU taking off the way it did. In 2012 very few guessed it would continue sustaining/growing in the way that it did. I think it’s gonna have to be something with potential writing on the wall for a blockbuster success, but not something necessarily expected to be that huge.
  13. Yeah, Matrix Reloaded, Spider-Man 2, and Revenge of the Sith probably all would’ve broken the record had they opened on a Friday. I’m not sure if Eclipse and Transformers 2 would have but they would’ve definitely come very close. EDIT: Makes me wonder why midweek openings were such a hot commodity in the mid-2000’s through early 2010’s. I guess studios mindset was “hey we might not take the OW record but we can get a nice headline being the top Wednesday or Thursday opener”
  14. I’m trying to stay level headed and remember that with all the sellouts for early matinees yesterday the increase spectrum should be lower... But then I see all these theaters that are somehow selling out 8:30am showings and holy fucking shit this thing might just do $115M today
  15. One thing I kept thinking about was after Infinity War Doctor Strange’s “I saw 14 million outcomes” line takes a new meaning. This was the grand finale of the biggest cinematic franchise ever put to test. To me it’s almost like they were saying “there are 14 million ways we could have fucked this up” but they stuck the landing straight on.
  16. Never forget that in 2007 Iron Man, Cap, and Thor were considered B/C-List superheroes incapable of reaching the widespread appeal of Batman, Spidey, Supes, and X-Men. The power of quality actors, writers and of course God Feige
  17. Honestly, maybe. A coworker of mine are at our frequent sports bar. He saw it with his brother, girlfriend, and her mom today. They didn’t advance buy, they just went to the theater at 2:30 today hoping to get into a 3:00 show and it was sold out when they got there. Had to get tickets for 4:00?and wait. They went to the Chili’s in the same parking lot and got a bite and when they came back the 4pm they bought tickets for was already sold out.
  18. I was thinking about these more nit picky thoughts early, I mean having them is definitely not a bad thing as critical thinking is good. That said it’s so much easier to just enjoy the movie. Professor Hulk is the one who initiated the “reverse snap”. He’s one of the brightest minds in the universe and as cheap as it may be the combined Infinity Stones basically make you a full fledged god. I don’t really think it’s a stretch to just imagine when he did it his thought in mind was to “bring back everyone who died either because or directly because of the snap back safely”.
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