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  1. BoxOfficeChica

    US Spoiler Thread (SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED)

    https://io9.gizmodo.com/jordan-peele-confirms-that-us-has-a-stealthy-connection-1833445258 The mom mentioned a movie filming nearby in the 1986 scenes, it's The Lost Boys!
  2. BoxOfficeChica

    US Spoiler Thread (SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED)

    That happened, too, the exact same spot, after someone went "Oh shit" there was lots of laughter. Another big reaction was when the dopplegangers showed up in Elisabeth Moss/Tim Heidecker's house, then you realized the doubles were everywhere, people were screaming, it was great. Think of it like lefthandedness, a rare blood type, shyness or any sort of trait that can be inherited from a parent but one sibling gets it and the others don't, happens all the time. I also think there was a nature vs. nurture argument with the Tethered vs. Untehered, Red is the only one of them who talks because she started out above ground, the others could understand her but never got beyond making guttural sounds. Maybe a bit convenient to the story as a clue to her real identity, but the overwhelming majority of them didn't talk, so the environment won out. So the doppleganger kids were half Untethered in a genetic sense but lived a fully Tethered life, plus Red was too bitter to be a nurturing caretaker, which is part of kids developing language, empathy, etc. The dad was always Tethered so they weren't going to get any of that from him, either. Meanwhile Adelaide got the nice life with a caring family in a regular world, so learned to speak and have a heart, friends, love, hobbies, etc. Who knows, if they were both above ground and not trying to murder their doubles, maybe the Tethered would have been able to develop lives of their own.
  3. Dan Murrell used his weekly box office video to break down all the conspiracy theories about Captain Marvel, it's so clearly people pressed as paninis perpetuating them. It's like the internet has made people worse about accepting the fact that stuff gets to be popular whether they personally like it or not.
  4. BoxOfficeChica

    US Spoiler Thread (SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED)

    That's usually how it goes, though, what gets nominated in one year gets bypassed in another, and vice versa. Toni Collette got ignored last year for Hereditary, but Us is a much more popular movie, which helps with a performance in a less awards friendly genre. When the boy swore the first time, it got the biggest collective gasp. The theater where I saw it is on a military base ($5.50 tickets all day, every day!), maybe a crowd big on parental respect.
  5. Neither does Bohemian Rhapsody... It does show more than The Imitation Game, in that a whole two m/m kisses are more than zero, but neither really says much. I mean, if a Sam Smith biopic was that chaste there would be fewer objections, but this is Freddie Mercury, the approach was pretty sexless even for a PG-13 movie. BR gave audiences the Queen concert experience that they wanted and it's made tons of money, it's won a bunch of awards by giving people feels about old songs they already liked, that's more than enough success for it. Now there's talk of trying to lower the rating of the Elton John biopic by cutting out some gay sexual content, so great job Bohemian Rhapsody for setting the example, so empowering!
  6. BoxOfficeChica

    US Spoiler Thread (SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED)

    Wasn't the house in Adelaide's family? It was older, a little cluttered and contained family pictures they wouldn't have brought to a rental. The other family probably did have a rental, if it was an Airbnb or something like that it would lkkely be fancier with the latest technology, the NotAlexa, etc. They did have a bigger boat, knowing Peele there's probably some sort of racial commentary there, as well as another Jaws reference. The boy wears a mask and his name is Jason. Zora (the daughter) is likely for Zora Neale Hurston, whose best known work is Their Eyes Were Watching God.
  7. Also thought that age appropriate bit was weird, Washington and Pattinson are 34 and 32 respectively, like, did they think we thought the female lead would be Mackenzie Foy or something? I mean, it would be different if this starred Denzel or Tom Hanks and they were saying, "Don't worry, the actress won't be young enough to be their daughter or anything."
  8. LOL I had forgotten about this, but now I remember Harvey shifting release dates between this and Tulip Fever (talk about one that should have stayed in the vault!). But this is just dumb teen horror, surprised it wasn't released in January.
  9. Even if Hotel Mumbai had been a contender, the subject matter was probably too limiting for an audience to really embrace it. The Upside had an appealing concept plus stars the US audience likes, so it did well here. What is the last Weinstein movie still in the vault, The Current War? It's not awards material but it might still work with a certain audience in a Monuments Men sort of way (admittedly that had more star power). WTG for Five Feet Apart, I like Cole Sprause and Haley Lu Richardson and I was always Team Rafael when I watched Jane the Virgin (FFA is directed by Justin Baldoni).
  10. Would any time in the last 3-4 years have been a good time for a movie reenacting a real-life terror attack? The odds are that something similar might have happened again by the time it's released. Just going by the trailer, besides the Nazi element, the crowd for this has seen Knightley in superior WWII films already.
  11. Likely too late for ASIB to close the gap unless WB suddenly releases a singalong version (but it's kind of heavy for that), or it gets an unexpected last minute wave of publicity because another song from the soundtrack somehow goes viral in the next week or two or IDK, Bradley splits from his girlfriend, then the media would be all over the role ASIB had in a breakup. So, oh well, congrats to BoRhap for winning the domestic and worldwide battles. I saw the trailer for The Aftermath and thought, didn't Keira already make this movie? And the arthouse crowd is probably not interested in what seems like a sympathetic portrayal of a Nazi right now.
  12. Collider.com now saying the Production Weekly report is not true. Not sure if they mean the genre description, when filming starts, or both. http://collider.com/christopher-nolan-new-movie-romantic-thriller/ If there is a big romance element, he would be an excellent choice, even if it's not, he would make sense given his age and the studio connection. Aren't they kind of rivals now as THE next generation director of WB after Eastwood though? Kind of kidding, but Nolan and Cooper would be a super interesting dynamic.
  13. Let's not act like ASIB was a sure-fire success, in fact a lot of people seemed to think (or hope) it was a Razzie contender, the positive buzz from the industry was dismissed as Hollywood hype, up until the first reviews came out (and even then the denial persisted in some corners). The extended cut is giving ASIB this final boost, does that mean this club has an asterisk? It seems different than a singalong version, which is fundamentally the same movie, just with lyrics on the screen at certain parts. OTOH, there are international clubs and movies have different cuts overseas all the time. You could argue that without those, the movies wouldn't make the money they do...
  14. .Loved the Encore version, not just for the extra songs but the really good bits of dialogue/interaction that added a little more character development. Too bad WB didn't play dirty and release the extended cut last month, even if it's not the screener version it could have given ASIB more life in the Oscars race. Oh well... And seeing Shallow again onscreen: somehow it was sung multiple times in the movie without anyone's personal space being violated! The Oscars rendition was straight fire but their *we were just performing the love in the song* excuses for it are utterly laughable, but go on and tell yourselves that, you crazy kids.

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