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  1. BoxOfficeChica

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    LOL, now MoviePass is re-enrolling subscribers who canceled and forbidding them from canceling again.... https://www.digitaltrends.com/movies/moviepass-renewing-past-subscribers/
  2. I've seen Wings and Sunrise-the debates over spectacle vs. story, appealing to the critics vs. the masses are as old as Oscar. Sunrise has the better reputation now but I'm sure that even back then, one person's "unique and artistic" was somebody else's pretentious. It's funny to see Oscar trying to adapt to the future by going back to their history, albeit with a twist.
  3. Yeah, Oscar pundits who report on awards as a year-round job have had Black Panther in their Best Picture predictions for months (not all, but many). After the most recent Oscars, a reporter (from Deadline IIRC) quoted Christopher Nolan saying he thought Black Panther would get nominated for Best Picture next year. It has higher Metacritic/Rotten Tomatoes scores than The Dark Knight, which probably would have made into Best Picture with either version of the expanded line up. Maybe someone personally didn't think Black Panther was all that, but every year, movies that somebody, somewhere didn't like very much, get nominated for and even win Best Picture. It doesn't make these movies unworthy or mean that they only succeed because social justice (some people don't like the first Best Picture winner, when "SJWs" were...not a thing) , it just means that critics/Oscar like different things than you. Someone will always be unhappy with what gets good reviews, or what wins awards, because the world can't align to every single person's individual tastes. You don't have to like everything that is popular or respected, but that doesn't mean it's not popular or respected in general, or that the people who like it have an agenda or feel guilted into supporting it. I love the theory that this is four-dimensional chess on Disney's part-they float the idea of this deeply unpopular new category and eventually scrap it before the Oscar voting, but in the meantime, they firmly galvanize/strengthen support for Black Panther in Best Picture. But I doubt they are that strategic and they genuinely didn't think there would be quite this much backlash.
  4. BoxOfficeChica

    2018 100M Films - 19 down, 17 to go! (Big update)

    Rampage closed 7/26 according to BOM, another one for the $99m club.
  5. BoxOfficeChica

    After | Aviron Pictures | April 12, 2019

    And not just any fanfic, but fanfic about hooking up with a One Direction member! Take another look at the lead character's name to figure out which one.
  6. Well, people can naturally age at different rates...and some people choose to dye their hair and get cosmetically refreshed. Nothing wrong with that, even normies get work done. But if you keep living, eventually, you can't carry off pretending that you're still 35. Will be interesting to see where Cruise's career goes when he hits that phase.
  7. It was first published (in two volumes) in 1868 and 1869, so 150th anniversary buzz. Anyway, if Hollywood keeps giving us new versions of Spider-Man or Batman, why not more Little Women? I really like the assembled cast so far, even if I'm not sure about all of them in their roles (Emma Stone? And Chalamet seems a bit...awkward for Laurie). Now, I wouldn't mind LW getting an updated treatment, like you see with Shakespeare, setting the story in a completely different time and place, but it works because the themes were so universal. Or even setting it during the Civil War but tweaking it so the family is black (America had middle class and even upper middle black people by then), but social media and the thinkpieces would be exhausting. Even with the cast as it is, you have people unhappy about the cast not being inclusive enough because this is where we are now.
  8. Agreed, the character is beloved, even made it into the Olympics ceremony with James Bond and the big bad villain from Harry Potter, but that cuts both ways and fans can reject a version that doesn't meet their high standards. Disney seems to have very confident, to have thrown it out there months before it's been released that they plan to give it an Oscar push, when they really aren't a big awards player, overall. Another thing to consider when assessing the financial potential of a real sequel to Mary Poppins is the box office of Saving Mr. Banks. The presence of Tom Hanks helped, but in a supporting role and the movie was basically an also-ran throughout awards season and didn't get any above-the-line Oscar nominations to pad its domestic total. I'm trying to picture a movie about the process of getting the film rights to Bond or Potter scattered with flashbacks of the author's early years, making half as much as SMB and I just can't. So, if a good-but-not-great biopic drama about the writer of Mary Poppins did that well less than five years ago, the potential audience for the actual character in a proper musical, during the holiday box office season, is several times bigger.
  9. Posted because I always thought he should have been a bigger deal. But, back to the topic... Until some studio stands up and decides they won't stand for any more creative accounting (counting double features twice, rolling sneak preview grosses into movies that are already out, increasingly early Thursday previews counting as part of the Friday gross, etc.) or the studios cave into the pressure from the box office media (seems highly unlikely, but then again, we live in strange times), nothing about these practices is going to change. No studio is going to object too loudly because someday they know they will be the ones indulging in the same sort of trickery. We all know cases where the Deadline or Gitesh column will note the private industry grumbling about a particularly egregious case of fudging (cough Transformers) or an opening weekend estimate for a "record" that is obviously overstated and going to fall by like $3 million with actuals, but in the end, it's business as usual the next time around. But since all the studios have these tricks at their disposal it doesn't seem like an unfair advantage or anything. There's a lot of chance and luck involved with box office results, anyway.
  10. Because just five years ago, Saving Mr. Banks was a stealth PL Travers biopic about winning the Mary Poppins movie rights, and it made $83 million? And it was more or less an awards season also-ran. Imagine how many more people will show up to see the actual character again, in a holiday season musical.
  11. That Numbers chart doesn't list the "budget", it says "expense", maybe they've thrown in marketing costs? That doesn't seem right for some of those movies, either, the numbers are still off.
  12. Counting from Louis' birth back to Pippa's wedding and something doesn't add up.... #harryandmeghan

  13. BoxOfficeChica

    A Quiet Place (2018)

    Pretty sure it was day 470-something when the story resumed, so about 12 months after their child was killed-she wasn't pregnant when it happened. The story doesn't really address if the pregnancy was planned: it's not unheard of for parents who've lost a child to want to have another, but it's the worst time ever to bring an infant into the world. Obviously by the time it's a couple of weeks before her due date, they have a firm strategy in place for hiding the sound of a screaming baby, but 8+ months ago, this could have been a heck of an unwelcome shock. Well, if this was an oops thing, why continue with the pregnancy, some might say, but the family was shown saying grace before dinner, so they're probably religious to some degree, and even if they weren't, it's not a decision everyone is fine to go through with, apocalypse or not. Maybe they planned it, maybe the expired condoms were faulty. Where would they do it, anyway? Even if you don't make any audible sounds in the act...um, the act is not without noise... And I'm guessing that the "IT'S SOUND!" cover of the New York Post was the last edition before the noise from the printing presses got the staffers killed?
  14. Didn't we see Margot on set with the "after" look? So the movie is probably playing up Elizabeth's "before" appearance a bit to show what smallpox could do to someone's appearance.

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