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  1. BoxOfficeChica

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    LOL, you never know, not all rich parents support their kids in adulthood (I don't believe that was the case with her). But seriously, this forum does have a lot of international posters, and the NFL isn't as global as some other sports, but maybe everyone isn't aware of her lineage, extremely "comfortable" on both sides: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooney_family http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/examining-mara-family-tree-ny-giants-seek-fourth-super-bowl-patriots-article-1.1016405
  2. BoxOfficeChica

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    The Front Runner opened on Election Day?! LOL, the target audience was going to follow news coverage, not go to the movies. Not that there is much of an audience for it, as subsequent days have shown...
  3. It's the first song in the credits, so I believe it's still eligible. I'm surprised they are pushing three songs to begin with, though, a lot of movies these days only stick to one.
  4. They're pushing "Shallow", "Always Remember Us This Way", and "I'll Never Love Again": http://www.warnerbros2018.com/screenings/for-your-consideration/?film=astarisborn Still, they can only nominate two of them at the most in the Best Song category. Soundtrack faves: 1. Always Remember Us This Way / Is That Alright 2. Maybe It's Time 3. Shallow 4. I'll Never Love Again 5. Music To My Eyes It changes, though, I can make 5-6 other songs I like just as much.
  5. BoxOfficeChica

    Weekend Thread: Hunter Killer - $420K preview

    IDK, I agree the risk of failure was higher, but at least A Star Is Born has a track record of being a financial success in multiple eras? While even as First Man was announced, you had naysayers crying, "Boring!" from the jump and the trailers didn't generate enough excitement to counteract that impression for people who weren't already in. And the flag noise probably hurt it with an audience that might have been interested otherwise. The final product might have turned out too chilly for them to like in the end, but people not showing up is a bigger problem from a box office perspective.
  6. BoxOfficeChica

    Weekend Thread: Hunter Killer - $420K preview

    Maybe not in terms of expectations, but for budget vs box office, The Sisters Brothers has to be up there. Seeing how much they spent perfectly explains all the articles about Annapurna being a mess.com. Beautiful Boy costing $25m apparently also boggles my mind, I can't understand where the money possibly went. Great hold for A Star Is Born, also not bad for The Hate U Give.
  7. Didn't hurt Jamie Foxx...though he was lucky that Walk the Line came out a year later. Malek has to directly compete with someone else in the musical drama doing all of his own singing (live!), plus directing himself, not the best year to lip-sync in a biopic if you want to win Best Actor. Though if Malik and Cooper end up in different categories at the Golden Globes somehow (who knows with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, lol) I can see Rami possibly winning there that way.
  8. BoxOfficeChica

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    Yeah, Reggie Bush dated somebody who was actually cast as a Kim K lookalike and married some other woman who strongly resembles her, too. Rod Stewart's wives legit look like mother/sister/daughter-some people really do have a type. Rebecca Ferguson is a good actress but having a similar facial structure to Michelle Monaghan probably didn't hurt her cause in being cast. He appeared at an awards show one year, I think the BAFTAs, only the doctors know for sure, but Twitter and the papers there were calling him out about his face looking melty. Male stars get work done too, not just facial things, but a lot of hair transplants, too, it just isn't scrutinized as much as it is with famous women. I appreciated that they didn't really bother to pretend that Walker being a bad guy was surprising to the audience. Though I was kind of expecting Wes Bentley to turn out to be an Apostle, I mean, he's not exactly an A-lister but they could have easily gotten some complete rando as Julia's second husband instead. Not complaining, just an observation.
  9. BoxOfficeChica

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    LOL, now MoviePass is re-enrolling subscribers who canceled and forbidding them from canceling again.... https://www.digitaltrends.com/movies/moviepass-renewing-past-subscribers/
  10. I've seen Wings and Sunrise-the debates over spectacle vs. story, appealing to the critics vs. the masses are as old as Oscar. Sunrise has the better reputation now but I'm sure that even back then, one person's "unique and artistic" was somebody else's pretentious. It's funny to see Oscar trying to adapt to the future by going back to their history, albeit with a twist.
  11. Yeah, Oscar pundits who report on awards as a year-round job have had Black Panther in their Best Picture predictions for months (not all, but many). After the most recent Oscars, a reporter (from Deadline IIRC) quoted Christopher Nolan saying he thought Black Panther would get nominated for Best Picture next year. It has higher Metacritic/Rotten Tomatoes scores than The Dark Knight, which probably would have made into Best Picture with either version of the expanded line up. Maybe someone personally didn't think Black Panther was all that, but every year, movies that somebody, somewhere didn't like very much, get nominated for and even win Best Picture. It doesn't make these movies unworthy or mean that they only succeed because social justice (some people don't like the first Best Picture winner, when "SJWs" were...not a thing) , it just means that critics/Oscar like different things than you. Someone will always be unhappy with what gets good reviews, or what wins awards, because the world can't align to every single person's individual tastes. You don't have to like everything that is popular or respected, but that doesn't mean it's not popular or respected in general, or that the people who like it have an agenda or feel guilted into supporting it. I love the theory that this is four-dimensional chess on Disney's part-they float the idea of this deeply unpopular new category and eventually scrap it before the Oscar voting, but in the meantime, they firmly galvanize/strengthen support for Black Panther in Best Picture. But I doubt they are that strategic and they genuinely didn't think there would be quite this much backlash.
  12. BoxOfficeChica

    2018 100M Films - 19 down, 17 to go! (Big update)

    Rampage closed 7/26 according to BOM, another one for the $99m club.
  13. BoxOfficeChica

    After | Aviron Pictures | April 12, 2019

    And not just any fanfic, but fanfic about hooking up with a One Direction member! Take another look at the lead character's name to figure out which one.
  14. Well, people can naturally age at different rates...and some people choose to dye their hair and get cosmetically refreshed. Nothing wrong with that, even normies get work done. But if you keep living, eventually, you can't carry off pretending that you're still 35. Will be interesting to see where Cruise's career goes when he hits that phase.

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