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  1. Lots of Twitter outrage right now about Minari only being eligible for Foreign Language Film and not Best Drama. The Golden Globes rules don't allow "double dipping"--a movie can only compete in one "Best Picture" sort of category (i.e. a movie can't be in Animated Film and Musical/Comedy, unlike the Oscars, where documentaries/international/animated films can also go for Best Picture). Minari is more than 50 percent not in English, the HFPA's threshold for whether a film is foreign language or not. But of course people don't care about that, they just see a movie happening in the US being viewed as "foreign" when the country doesn't have an official language. So, this ruling is being viewed "America" treating Asian-Americans as the "other", again. Even though the Golden Globes are run by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, so the members aren't even American themselves, and it's not like they see being foreign as a bad thing... But I do think, if your movie awards show wants a separate category for movies that (mostly) aren't in English, maybe just call it that. Many countries have multiple languages spoken, so who is to say what is "foreign"?
  2. It will boost the concessions, which the theaters keep and make most of their money on, anyway. Ticket prices vary wildly across the country. I live in a place where some multiplexes had $4.50 to $6.00 matinees for first run movies pre-pandemic, that is a lot less than the ArcLight for example. That Playmobil movie had discount tickets, but it was a promotional thing by the studio eating the costs. When the subscription model started here, there was a question of how much studios would get back per ticket. Are the contracts with the studios and theaters ironclad on a floor for ticket prices? If not, then LOL, gimme some 1920s movie prices. Can't wait for the first chain to say "See all 17* WB movies in theaters for less than 1 month of HBO Max!" Hehehe. *Hasn't one movie already been removed from the 2021 WB schedule and it's only been 2 weeks since the announcement? How many will it be, in the end?
  3. More locations were open, you had drive ins during the summer, an animated movie like this loses less visually vs a made-for-IMAX spectacle like Tenet. Studios were afraid families would avoid theaters and pushed most of them off to streaming. There might have been more reluctance early on from parents, but maybe by July/August that wasn't the case?
  4. It never would have happened but maybe The Croods 2 should have been the movie to "reopen theaters" this summer instead of Tenet...
  5. When I saw the trailer for Wild Mountain Thyme, I thought the most ridiculous thing about it would be the bad Irish accents, but apparently not, LOL.
  6. Should have learned something from rushing Justice League, WB... Wondering if Nolan ran his statement by Emma Thomas first? She's even milder mannered than he (generally) is. He is a grown man responsible for his own words, but sometimes a partner is the one to get you to calm down and find a better way to put things, before you say something you can't take back.
  7. Tell us how you really feel, Chris... Everybody's mad and wants to get paid (duh):
  8. LMAO, what is this?! It looks like a porn parody, except Lifetime is basic cable network? And there's a trailer: Wut even...
  9. And Popular Film Oscar, while a bad idea, wouldn't have been nearly as consequential as WB putting their entire 2021 slate onto streaming right away. The Oscars change was just about prestige, but this is about money. Imagine if this HBO Max move really has to be walked back. I mean, they will probably try paying up to make these issues go away, but that might not work in every case. It feels like so many entertainment media/Film Twitter types were so eager to declare the death of theatrical that they just glossed over what a desperation move this was from Warner/AT&T and that it might not be well thought out move on their part. The default assumption tends to be that this big corporation must have run some sort of algorithm that made a clear case and this must be a rational, informed decision. Surely a big corporation couldn't have panicked and hastily made a stupid move, right? LOL
  10. I was just watching a video from an OB about that. She was saying the vaccine is most likely to respond in the body like a dead virus vaccine, which is considered safe in pregnancy, and many OBs really wanted them to be included in the trials. But I get why Pfizer/Moderna/etc were super cautious, you don't want to have pregnant women in the trial and then their vaccine ends up causing horrible birth defects. I've read that at least one of the trials had people who got pregnant after the trial had begun, and they're being monitored. So, I guess time will tell.
  11. These numbers are unsurprising. If people are systemically mistreated and discriminated against by an institution for decades (centuries, even), it's not surprising that they would be deeply distrustful. Sometimes medications don't work the same way for all ethnicities and it's not discovered right away because the medical trials weren't diverse enough. Telling Black people to "just get over it" now is very simplistic. That said, wariness of a new vaccine is not an excuse to promote "experts" who don't know what they are talking about, or to start going off about trans people. A lot of celebs would do better not to run their social media accounts, but that was true even before 2020.
  12. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. I mean, you'd think getting the branding straight before launching a major streaming service would be essential, too, but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If the stars have been paid up front and there won't be much in the way of residuals and they feel screwed over by WB, what's their incentive to be a team player? And just because a star shows up for the interview, doesn't mean their hearts will be in it, or they'll do a good job in selling what they are there to promote. That's always potentially true for any movie, but you know some of the talent promoting the 2021 WB slate is going to share their thoughts on all this to the reporters who ask, and they will ask. Try getting Eastwood to follow studio talking points. I can also see some stars half-assedly promoting the movie but talking more about themselves and their own side projects instead. It'll be fun to watch, at least.
  13. I don't know if WW84 "would have done some real business" in October but agree the promotional aspect with the stars of WB's 2021 slate is going to be interesting to say the least...
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