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  1. I just looked at RT now, the audience score is 75 percent. Maybe Peacock got the intern to take a snapshot of the moment the score went live, haha. The opening weekend of In the Heights looks less bad, every time another prestige awards hopeful opens to even less. And it was on HBO Max! All the big openers this year seem to have drawn a young/diverse audience. Bond is an exception but even that did less than expected, with the youth numbers being on the weak side. All the Oscar bait that only appeals to older white audiences is gonna be screwed...
  2. Affleck groped Hilarie Burton's boob when he was drunk and promoting something on MTV back in the day (she was a VJ). The clip resurfaced in the early days of #MeToo and he apologized pretty quickly. There was some other junket interview where he was overly touchy with a female reporter, but she came out and said she hadn't felt didn't uncomfortable with it. It didn't help that his big break to fame was due to Weinstein himself, but the controversy for Affleck blew over pretty quickly as there were so many famous guys getting taken down for much, much more predatory behavior around that time (
  3. I know that potential Oscar nominees have to submit themselves for consideration but I guess the same isn't true for the Golden Globes? Don't they run the risk of stars publicly rehashing their disdain for the HPFA? They have their little press conference or whatever, and the next day the winners are like, "We would very much like to be excluded from this narrative..."
  4. LMAO, but it would make sense if the execs at John Deere aren't exactly big Mad Men fans... Publicists are in IATSE too? The poor PAs that they'll make do everything under the table if a strike happens.
  5. Even accounting for Covid delays that would be a ridiculous budget. That article is weird, says the movie got mixed reviews at 86% RT, it's like it was prewritten right after the tepid Venice response and he just filled in the numbers this morning. Sometimes when a movie flops, reporters will kind of inflate the budget to make it seem like an even bigger bomb, just to pile on. Or, when something they thought would flop does okay/hits big, they move the goldposts on profitability: "Yeah, this movie that cost $10 million had a $20 million opening weekend, but our sources say that wit
  6. I see all these comments on different movie sites that Licorice Pizza is accessible and looks crowd-pleasing and will finally get PTA a Best Picture win, and I'm so confused. Appealing to PTA fans, sure, but I would be surprised if people other than film heads are here for it.
  7. Didn't it debut on Rotten Tomatoes in the mid-50s? The Venice premiere really wasn't the publicity boon they'd hoped for (except for the Bennifer pics, those were great). It's a tough sell anyway and weeks of glowing reviews instead of a late rush might have helped.
  8. I was joking, Gladiator had broad appeal, even the teenagers who could get into a R-rated movie in 2001 aren't even 40 yet. I remember the ads set to Kid Rock (lol), selling the action in the gladiator ring. Maybe if Matt Damon and Adam Driver were dueling a tiger... The #MeToo premise and medieval era are a brutal box office combo. Maybe that's why they're invoking The Revenant? It was cold and bleak and about revenge, and was a huge hit. Of course, it had Leo, maybe he could sell The Last Duel (but maybe not, one of his rare flops was in a Ridley Scott movie).
  9. Six feet under? On the surface, it's nothing like either of those movies. But if The Last Duel gets Dances With Wolves legs, it'll be fine... But they really, really hope people who liked Gladiator (and The Revenant!) will see TLD... I really think the rape element turns off both women and men, if this had just been a fictional story about some dudes dueling for any other reason, it would be selling better.
  10. Jamie Lee Curtis has always acknowledged that her mom being the star of Psycho probably helped with getting cast in Halloween in the first place. Some Hollywood kids act like they came up the hard way, when having a famous parent (or two, like with Jamie Lee Curtis) helps a lot with breaking into showbiz. You still have to have the goods for a long term career, but it's an enormous advantage, I respect that JLC admits it.
  11. Remember when people assumed their feud was fake and just had to be a publicity stunt for the latest F&F movie? Let's see the Ryan Murphy show on these two, lol. It's not like The Rock is the world's greatest actor or anything, but Vin seems to have zero self-awareness while taking himself and the Fast franchise very seriously.
  12. But will they be back for anything other than the biggest events?
  13. Ridley thought it would be a distraction, and he's not wrong. I'm mildly surprised we are just hearing about this...
  14. Promising Young Woman was the highest grossing Best Picture nominee last year (at least domestically), maybe that's like being the tallest ant hill, but it's exactly the sort of prestige movie that's suffered the most since the pandemic. Maybe there's an alternate timeline where it gets released in 2019 and makes $50 million, but it's low budget without much star power, I'm sure Focus made out fine with it counting ancillaries. The Last Duel obviously has to make a lot more to be profitable, even in a world without Covid it wasn't the easiest sell. * If the opening week
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