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  1. I noticed that the character wasn't in the trailer, figured it was because they were focusing on the leads. Is this true? So Disney realized the straight guy playing effiminate wouldn't fly in 2019 after the fact, when everyone could have told them that the minute it first got reported.
  2. Strictly talking about the awards season bubble, it often moves on to hyping or shredding the next contender within weeks. By December or January, the award season hype/controversy might be all about movies that are newer or being re-evaluated right then, vs an October movie that will be thoroughly picked over by Oscar night. We shall see.
  3. This is why I brought up Green Book earlier in the thread, not because Joker is similar to it (lol no), but the controversies surrounding GB ended up causing some Oscar voters (according to those leaked ballots anyway) to feel like it was being unfairly attacked. Suddenly a vote for GB became a way for awards voters to thumb their noses at Film Twitter trying to tell them what to do. Now, it helped a lot that GB was the kind of movie a lot of Old School AMPAS was going to like anyway, it was likely to have won last season even without the awards blog discourse. Again, Joker is a very different sort of film, far more polarizing, but the effect of seeing all these "Joker is the worst movie EVER because [fill in the outrage] that will lead to [fill in the plague/pestilence/scourge to society]!" is/will be numbing after a while for one, and two, may lead to voters noticing and wanting to rally around the movie as a result. Though Todd could ruin that if he keeps talking, lol, the best interpretations of Joker are probably ascribing far more thoughtful/nuanced motives than what might have been going on in his mind as he made it. Still it is only October, the controversy mill might dry up by January and there will be a hot new movie to discuss and Joker will be old news in the awards world. Good to know that Gary Glitter doesn't profit , though even aside from the associations, wasn't in love with it as a musical choice here.
  4. Right? The fans who are all over JKR's "wrongs" on representation, the ones complaining that the progressiveness she tries to inject into Potterverse now still isn't good enough, and hated her for leading the Johnny Depp Defense Brigade, would just love Mr. Woke Culture Has Ruined Whole Movie Genres directing the next WW movie. Sure. As much as Cuarón directing Azkaban got double takes when it was announced, given that his last movie before had been Y Tu Mamá También, at least there was a well-regarded children's book adaptation in his background already. Then again, Eli Roth made a movie for kids last year, a kiddie scary movie granted, but nothing anyone would have pictured in his Hostel heyday. So you never truly know, but yeah, it's hard to see Phillips joining the Wizarding World Universe in any way. I can more easily picture him having one meeting with Rowling that would last 15 minutes because it ended in epic disaster.
  5. Isn't Phillips is a producer on the film? He could max out at three nominations, then. The Directors Branch of the Academy is not the media. I agree his odds are iffy in the category: Phillips mostly has a comedy background and the movie is still about a Batman villain, so biases on those fronts, plus the other directors who will see Joker as derivative of better directors/films. The ridiculous outcry before the movie was even out, OTOH, I think other directors would find that chilling from an artistic perspective and feel solidarity toward him on that front. His comments so far, I don't know if the Directors Branch will care that he dissed woke culture particularly (though in recent years, the un-PC Ridley Scott and Eastwood missed in Directing with The Martian and American Sniper, huge hits that got Best Picture and Actor). Some other directors probably agree about social media mob mentality/judgment ruining films but are wise enough not to say it like he did. I don't know how Phillips is going to be over months of award season interviews. Tarantino gets flack for his approach as well, but his critics don't come away thinking he's dumb at least.
  6. 8 Spooky Facts About Spirit Halloween: https://mentalfloss.com/article/599836/spirit-halloween-facts
  7. Re: the thread title, the trailers/ads make it seem more like the operating system falls in love with the guy and gets jealous of his flesh-and-blood love interest...?
  8. You don't have to be the "consensus" pick to win the acting categories at the Oscars the way it is with Best Picture. In the final stage, they just vote for the one person out of the five in the category, and the person with the most votes wins. Twenty percent plus one vote will do it. Now Joaquin may not win Best Actor, but I doubt it will be because 80 percent of AMPAS hated Joker that much. Even many who dislike it praise his performance, and he's also seen as due for an Oscar given his overall body of work in a way that, say, Bradley Cooper was not last year. The club is looking good so far, though maybe the OW was just suppressed because of the scaremongering in the news about mass shootings.
  9. It's probably a mix of people genuinely annoyed about Joker/Todd Phillips for whatever reason, and people eager to exploit the movie's buzz to drive clickbait traffic to their sites.
  10. "Joker was made to make money, therefore it can't be art!" is an especially stupid argument and quite rich coming from someone at CNN of all places. Does CNN not run commercials or make programming decisions based on what will get ratings? It's called show business for a reason. The whole tone of the story is quite condescending: "well, maybe these comic book movies can have something to say, but they're based on established IP, so they can't fully be art!" What does the source material have to do with anything? Lots of great works were commissioned and created because money exchanged hands. Whether a person thinks Joker does a good job of communicating its message or executing what it sets out to do, or if it's too derivative or whatever, is a different argument than whether it's really art or not. The "this work of fiction is too dangerous too exist" arguments about various movies/books/etc. throughout time have a long legacy of being on the wrong side of history, as do critics limiting what should and shouldn't be considered art. You'd think more of these culture writers would recognize that now. You don't have to go as far as trying to invalidate things, just because you don't care for them yet they are popular/successful anyway.
  11. Not quite, GG's music has been controversial for years, arenas/stadiums were facing substantial pressure to drop it long before we hit peak "cancel culture": https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/6273991/gary-glitters-hey-song-stadium-still-played Because of the weeks of "Joker is iNceL propaganda too dangerous to exist!!1!1!!" from the American critics, I suspect any additional backlash to it will come across like background noise. There's only so much outrage people will take in before they tune it out. Really surprised all the blue check critics weren't going after it for this (vs the incel stuff) before the movie was out, but like the article says, Americans aren't as familiar with GG and his crimes.
  12. I was fine with the idea of Zellweger doing Garland's "later years" voice until I rewatched some 1968-69 clips on Youtube, and oh well, bless Renee for trying. She's still probably going to sweep everything, good for her, making a comeback. And it's retroactively making me more at peace with BCoop being paid dust in Best Actor last year: the reigning winner usually gives out Best Actress the following year at the Globes/SAGs/Oscars, forced, awkward, on-camera ex interactions averted!
  13. I love Be Kind Rewind and just watched this video tonight. It's such a great channel and anyone into the history of Best Actress would really enjoy it, there are videos breaking down different years, from the 1930s to today. If only it updated more often! I think the people who made this Judy Garland biopic figured the audience is at least 75% stans who already know a ton about her, plus Academy voters looking for the requisite level of mimicry and dramatics to give Renee the win. Contextualizing Judy's celebrity was a bit down the list of priorities here.
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