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  1. At least the Matt Damon discourse has already moved on from how this movie shamelessly exploits Amanda Knox's story without her consent? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Right, many noir films from the classic era were based on pulpy stories/novels that went into detail about what the double crossed men and femme fatales were really getting up to. It's just that you have movie watchers who don't read, or think the past was actually as tame as the Hays Code, and it's people now who are making everything so vulgar and cheap. Nightmare Alley is not a well known property (relatively speaking), the average person who'd even be interested in a 1940s-set film noir probably imagines something like what you'd see on TCM. Though it's Guillermo del Toro, you
  3. I guess you can say this about any movie, but I just look at the Stillwater ads/traiiler and think, "Why?" Matt Damon coming off like American Sniper Lite, while playing (not) Amanda Knox's dad: was anyone really asking for this? Also, the real Knox is pretty pissed about yet another unauthorized take on her life, and it's not like it's particularly timely, at that...
  4. The trailer on the MGM YouTube channel has 2.6 million views. OTOH, their Flag Day trailer from July 28 is at 2.4M, so maybe that's a baseline for their channel, or these are ad views. Anyway, the Jared Leto transformation and campiness of it all are getting lot of attention. It's not for everyone but there definitely is an audience.
  5. Now that I've learned about Madam Slay, I will be a bit disappointed if Michaela doesn't end up playing her.
  6. The trailer features Comer very prominently, so that's good. The poster is excellent. I still don't understand the Damon/Affleck hair decisions here.
  7. LMAO, I guess that's better than lifting the embargo after the movie opens, but barely... That actually happened with Tulip Fever, BTW: https://www.vulture.com/2017/08/a-tribute-to-the-truly-bungled-release-of-tulip-fever.html
  8. Trailer type thing... I need to know if there were meetings about how to depict Brenda Warner's hair during this era, and if Anna Paquin said no to even a wig version of it...
  9. That matches what GDT was saying before, and the novel, but people are going in expecting a 1940s noir, LOL...
  10. Yes, it was known in the aughts and Sam Raimi even talked about it with the media back in 2007: https://people.com/movies/spider-man-gets-romantic-3-times-the-web-slingers-hookups-have-swung-off-screen/?slide=5830418#5830418 I wonder if Zendaya and Tom have been a thing all this time or if it's been on and off, as it happens with people in their early-mid 20s. As long as it hasn't ruined the movies, it doesn't really matter.
  11. DGA usually doesn't line up with the Best Director category 5-for-5, but this won't help:
  12. I remember that, I think they had to ask earlier winners to volunteer their trophies to get through the end of the show. Didn't they know how many categories there were ahead of time? They seem to have upped the budget a little from those days. An article about the dust-up:
  13. Hey, maybe Daniel Day-Lewis has won Best Actor three times but he had to be all Method and struggle for his art, while Vin has made millions saying, "I am Groot!" in a recording booth, and that's just a side gig compared to masterpiece properties like xXx and F&F, so who's the smart one, really? Seriously, though, the lack of self-awareness on Vin's part is staggering and hilarious.
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