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  1. The streaming date for Nightmare Alley was already announced, and it was released after West Side Story. I think Disney/Fox will hold out for one last box office gasp when Oscar nominations are announced (February 8). So, we're doing this again, huh? They're getting ratioed, at least.
  2. There are fans of this who aren't going to watch a movie that's R-rated for sex (Passion of the Christ was merely violent, which is totally fine for kids to watch, lol). Even with the PG-13, you see tweets from Christians saying it’s a sacrilegious treatment of the Bible and that watching actors in (tame) love scenes can stir up lust, so the movie should be avoided. I've read that in the Golden Age of Hollywood, the religious epics got away with more skimpy costumes and implications of sex because the producers could argue it was Biblical. It's wild that the same sort of thing is s
  3. So, Redeeming Love is based on a racy, best-selling Christian novel... Surely, the Christian media are more positive? Eh...
  4. Bradley dropped by Colbert last week and is taking part in Variety's "Actors on Actors" series. Maybe they figured the movie would flop at the box office anyway, so let's save our big promo efforts until they start voting on industry awards?
  5. Now, it would be lucky to make $30 million. A bunch of people would insist that there was never really a theatrical market for a Yesterday, it's been decades since movies like this really sold any tickets, it wouldn't have done any before, etc. And to think, $73 million was seen as a "meh" result back then. On Wikipedia, it does list the movie in Ana's filmography but says the scenes were deleted. IMDb also lists Yesterday for her, but just says she's uncredited, which is a lot more vague. Either way, the lawsuit seems flimsy and not worth the money they'll end up getting, unless t
  6. People have this idea that Affleck and Damon seem too "modern" to be believable in a Medieval story, which I never like as a criticism because unless someone's had bad cosmetic work, we're all descended from people who were alive back then. I love this Twitter account that enhances old photos, it shatters the notion that people looked fundamentally different than us in the past: https://twitter.com/StuartHumphryes The accent thing is a movie convention you get used to: "distant past = British accents". If they were going with French accurate to the time, very few peopl
  7. The opening stretch made me think of how this property would’ve worked as a limited series, where there's more time to linger with the atmosphere and the side characters. It's not that the carnival stuff was boring, but it might have lost me if I hadn't seen the original or read the book and known where the story was ultimately going.
  8. I didn't think so, since he's such an NBC guy and is on the edgier side. ABC might go to bat against the Film Twitter mob for someone in their stable, but not someone from another network. Alas, it would have led to the convergence of like five celebrity triangles at the Dolby, Deuxmoi would have been in heaven. Seriously, I do like the idea in the article of the Only Murders in the Building trio, it caters to multiple generations without being a totally random grouping who might not mesh.
  9. I think they're just saying that whoever was responsible seemed particularly unaware and out of their depth, and not a top professional. That is an outdated idea, of social media management not being a "real" job, kind of like how some people are still using "millenial" to refer to teenagers. What are you gonna do?
  10. Looks like the HFPA (you know, members of the media) couldn't be bothered with actually running their own social media account for Sunday’s big event: All the big critics groups tweet their winners in real time without trying to entertain everyone. Just say who won and what for! It's seriously not that hard. Though ultimately, the crazy tweets got Globes more publicity, so good for them? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Will Kim Kardashian be front row? How tacky will Pete's introduction be for the "Just Look Up" performance, if Ariana gets nominated? Did the producers just float the Pete rumor so the film snobs will think Tom Holland isn't such a bad choice after all?
  12. Affleck and JLo will be up front and the camera will pan to them for reactions throughout the night. Leto would only miss the SAG ceremony if it's canceled...or he is. Cooper barely promoted the movie he starred in this season, let alone Licorice Pizza, and the SAGs aren't exactly the Oscars. I knew it was true about Spencer not going over well in the industry when Neon had Pablo Larrain send out a message emphasizing that the movie was a fable and to give it a chance, pretty please... Kristen really is looking like Carey Mulligan v2.0 at the moment, with a much weaker
  13. SAG nominations drop tomorrow but a member of West Side Story's cast already congratulated Mike Faist... Wishful thinking? Are the nominees told in advance? I think SAG nominations have leaked early before...
  14. I don’t know I need six seasons of this, but I like it. The premise was kind of dramatic and the show only dealt with that in a few 90s special episodes, an approach considered cheesy by today's standards. Lou Grant turned into a drama after spinning off from a beloved sitcom. I like it being a separate take on the original show. And of course Carlton would play lacrosse.
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