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  1. He said back in May that he'd written three scripts during lockdown--c'mon, Steven, take the next step! The actor/directors in the industry have an even bigger advantage, and if they're in a relationship with another actor, that's even better. Olivia Wilde, John Krasinski, this is your moment! Affleck and Ana de Armas are forgiven if their ridiculous pap strolls and his mask smoking since the pandemic were actually all for a secret movie.
  2. Sistas is basically a soap opera with slightly better production values than the daytime shows, so the breakneck filming pace there isn't so out of the ordinary. It's not something that can be replicated everywhere, but I think the way Covid is playing out in America, studios should start looking for bare-bones projects that can film now and be produced quickly for release. There's that Zendaya/John David Washington thing, but I'm surprised we haven't seen more projects along those lines. I just feel like if Ridley Scott or Eastwood were 40-50 years younger now, that while the elaborate productuons had to be put on hold, they would've secretly shot, like, two movies on an iPhone with A-listers during quarantine already...
  3. Not really an incentive if you live alone, unless I have a group of people over, which is not happening during a pandemic, and after it's over...I can just go to the movies again? Or I if I'm watching at home anyway, I'll just wait for the VOD price to drop, or keep waiting until it hits a streaming service I already subscribe to.
  4. What will the pricing be for the titles that go VOD after 17 days? The movie's not totally new but it's not 3 months old, either...somewhere between $5.99 and $20 for a rental? Everyone doesn't go to movies in big groups or live in a top market, the theater is actually cheaper some cases. When Covid is no longer a major threat, I am not sure about this business model. AMC has to survive to that point first...
  5. No? Just that many movies from the same era feature cringeworthy and offensive racial (and gender) portrayals, but GWTW is infinitely more popular so it will have a bigger target on its back. You can't get outraged over things you don't know about. It was just interesting with Jezebel because TCM showed it this month, after the whole GWTW/HBOMax controversy, and it's all in the same Warner family, the hosts are all doing their intros/outros via Zoom. So inserting a warning or whatever wouldn't have been that hard. If it was on Tubi I wouldn't expect anything like that.
  6. I watched Jezebel within the last two weeks. WB made it to cash in on the Scarlett Fever of the time, and its depictions of slavery might be even worse than GWTW's in some ways, but there was no warning about "context" on TCM. It’s in black and white, it won some Oscars but nothing earth-shattering, and it's not held up as one of the greatest movies of all time, so no one cares if it's problematic or not.
  7. I really liked this movie and all, but what?! But we're not overrun with musicals about the space program, so it's a new lane, I guess...
  8. Read the whole thread/replies: Basically the rule against filmed stage shows being Oscsr eligible is only specific to documentaries. AMPAS has never restricted such works from consideration in other categories, as evidenced by the Academy's own collections of eligible movies/performers for past years (even if they didn't get nominated, ultimately). I am always here for Oscar drama and a Hamilton eligibility debate would really liven up a pretty thin awards season...
  9. I read this article twice, I thought I had missed something but I see I'm not the only who didn't find it thorough. No, Hamilton can't compete as a doc, but was that really what people were asking?
  10. Since seeing the musical live, I have had doubts about it working as a movie in real world settings. It thrives in the stage environment but it's always a question with musical adaptation, if non-fans can roll with the unreality in same way. Who knows how hard Disney would campaign Hamilton this season? But it may not need much of that, and as unorthodox as a filmed stage show would be as an contender here, I can picture Oscar voters still being more comfortable with that winning vs. an animated movie. We'll know it's a threat when the hitpieces about its accuracy start getting recycled on the awards sites.
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