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  1. https://junkee.com/gay-roles-straight-actors/143890 https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/call-me-by-your-name-why-luca-guadagnino-left-gay-actors-explicit-sex-scenes-q-a-973256 https://www.advocate.com/film/2017/11/29/call-me-your-names-straight-casting-stirs-controversy http://digg.com/2018/call-me-by-your-name-controversy-gay https://slate.com/human-interest/2017/11/call-me-by-your-name-is-not-a-gay-movie.html Just did a quick search of "Call Me By Your Name straight actors" and these were on the first page of results, there were many more. I definitely remember the "how gay is it really" topic being a discussion during that Oscar season. Perhaps Scarlett's comments are getting the amount of attention they have because she is way more famous than anybody in CMBYN? In other news lolol Goop, you would think after the whole thing with her not realizing she was in Spider-Man Homecoming, that she would try to keep up a little more for future promotional appearances.
  2. This is out in UK cinemas in two weeks?! One of the actors was interviewed on a British movie podcast yesterday and I was confused, because usually the show gets stars on the promo tour when the film is about to come out, and it's being released in October here in the US. I guess we'll see if the new cut goes over better with critics soon enough. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/film/2019-07-08/the-current-war-cinema-release-date-cast-plot-trailer-benedict-cumberbatch/
  3. Just saw the full Judy trailer with Renee Zellweger, unless the movie is terrible, she should be good for the nomination. Cynthia Erivo is playing Harriet Tubman in a biopic, it's a meaty role and she will EGOT if she wins, so she will campaign like crazy.
  4. I've seen The Guardian use that rule but I've never understood the comparison, the UK + Ireland vs US + Canada populations are more like 5 times apart in size. Maybe the difference in movie-going patterns or theater availability is factored in too, IDK.
  5. There was a TV sitcom not long after the movie, My Big Fat Greek Life, though the characters had different names and John Corbett wasn't in it: The complete series, lol, all 7 episodes of it! Ironic how a movie that was derided as a glorified, extended sitcom was so terrible as an actual one. The 1997 Titanic doesn't leave a lot of room for a sequel where Rose was concerned, though I've seen some people say they look at The Great Gatsby as an AU take on what would have happened if Rose had stayed on the lifeboat and Jack had survived. Different characters, obviously, but the same sort of dynamic. In sticking with the 1910s oceanliner disasters, a Lusitania movie could be interesting.
  6. IDK, after they got married I was looking at the list of other celebrities who eloped in Vegas and there were some couples that made it (Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward, Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos, Bon Jovi and his wife), but a lot that didn't last. The track record with celebrity couples overall isn't the best, but Las Vegas seems to add a train wreck factor in some cases. If neither person is French, the couple has to jump through a lot of hoops to have a legally valid wedding in France. What many people do is get married here and go over there for a big fancy ceremony. You can do the legal part of it very quietly, but you get way more headlines for eloping in Vegas with Elvis impersonator. Now a second set of headlines for the big formal ceremony and celebrity guest list... Go Rocketman!
  7. JDW still has the facial hair for the movie, I was wondering about that. Difficult to make much out of their outfits, except RPatz's could have been pulled out of Nolan's closet.
  8. This is the second ceremony; they eloped in Vegas in May after some awards show, Diplo livestreamed it on his Instagram. It got huge publicity then, maybe it boosted the Jonas Brothers song some more (though Sucker had already gone number one) and gave Sophie Turner a bigger name as a celebrity, because Game of Thrones was at peak publicity regardless. Certainly didn't help Dark Phoenix...or maybe it did, and it would have done worse without Sophie being more famous than ever. The wedding now is just for show and sentimental reasons, though Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra had like 12 celebrations and got a lot of attention for each one.
  9. About Endgame's frontloadedness this weekend, there will be a fan rush, but MCU movies tend to have more of a Saturday bump than other CBMs, so maybe it will even out? A Star Is Born had an extended cut plopped into theaters during its run, here's how how it played that weekend (March 1–3) : Fri: $481,844 (+852.4%) Sat: $821,830 (+70.6%) Sun: $550,533 (-33%) Total: $1,854,207 Very different genres and situations, Endgame doesn't have that much new content vs. 12 minutes extra for ASIB, but Endgame hasn't (legally) hit digital yet weeks before this release. There was more notice about the "new" Endgame hitting theaters vs. the official announcement of the encore ASIB happening two days ahead of that Friday (March 1). Lady Gaga went onto Jimmy Kimmel's show to promote the re-release, though 99% of the headlines after were about how she addressed the Oscars performance/speculation that she and Bradley Cooper were in love, rather than hey, there's a new version in theaters this weekend! So it was as situation where ASIB was in the news a lot as it was re-released (probably more than Endgame right now), but the buzz around it could have just driven people to digital/DVD instead. Whereas, if you want to see any version of Endgame right now, you have fewer (legal) options. A long-winded way to say comparisons are difficult. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. It's silly because it's Dora the Explorer, but the movie probably will be a little "edgier" (if that's the right word) than the actual cartoon, which is strictly for preschoolers and under.
  11. IDK, A Star Is Born got an "Encore" version with 12 more minutes and BOM doesn't separate it out as a different release. The original cut was still in theaters and the weekend after the Oscars, the new version replaced it as far as I could tell (every movie theater site I remember looking up suddenly seemed to have the longer runtime for it). If you didn't know and just looked up ASIB's run on the box office charts, you would see the 200 percent jump that weekend and think it was only due to the Oscars performance and win. Those things *helped*, but not that much. If you do release a proper new cut of a movie in theaters, it has to get re-rated by the MPAA, even if the rating doesn't change. I don't know if that had to happen with Endgame, since it seems like stuff is tacked on more than being integrated into the film. Plus, Endgame is already 3 hours long. Maybe there will be some Extended Cut someday that is 4 hours or something but that would probably be more for home viewing than theaters.
  12. Youtube: Already looks more interesting than the first trailer. It has five new scenes but is apparently 10 minutes shorter than the cut that played Toronto in 2017. Way more focus on Tesla in this trailer than the other one, I wonder if that was always the plan or if this new cut emphasizes him more.
  13. This won't affect the production schedule (unless all the women working on the movie stage a walk out over working conditions or something) but more bad PR:
  14. Little Women has a 150-year legacy, a story girls and women have admired/idolized for generations. If audiences and Oscar hate this version, it's not going to be because stans bugged critics on Twitter about Chalabae or Emma Watson, that's going to be such a small percentage of how this movie ends up being received. The Vanity Fair interview with Greta Gerwig was really interesting, especially her take on Jo and Laurie's relationship, maybe he will come off like less of a fuckboi in this version...
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