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  1. The director Floria Sigismondi started out in music videos (Marilyn Manson and Bjork, among others) and also directed The Runaways, guessing she's driven much of it.
  2. Lots of movies have reshoots. Maybe there was another ending that tested worse? Though how do you get worse than an F, lol. I think the test screening metrics are slightly different than CinemaScore's.
  3. Though Love Island with a horror twist is also not a bad idea for a movie (some would say the actual thing is a horror show in its own right).... Haven't seen a Fantasy Island rerun or heard a "the plane, the plane" joke in years so I wouldn't expect the under 25 to crowd to know the original show at all. I like the concept of the movie, it just can't really much on nostalgia to bring in an audience.
  4. Very cool, I've never seen the lists broken out between Never #1 on weekends vs. Never #1 on any day, though I've always wondered. It's probably a lot of December releases? My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a pretty rare run even when it was happening. Big multipliers are the best.
  5. At least Universal as a studio isn't averse to repertoire screenings, Cats will get midnight showings for years to come. A Star is Born made $215m and spent its first 4 weekends at #2. It might have been #1 on some weekdays, though IDK if people really count that. My Big Fat Greek Wedding probably topped the chart on some Tuesday but it was the Never #1 king for years and years. Still, Knives Out is having a great run, I liked it a lot but wouldn't have expected the staying power to be this strong in our current "it can wait for streaming" climate. Having a good laugh reading the Twitter comments about The Turning's ending.
  6. Now that Best Picture looks like a showdown between 1917 and Parasite, I would lowkey kind of love for Joker to swoop in and take it. Part of Twitter would be gnashing their teeth and burning everything to the ground while the other would be SO confused by what Bradley Cooper has to do with anything...
  7. Interesting, when it got announced I felt it was Mendes getting inspired by Dunkirk and wanting to do a version of that. I was joking but after seeing 1917, it does kind of feel a little like the criticisms of Dunkirk were noted and "fixed"... Nolan: World War II, but not the part that's been done to death on film. That Atonement scene was only 10 minutes. There hasn't been a proper Dunkirk movie in years and yea-- Darkest Hour, Their Finest? Never heard of 'em! Mendes: World War I, which hasn't been done to death on film. Dunkirk: People can't tell apart the young brown-haired guys on the beach. 1917: Here's a short guy and a tall guy, who also aren't too similar, facially. Dunkirk: Oscar voters confused/annoyed by the nonlinear storytelling. 1917: It all happens in real time! That is not to say which one is better, but just that after seeing both, I'm not surprised 1917 shows signs it's seriously contending for a Best Picture win, while Dunkirk was only ever an also-ran.
  8. Right? They were probably hoping for Bey, plus Real and Fake Elton together for a moving TV moment, not as buzzworthy as last year, but things that could be sold to the masses easily enough. Now, no Beyonce, and Egerton will probably skip the ceremony like Blunt did last year after her snub. OTOH, they have Adele Dazeem, even if the song is not Let It Go, Frozen 2 is still a big hit. "Could Erivo get the EGOT tonight?" isn't a bad angle and her profile will increase from now until the Oscars. Chrissy Metz is on one of the last hit network shows, so that's something. Hopefully, no one tries to reimagine the Toy Story song as a Camila Cabello/Shawn Mendes duet.
  9. The "Elton John and Bernie Taupin have never won a songwriting award together before this year" narrative could do the job, but the Best Original Song category has produced interesting results when there's not a runaway winner in the lineup. Maybe Rise Up has a shot (Erivo EGOTs!) or it might finally be Diane Warren's year with that Breakthrough song. Also, remember what a cluster the producers were making last year about skipping some nominated songs and shortening the performances, before public outcry forced their hand. And that was with real-world hits in the running, one performed by A-listers in their prime from a $200m movie and TPTB still had to be "convinced" to let them sing the full song. I'm afraid this year they will give 2 minutes to Elton, 45 seconds to Erivo and the This Is Us lady gets like three lines as part of a medley.
  10. Agree, if there isn't a lot of passion for a performance it might get leapfrogged. Sometimes there's a coattail effect, if they really love a movie they will vote for everyone in it, but it depends on the strength of the category that year. Like, Alan Arkin got in for yelling "Argo f--- yourself" repeatedly, but no one ever said the Oscars were fair. I thought it was so weird last year that Jonathan Pryce got no traction for The Wife at all last year, I am looking at this year's nod as a bit of a make good.
  11. If you are a co-lead and your movie's only real hope for a nomination, you should just be bold and go for the Lead category. The people who try to catch up with potential nominees before voting are going to watch movies that are contending in multiple categories, before getting around to the movie that might have one "lowly" Supporting nomination. Voters might not prioritize a movie with a lone Lead nomination either, but it's still higher up on the awards food chain. Sucks for JLo, though, she really wanted that Oscar nod and showed up everywhere, pretty much. The same thing happened to Chalamet last year with Beautiful Boy. Sure, Hustlers had the box office, but these voters watch most movies via screeners anyway. When was the last movie that won Best Picture, after leading the nomination tally?
  12. Joker leads the nominations! Phillips is IN for Director! The DGA snub was the last gasp for those clinging to the notion that Joker was "divisive" in the industry despite little sign of this at any point. I still have 1917 winning Best Picture but Joker pulling it off would make me cackle maniacally for so many reasons. And wouldn't it be crazy for Bradley to finally win after so many nods, for a movie he wasn't even in?
  13. Marriage Story was always Scarlett's stronger prospect though. Little Women did very well save Gerwig, but I was skeptical that the "you have to nominate her, because women" tone of the push was going to work with her again, I don't think the same person gets to play that card more than once. Sucks for JLo, loved her in the movie but I can never be too bothered when category fraud fails. You're Jennifer Lopez, go hard or go home!
  14. I like The Ringer as a site in general, The Big Picture is one its podcasts I only half listen to because the hosts are too wrapped up in their own specific LA pop culture bubble and their lack of box office understanding always ends up irritating me. I get what they are saying about the HFPA, many celebs make digs about the Globes being a bit of a joke even as they are on stage, in a way they wouldn't about AMPAS at the Oscars. But the evidence of Globe wins boosting box office stretches back years at this point, even if everyone thinks the HPFA members barely qualify as journalists, it's a star studded event that's the second highest rated movie awards show of the year. It gets tons of media coverage that night and a few days after. Of course Golden Globe wins can't hurt a movie and its star(s), the only time it did was maybe La La Land winning too big that night and starting the backlash against it.
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