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  1. The incident happened when Jude was supposedly going to leave I Heart Huckabees for a Nolan movie, well after Memento was released. It's widely reported that Nolan was going to make The Prestige before Batman Begins at first, and the timeline fits with IHH being a 2004 release. Huckabees is also the movie set where David O had that tirade on Lily Tomlin. From the Daily Beast: Maybe he was "joking", but Russell has such a bad track record that you can't rule out that he might have seriously tried to beat up Chris Nolan over a casting decision. Tenet, I am intrigued but will only be seeing this in theaters if my area gets some pop up drive-ins for the summer.
  2. I mean, Inception had Leo in the suits, Nolan cast Jude Law for The Prestige at first (but David O. Russell intimidated Nolan into dropping the idea so Jude would do I Heart Huckabees), Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight, even Dunkirk had Mark Rylance's young Nolan-looking blond son... It's kind of funny at this point, a bit vain yet also more modest than going the Shyamalan or Hitchcock route.
  3. Seems like a logical prospect considering how so many things are on hold. Not understanding the freakouts and denial of the mere possibility I'm seeing from so many Oscar pundits on Twitter...
  4. This article talks about how movies and TV might go forward and how much it could add to budgets. Not everyone thinks restarting production before there's a vaccine is practical. Sounds like a lot of one-location horror movies and bottle episodes are on the way...
  5. Unless a Tenet screening becomes a confirmed super-spreader event, then Nolan gets blamed/sued, theaters have to be shut down again and AMPAS holds that against him. I mean, I hope that's not what happens but if it does...yikes. But overall, I could see your scenario happening... Even a couple of months ago, I posted on the awards section that this year's winner could be very different from Parasite, the way it was different from Green Book (and GB from The Shape of Water, etc.). It would be wild if Nolan won Best Picture/Director for an Inception-type movie rather than the World War II joint that preceded it, but it's nice when people win for the sort of thing they're best known for.
  6. By "staying at home", I think they mean a decrease in movements... Even people who weren't able to work from home (yet) still could have cut down on normal socializing, weekend trips, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. and started sticking to absolute essentials like work, grocery stores and not much else.
  7. Once upon a time, yes. Looks like the free option was discontinued in 2016.
  8. Probably, but the current POTUS retweets a lot of random/fringe accounts you would never expect a world leader to ever acknowledge or even know about. The "1917 flu" is not a thing, but POTUS keeps saying it for some reason, hopefully it is as benign as one-take movies being his jam. His own grandfather died in the 1918 pandemic, you'd think that would help the year stick but no...
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