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  1. The lion kink 8.76 Toy story 1.53 Per Forbes
  2. I always felt a blockbuster film is based on the budget and had nothing to do with its gross, any film with a budget more than 100 mil was ment to be a blockbuster no matter if it failed or succeeded financially
  3. Could we have another It on our hands, possible 100 mil+ OW
  4. Currently at 96% RT, can't wait, July is looking so much better than June and May
  5. Is there a reason BOM is reporting 4.1 for TF5 when everyone else is saying 4.9, is Paramount fudging or is a typo
  6. Well considering the only thing he took with him was his cloths, that's the only thing he left there. So obviously there is no continuation of narrative, just a made up new one, so once again not a sequel. They should have called it Journey 3: VR
  7. The international trailer is so much better, Sony still should could have called this anything but Jumanji and it would have gotten a lot more love.
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