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  1. Damn, no QLD representative. Surprised Perth and Adelaide have a location but not one in Brissy.
  2. Wow...absolutely massive. Wonder how today will go. Less showings but a public holiday. My showing was packed but was deathly silent for most of the movie with the exception of laughs every now and then.
  3. Crazy. My 7:30pm nothlakes vmax is virtually sold out. Only a few seats left. Cinema is crazy busy. Hard to imagine this is a working/school day.
  4. IW opened in the afternoon in some states due to Anzac Day trade regulations but it was a public holiday for the whole country. This year Wednesday isn't a public holiday and some states (at least QLD) schools are back. I think that will hurt it's chances of $10mn OD.
  5. In AUD Avatar grossed $115.7m Star Wars TFA $94m IW $61.8m Can't see Endgame reaching TFA let alone Avatar
  6. Last year IW opened on Anzac Day. In some Aus states, like QLD, cinema's only opened from 2pm. This is EG opens the day before on a working day. Hard to compare day 1 sales. The 25th though will be nuts.
  7. Probably the same as in the States, April 2nd. Not sure if they'll have midnights. Don't think Infinity War did.
  8. They do indeed! Lol Slightly above your high range DeeCee, not bad. I was more thinking around BP's numbers.
  9. Thanks RTH. So after 2 weekends IW is sitting in 14th spot on the AUS all time list. Not bad.
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