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  1. I had a conversation today with someone much younger and generally unaware of boxoffice rankings. I told them that just a decade ago TDK was the "#2 movie of all-time" emphasizing the importance of adjusting for inflation. I mentioned how 1994 was so impressive because you had Forrest Gump and Lion King coming out around the same time as one another and both doing VERY well. Updates to the 'unbelievable box-office runs' would include Get Out. Currently, Greatest Showman is awe inspiring but doesn't meet the bar of the all time greats.
  2. Box-office totals that make you say "whaat?" I find it hard to believe National Treasure 2 made $220 million (adjusts to $250m)!! Meet the Fockers - $279m ($357m adj!!) Anaconda adjusts to $120m Big Hero 6 has been the most silent $200m earner of all-time. Paul Blart adjusts to $165m
  3. Luke Skywalker appreciation thread

    Regarding his portrayal in TFA and TLJ, there are plenty of non-cinematic ways to show Luke's deterioration between the destruction of his Jedi academy and TFA. I think we'll see through some combination of a tv series, comic and novel the fleshed out story of how Luke got to where he is. I'm fine with that. Let's call it Episode 6.5. Through these avenues Lucasfilm can take its time to show the pain and anguish Luke felt with Ben's turning and with good writing and storytelling, Luke's state of mind in TFA/TLJ will feel right (I was ok with it as it stands).
  4. A forum to celebrate one of the most celebrated cinematic heroes in the history of cinema. From the boy we see staring off at a binary sunset amid a soaring majestic score to a seasoned (and jaded) Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker is the mythological character of our time. I look forward to the conversations to come.
  5. 55% RT score but 90% audience rating....haha. I wonder what other films saw such disparity.
  6. Wow, strong praise by MovieMan. I might have to check this out. Love the boxoffice run...
  7. Leo + Tarantino? What?! No doubt he'll find a role for SLJ. This is my 2nd most anticipated movie of 2019 (Episode IX). My body is ready! PS: I doubt this will be really Tarantino's last.
  8. Avoiding all post-trailer 1 teasers, trailers and tv spots. Going into this blind. I expect 90% RT and a film that I will thoroughly enjoy. Get hype!
  9. It's with movies like this that I'm glad I have MoviePass. Not willing to pay $15 for Pacific Rim 2. I think this will do crazy Ice Age international numbers.
  10. Imagine my delight today when I saw that Paddington 2 retained its 100% score. Still perturbed by that one (at the time) negative score for Get Out. Sooooo close.
  11. Glad Steven Caple Jr. is getting a chance to direct a high profile project.
  12. That big 5th weekend theater drop is probably 99% from a dollars and cents perspective but I betcha at least 1% is a middle finger to Disney for forcing them to hold TLJ screens for 4 weeks.
  13. Horror 2018

    read my post again. i strayed away from the subjective in comparing legacies (case in point your response).
  14. I would prefer Disney give Solo some space away from TLJ’s theatrical window (which won’t totally end until March/April). Not sure where it would go though. Maybe Nutcracker can move closer to Christmas.... Disney of course has the massive scheduling challenge of getting out of its own way with so many tentpoles and high profile remakes on the 2018-2020 docket. Alan Horn and Alan Bergman have their hands full!
  15. :-) thanks. Let’s wait and see these sequels do before claiming ‘almost a given’ (at least to the level needed to approve 4/5 if indeed Disney is waiting to see how 2/3 perform). Hope you are right.
  16. Horror 2018

    I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that James Wan is the most successful Master of Horror ever (too early to gauge influence). Not even Carpenter can claim the number of lucrative franchises and universes that Wan spawned (Saw, Insidious, Conjuring).
  17. I think $350m is quite possible. January competition will be no worse than it already has. Expect decent holds from now through February as it finally peters out to $355-360m. Good enough to be Kevin Hart’s 2nd biggest hit and The Rock’s top grossing. A much needed hit for Sony.
  18. It wasn’t long ago that I speculated that TFA would gross less than $500m. Some of the extreme upper estimates I saw were in the 700s. This trilogy will conclude with an average gross of $800m or so, higher than the OT’s first run adjusted average. I find that amazing.
  19. No matter how this film fares, Disney needs to hold on to Jennifer Lee. She’s a fantastic writer and most importantly, storyteller.
  20. I heard Avatar 4/5 weren’t green lit. Is that correct? Probably wise from a financial perspective but I want to see Cameron’s full vision realized thank you very much.

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