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  1. Pacific Rim 2 1 $28.00M Black Panther 6 $17.59M Sherlock Gnomes 1 $13.00M Tomb Raider 2 $10.63M A Wrinkle in Time 3 $8.94M Midnight Sun 1 $8.00M I Can Only Imagine 2 $7.69M Love, Simon 2 $7.05M Game Night 5 $4.08M Peter Rabbit 7 $3.80M
  2. Sooooo happy for I Can Only Imagine! Good News story of this weekend. There’s a chance Pacific Rim 2 will underwhelm and BP enjoys a sixth weekend at the top.
  3. @moah - that's a weird demographic breakdown..who says that. lol anyway, of course it could break out. it won't but there's potential there. $50 - $60m ow / $180m dom
  4. this film will be perfect for 3D VR. Ten years too early. No 3D though...
  5. If Deadpool stays put and is well received, no way this makes $100m in its OW. Disclaimer: I'm a huge SW fan and loved TLJ. This assessment isn't out of any 'hate' but due to the short window between it and the divisive TLJ, saturation, competition, and overall meh' look/reception of the film.
  6. Others have mentioned the novelty factor, I also get the sense that a movie like Deadpool you can only do well once. The above tweet is encouraging for Deadpool fans though.
  7. Whatever happened to.....

    Master thread where we can discuss erstwhile celebrities. Famous people who you haven’t heard from in awhile (Emilio Estevez, I’m looking at you). You’re wondering ‘Whatever happened to....”
  8. Dr. Strange (2016)

    This post got a @Blank Panther like today - 16 months later. Haha!
  9. More random likes by @Blank Panther I am not complaining. How does it work though? Is there a lilmac day where it’s my (and say, 20 others) turn to get likes, sometimes for random old posts? And then another crop of people the next day? lol interesting dude
  10. Are weekdays ever adjusted to ACTUALS like weekend estimates? Perhaps they are but Numbers and Mojo don’t reflect the changes. Maybe @baumer knows. How are you friend? Coming up to 16 years!
  11. Two financially profitable trilogies (50 Shades & Maze Runner) end while another (BP) begins
  12. A lot of skepticism over how it will fare domestically but I think the franchise has retained stickiness with OS audiences. $2 billion from just overseas markets is not just possible but probable.
  13. Hey buddy. No I haven’t. I’m not surprised. What would be your top 3 choices to score Avatar 2?
  14. You know the score titles! I’m not the only one. My new best friend. :-) Visions, Carrying Audrey, The Wreck, Weightlifting, The Orange Man — all good.
  15. I've listened to the Unbreakable soundtrack more than any other score in the last 18 years (including Star Wars). I know it inside and out. That's why I was so confused while at the end of Split, that score started playing. A minute later, I had a huge smile on my face. I realized why.
  16. I know right?! Check IMDB - He's still working. in fact last week I rewatched Roman J. Israel. Towards the end I noticed the soaring score (which was quiet during the whole movie). I really liked it so I paused the movie and checked to see who did the scoring. Guess who? https://youtu.be/S1BP5ZbMICg?t=4m10s
  17. Too early to tell. It could tap into nostalgia like Jungle Book and go bananas. I’d like to see a trailer first.
  18. Infinity War May not be #1 Black Panther - $630m Infinity War - $550m Jurassic World - $430m Incredibles - $400m Solo - $300m 4 out of 5 ain’t bad
  19. My prediction is now $630 million domestic. Around Independence Day dollars when adjusting for inflation.

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