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  1. Does the $125m include marketing though? Also, sometimes distribution deals can offset costs
  2. Nice. Noticed you had 1 and 3 together. JJ Abrams is often accused of parroting and mimicking previous entries. Do you feel 3 (directed by JJ) was very similar to 1 or you just happened to like them at the same level?
  3. Welcome I2 to the top ten. With this weekend hold, it is all but assured. Also means a measly two films in the top 10 being Star Wars.
  4. Please bring back 1990s Carrey! Hope this paved the way for live action Mario (take two), Zelda and Pokémon live action movies. Haha
  5. People with OCD are watching that Black Panther weekend number closely.
  6. Great hold for Incredibles 2. Way more likely Rogue One will be kicked out of the top 10 and there will only be two Star Wars films in the top 10. Sigh.
  7. Passion of the Christ and Fireproof. Really enjoyed Heaven is for Real as well. The first Narnia movie I include because it reached such a broad audience.
  8. Doesnt matter to me as I literally look away or shield my eyes when the trailer comes on. Glad I did it for MI:5
  9. You loved it for the same same reason you liked the first film?
  10. Monday:Wednesday direct comparison or Monday+Tuesday+Wednesday?
  11. I’m going to avoid as much of the promo as I can. I’ll likely see the first teaser but that’s it. I hope they don’t show the vanquished characters in any of the trailers.
  12. Yes that’s right! I think the underperforming of Solo may compel Disney to treat the Avatar franchise with care and not rush things.
  13. I think we will see a ROTJ bump, both DOM and WW. No doubt TLJ (as much as I loved it) and Solo will hurt it’s earnings potential.
  14. I should get around to viewing the ballet one day.
  15. That’s disappointing as Sicario is one of my favorite movies this century. The trailers for this one made it seem like a damsel in distress storyline involving a little girl that Del Toro needs to protect. I hope not! Ugh, I respect your opinions on things Jack so I’l probably come away with the same view but I’ll see it anyway.
  16. Had no idea Nutcracker was an actual fully fleshed out story. Haha
  17. If that doesn’t scream Action Star, I don’t know what to say.
  18. Out I will readily admit to having no clue on how popular the show is.
  19. lilmac

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    I’ll be seeing Jurassic World 2 via MoviePass. Would have waited for Netflix otherwise. The theater will also be reaping in revenue from my popcorn purchase, one I wouldn’t have otherwise made if not for MP. I love how MoviePass shows up in my autocorrect. Lol

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