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  1. I've avoided nearly all images and sounds of this film. *fist pump* The over saturation from exposure to all the Spiderman: Homecoming trailers won't happen here. No siree. I can't wait!
  2. I think you're right. About $300m domestic. I sense a bit of franchise fatigue with the Spidey character although it will do leaps and bounds beyond what a TASM 3 would have done with the same cast and Sony.
  3. I love it! IIRC, there was a similar concept pitched in the early 2000s, I think, that never got off the ground. Hope they can pull it off.
  4. Preliminary ranking of the Spiderman movies (I haven't seen Homecoming) 1. S2 2. S1 3. Homecoming 4. TASM 1 5. S3 6. TASM 2
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I just got into listening to GOT podcasts. Some are retrospective (The Ringer) and others are contemporary (Game of Thrones The Podcast). Very enjoyable listens. I plan to rewatch the last four episodes of Episode Six before the S7 premier.
  6. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Will there a Part 3 to this conversation thread when it reaches 100K posts?
  7. If this makes a profit, it will be internationally. Reminds me of Jupiter Ascending which made 75% of its money overseas. $135m DOM/$500m WW
  8. Blade runner under 300 WW club

    Absolutely IN. The vocal core fanbase will conceal what will be a tepid reception to the movie (no matter how good it is).
  9. Very enjoyable box-office run to track. It feels like the movie should be $450m by now with these small drops. Outside of maybe the Nolan movies, I don't recall seeing such legs on a superhero movie.
  10. I enjoyed the trailer too. You're right @baumer .....nice winter film.
  11. Most overrated films of 2016/2017?

    Lobster is a good one. I went into it with a smile on my face (because of the hype)...that smile slowly eased from my face.
  12. hahahahhhahaah....I called it!
  13. Denzel maybe. Chris Pratt. Still Tom Cruise. No one is immune to bombs. You can still be a draw even if the movie fails because it's bad.
  14. This thread is almost six years old. By the time the sequel comes out there will be people about 11 yrs old, who were born after Avatar. Haha I remember there being a shrill Avatar 2 apologist here who swore it was already filming. Lol I am really looking forward to it though. I saw Avatar six times in theaters.
  15. @Barnack - Did you see this? http://deadline.com/2017/06/hollywood-audit-china-box-office-mpaa-1202120540/
  16. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/weekends/theateravg.htm?page=THTRAVOPN&p=.htm This was in the early days of online boxoffice prognostications where the source of boxoffice information were trade pubs (usually Variety I think) and newspapers. No websites that I knew of, only newsgroups. It's early June and the major story was 1. Speed and 2. the upcoming launch of Lion King. It had a lot of buzz. We knew it would open big. Low $30s for sure. Big. Unbeknownedst to many of us, Disney decides to release it a week early but only in two theaters. The newspapers and trades release the top 10 for that weekend and lo and behold, The Lion King is on it. A $800K PTA!!!! To this day I haven't seen anything like it. Without the saturation of media we see today, many of us boxoffice enthusiasts didn't even realize there would be a limited release prior to it going wide. And to see how well it did playing in two theaters. Wow! Still wow! Probably the FIRST bonafide shocker in the online boxoffice era (I could write a book about those early days...good memories). The second came just weeks later....
  17. Most overrated films of 2016/2017?

    This this this. Enjoyable but overrated. I second Lobster too. Manchester by the Sea was overrated but many Best Picture nominees are anyway for me.
  18. Sources for movie budget

    This is fantastic. Extra 0 for the Tom Cruise movie? $1.6 billion. Hahaha
  19. As long as Kasdan is Kevin-Feiging I'm ok with these decisions. I think Kennedy is deferring to him. Directors do not get carte Blanche authority. You hear that, Edgar Wright fans?
  20. 26m for WW 21.4m for C3 68m for T5 (3-day)
  21. Production on TFA got stopped to let Harrison's leg heal after a set mishap. But yea there was one other spinoff Josh Trank was attached to but he was fired Rogue One, Untitled Spinoff, Han Solo - DRAMA I trust the Process, i.e. Kasdan and Kennedy
  22. Arndt's script gets replaced by Abrams/Kasdan Josh Trank gets fired Harrison's injury causes a major delay in the TFA shoot Gilroy brought in to perform reshoots of R1 Carrie's death Lord and Miller getting fired -There's a lot of drama. A lot.

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