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  1. Imagine being fragile enough to be triggered by someone's opinions. I dislike injecting politics and...progressive "issues" in popcorn films. It takes me out of the movie (even if it could ultimately benefit me personally as a minority).
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog's budget of $90m probably comes with a comparable marketing budget. That's $180m, probably $360m as a breakeven point.
  3. $200m budget, maybe $100m for advertising - could be looking at $600m as a breakeven point. Yikes. What a 'gift' for Disney.
  4. The change they made to her eyes looks better. I just wish Cameron made this his post-Titanic project. The film has been in development for a loooong time. Wouldn't have minded waiting longer if it meant Cameron was at the helm.
  5. Captain Marvel will be the Iron Man of Phase 4 and 5. The MCU is in good hands.
  6. lilmac

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    Endgame - $750m Episode IX - $700m Everything else and Glass.
  7. How do I remove "recommended posts" from my feed? LOL
  8. Can't help but think that if Mary Poppins released in August it would have done Christopher Robin numbers. Disney should just avoid the late summer altogether.
  9. Yep. Flight, Allied and The Walk were good films but terrible boxoffice wise. Sucks, but I enjoyed them. I’m just glad he’s past his obsession with mocap (Polar Express, Beowulf, A Christmas Carol). Hehe
  10. Zemeckis is one of my favorites. Based mostly on his work 18-35 yrs ago though. Back to the Future 1 and 2, CastAway, Forrest Gump, Roger Rabbit, What Lies Beneath - iconic films! I’ll give it a shot. He deserves that.
  11. It definitely had a big screen feel to the film. Same couldn’t be said for the last Cloverfieled which also shifted to streaming. Cinematography and FX were largely on point. Much of the money was on the screen. Quality was a different matter. Took me two days to watch because I fell asleep. Wise to move this to Netflix.
  12. Glad to see Creed 2 is doing so well. Wishing the best for Steven Caple Jr.
  13. You can tell Avatar made a multigenerational impact given how much it is still spurring so much debate.
  14. What a strange holiday season from a qualitative standpoint. Never thought Bumblebee and Spiderverse would be critical darlings!
  15. Harrison Ford huh? wow. Don’t know if I’ve ever heard any voice work from him.
  16. lilmac

    How much do release dates matter?

    Release dates no longer have as large an impact on an OW. The post Thanksgiving weekend remains a desolate wasteland. Generally speaking, release dates matter for Legs. The Christmas season remains king when it comes to lengthy runs. Hard to secure multipliers during the summer months. In that sense the release date does matter.
  17. lilmac

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    Your Name 2 will make $600m OS and like $2m DOM.
  18. It was ok. Slightly better than I thought. It’s OS performance guarantees a Carnage sequel. Maybe Sinister Six. As long as the Spidey/MCU movies continue unaffected I’m neutral on the matter.
  19. If that’s the title then Cameron wasn’t kidding about the water scenes. Sounds like it could be crucial to the story.

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