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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog#Reproduction_and_lifespan Given that Hedgehogs only live 4-7 years, that makes her a great-grandma.
  2. This film is coming out in May and no full trailer yet. *gasp* (sarcasm directed at the Solo detractors)
  3. Del Toro has a very vocal audience but his films almost never stick with the mainstream. He doesn't really do it for me but in hindsight, I would have liked to see his rendition of The Hobbit. Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation Rank Title (click to view) Studio Adjusted Gross Unadjusted Gross Release 1 Blade II NL $130,113,200 $82,348,319 3/22/02 2 Pacific Rim WB $119,182,100 $101,802,906 7/12/13 3 Hellboy II: The Golden Army Uni. $97,152,700 $75,986,503 7/11/08 4 Hellboy SonR $88,139,800 $59,623,958 4/2/04 5 Mimic Mira. $50,961,000 $25,480,490 8/22/97 6 Pan's Labyrinth PicH $50,216,000 $37,634,615 12/29/06 7 The Shape of Water FoxS $39,181,700 $39,181,652 12/1/17 8 Crimson Peak Uni. $32,805,600 $31,090,320 10/16/15 9 Cronos Oct. $1,364,700 $621,392 4/1/94 10 The Devil's Backbone SPC $1,205,000 $755,249 11/21/01
  4. Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    January passed by without me using my card but it paid for itself several months over in December. I'll watch Black Panther once or twice with the card.
  5. Watch yo mouth! ;-) I think a Mario movie is an untapped lucrative franchise, if done right. A real-life Mushroom kingdom with photorealistic goombas and koopas?! Hollywood, please do it. I've wanted this for decades. I honestly don't see why this shouldn't work.
  6. Nintendo would be wise to get their tentpole Pokemon Switch game released before this movie comes out + engineer another Pokemon Go phenomenon next summer.
  7. It's films like this, Doctor Strange and Guardians which make me appreciate the job Marvel/Feige has done acclimating us to weirder and weirder superhero concepts.
  8. The Lion King (1994)

    Adjusted $818mil I can see the remake getting to 75% ($613m). The Lion King's run was amazing and was one of the first boxoffice runs I started tracking. I think a huge factor in its success was that soundtrack (I Can't Wait to be King, Be Prepared, Circle of Life, Can You Feel the Love and Hakuna Matata). The Disney renaissance at its apex. I remember sitting in theaters, older than its core audience, yet enraptured. As were many people in theaters during that summer. The fact that it did so well alongside another four-quadrant monster hit (Forrest Gump - $721m adj) should not be overlooked.
  9. I'm changing my tune. Add TGS to my list. The # of times it held at #4. The staying power. The weekends above its opening weekend. The low expectations and initial muted response. The surprise of it all.
  10. Greatest Showman loses its #4 coveted spot and ends up #3. Den of Thieves will be LESS impacted by the Superbowl than 12 Strong. That's what my gut tells me at least. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Maze Runner: The Death Cure The Greatest Showman The Post Hostiles Den of Thieves 12 Strong The Shape of Water Paddington 2 Winchester
  11. What films will be shelling out mi$$ions for 30-60 second slots? On a secondary note, what are your favorites from the past? The Lord of the Rings trilogy teaser & Matrix Reloaded trailer are my faves. The Matrix one set some kind of record I think.
  12. Very good thought piece on the importance of 'perception' but also misconceptions when it comes to the relationship between box-office performance and Oscar nominations. https://www.the-numbers.com/news/228360830-Analysis-Does-Having-The-Most-Oscar-Nominations-Affect-Box-Office-Performance Do you think the Oscar nominations in late January have a noticeable effect on films? Should release dates of Oscar hopefuls be closer to the late January date? Is there a discernible box-office impact based on which Oscar category a film has been nominated for?
  13. Congrats to Coco for passing $200 million. and Pitch Perfect 3 I guess for passing $100 million.
  14. I can’t shake having a bad feeling about anything DCEU related, despite Wonder Woman. Ugh. I hope James Wan knocks it out of the park with Aquaman. These properties need to build goodwill and momentum. maybe it’ll be the spinoffs which carry the day.
  15. Seeing the Super Bowl commercial sold it for me, especially when it showed Tom Cruise flying from the explosion on the train. I believe I remember the audience clapping during that scene.
  16. I had a conversation today with someone much younger and generally unaware of boxoffice rankings. I told them that just a decade ago TDK was the "#2 movie of all-time" emphasizing the importance of adjusting for inflation. I mentioned how 1994 was so impressive because you had Forrest Gump and Lion King coming out around the same time as one another and both doing VERY well. Updates to the 'unbelievable box-office runs' would include Get Out. Currently, Greatest Showman is awe inspiring but doesn't meet the bar of the all time greats.
  17. Luke Skywalker appreciation thread

    Regarding his portrayal in TFA and TLJ, there are plenty of non-cinematic ways to show Luke's deterioration between the destruction of his Jedi academy and TFA. I think we'll see through some combination of a tv series, comic and novel the fleshed out story of how Luke got to where he is. I'm fine with that. Let's call it Episode 6.5. Through these avenues Lucasfilm can take its time to show the pain and anguish Luke felt with Ben's turning and with good writing and storytelling, Luke's state of mind in TFA/TLJ will feel right (I was ok with it as it stands).
  18. A forum to celebrate one of the most celebrated cinematic heroes in the history of cinema. From the boy we see staring off at a binary sunset amid a soaring majestic score to a seasoned (and jaded) Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker is the mythological character of our time. I look forward to the conversations to come.
  19. 55% RT score but 90% audience rating....haha. I wonder what other films saw such disparity.
  20. Wow, strong praise by MovieMan. I might have to check this out. Love the boxoffice run...
  21. Leo + Tarantino? What?! No doubt he'll find a role for SLJ. This is my 2nd most anticipated movie of 2019 (Episode IX). My body is ready! PS: I doubt this will be really Tarantino's last.
  22. Avoiding all post-trailer 1 teasers, trailers and tv spots. Going into this blind. I expect 90% RT and a film that I will thoroughly enjoy. Get hype!

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