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  1. I don’t think this BO performance is an indictment on Star Wars. There were many factors conspiring against Solo (which have been discussed ad naseum). That’s why it underwhelmed.
  2. Raid fight scenes stand up even in the age of Blu-Ray freeze framing
  3. Yea it was incredible. I even stole a glance at the screen even though I was trying to avoid trailer-spoilers. Watching in 3D IMAX too made me even more sensory overloaded.
  4. Expectations exceeded. Aiden was great, surprisingly. The audience applauded at the end which was nice.
  5. I’ve been avoiding the Jurassic World trailers for free of them being too spoilery. The first trailer is all I need to see.
  6. @Barnack Very helpful. These articles are informative as well: http://deadline.com/2018/03/beauty-and-the-beast-box-office-profits-1202351594/
  7. lilmac

    Most Anticipated July Movie

    Mission Impossible and Ant Man 2.
  8. lilmac

    Oldest film you have seen

    A bunch of Little Rascals episodes but that’s technically TV (I think). A portion of Metropolis. Wizard of Oz is probably the oldest film I saw in full.
  9. Pent up demand + large fan base (the crowd that always makes the point that ‘The Simpsons used to be funnier’ is just louder)
  10. lilmac

    Is physical media dying?

    I’ll purchase a Star Wars movie on Blu-Ray but most of my blu-ray and dvds are from 1997-2011-ish
  11. lilmac

    Deadpool 2 WW > Solo WW | GLORIOUS VICTORY

    This is still true even if Solo performs poorer than what some people want.
  12. Definitely. Incredibles 2 has a (slight) chance of outgrossing Jurassic World 2.
  13. I didn’t expect huge numbers. $14m isn’t so bad for a Thursday, pre Memorial Day weekend.
  14. lilmac

    Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Not if it continues dropping as it is. The long weekend should help but not guaranteed.
  15. Loved the X-Men cameo (McAvoy,etc). I guess that end credit with Morena Baccarin suggests a strong possibility she will be back....
  16. lilmac

    Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Really sux that BP won’t hit $700m but my goodness what a run it has had!
  17. I watched DP2 in an empty theater surrounded by teenagers who didn’t get half the jokes. I think it would have been a better movie going experience with a better crowd but overall it was a worthy sequel. About even in terms of quality/humor as the original.
  18. lilmac


    Preview was quite effective. A24 is on a roll

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