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  1. Hi there. I've read a few posts from you in this forum and it seems like you're pretty much a veteran in this box office tracking stuff. I have a question to ask you if you don't mind. Is there still any box office forum that was active between 1995 and 2005 that still exists today? I'm really curious to know how it must have felt like for people to track movies like Titanic, LOTRs, HP, Spiderman and the like but Google gave me no answer.

    1. lilmac


      Nice to meet you. I have been frequenting boxoffice forums longer than just about everyone else and one thing that stands out is that forums don't last forever. If you want stories from me, I'd be happy to share (Titanic was just insane, absolutely ridiculous). 


      These are sites I used to frequent:


      • Time Pathfinder (1996-2000)
      • BoxofficeReports (2001-2003)
      • Boxofficemojo (2002-2011)
      • World of KJ (2004 - today)
      • BoxofficeTheory (2011 - today)


      The oldest that is still operating is WOKJ: http://www.worldofkj.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=12



      The last remnants of Time Pathfinder are here: 



      It's not a box-office discussion page, just a hangout for the old veterans.


      They were HERE before migrating to the Facebook page (at that point it was more of a social hangout than boxoffice)





      Most amazing boxoffice reaction threads


      • The Lost World's opening weekend (Time Pathfinder)
      • Titanic (Time Pathfinder)
      • Lord of the Rings trilogy (Boxoffice Reports)
      • Spider-Man (BOM)

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