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  1. 1 hour ago, Porthos said:

    Holds are comparable to BatB, Cinderella (2015), and Oz, which all had a smidge under 50% drops:


    Oz: -47.9%

    Cinderell0a: -48.5%

    BatB: -49%


    IF Disney hasn't overestimated it again, that is.  Still, it does look to be in the right ballpark.


    Now in regards to 100m, Disney isn't in the habit of fudging, but it is kinda/sorta in the habit of leaving films in theaters for a long time if it wants to.  


    I could see a scenario where they keep AWiT in a handful of theaters late into the summer unless it utterly and completely self-destructs later on.  Take Cinderella (2015).  It stayed in theaters until September.  Now that was gunning for 200m, so yes it is a different situation.  But we're not talking about a huge money maker here those last four months:


    Even after it hit 200m, it still was in theaters inching along.


    So I'm not going to quite bury AWiT's 100m possibility, if only because it is exactly the type of kid/young girl friendly movie that can find a niche and burrow there for a while in some theaters, even as it does a pittance.

    Tangled stayed in theaters for the same reason

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  2. If Deadpool stays put and is well received, no way this makes $100m in its OW. 




    Disclaimer: I'm a huge SW fan and loved TLJ. This assessment isn't out of any 'hate' but due to the short window between it and the divisive TLJ, saturation, competition, and overall meh' look/reception of the film.

  3. On 11/6/2016 at 2:15 AM, lilmac said:



    Acting: Cumberbatch embodies the character perfectly and Tilda Swinton was a gem

    Story: I think the writers did a great job of grounding the supernatural elements of the story (not that supernatural is wrong)

    FX: Some of the best sfx we've ever seen IMO



    It doesn't belong in the MCU. As grounded as the writers tried, the story was a bit too cosmicy for my taste. Vision I can handle and even Guardians of the Galaxy.  But this was so out of sync with the rest of the MCU. (I kept wondering why the supernatural elements weren't common knowledge as that doesn't appear to be the case in other MCU movies)


    Rachel McAdams muted reaction to seeing an astral projection. Within seconds she accepts what she sees (without any indication she believed she was still hallucinating) and continues operating on Stephen Strange. 


    Why was the NYC skyline curving and bending into itself again? Some of the NYC fight scenes seemed more like the FX team showing off than having any logical construction. 


    Why exactly did the cape accept Dr. Strange? How did he become so adept so quickly. This is a nitpick but in that scene where he swung the cape onto his back, he did so as if it was a practiced move. As if he had worn the cape for much longer than few minutes. Perhaps he learned about its existence in his studies. *shrug*







    This post got a @Blank Panther like today - 16 months later. Haha!

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  4. 1 hour ago, KP1025 said:

    If Avatar 2 is really "Avatar on steroids" as described and recaptures the phenomenon status of the first film, I wouldn't rule out a gross over TFA domestically. By 2020, Avatar would adjust close to TFA unadjusted ($937 million) plus the sequel will be released in around 25% more theaters this time around. 

    A lot of skepticism over how it will fare domestically but I think the franchise has retained stickiness with OS audiences.



    $2 billion from just overseas markets is not just possible but probable. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, Fancyarcher said:

    That was a great moment. When Visions started playing at the end of Split, I instantly got excited. A great score, and a fantastic superhero soundtrack as well.



    You know the score titles! I’m not the only one. My new best friend. :-)


    Visions, Carrying Audrey, The Wreck, Weightlifting, The Orange Man — all good.  

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  6. 16 minutes ago, Fancyarcher said:

    I really hope JNH returns to score Glass. His music for Unbreakable is simply put, incredible. 

    I've listened to the Unbreakable soundtrack more than any other score in the last 18 years (including Star Wars). I know it inside and out. That's why I was so confused while at the end of Split, that score started playing. A minute later, I had a huge smile on my face. I realized why. :)

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  7. On 2/20/2018 at 2:12 PM, Elessar said:

    Beautiful music... James Newton Howard has done some very impressive work throughout his career. Like i said earlier, he would be among my top choices for the Avatar sequels. What is he up to these days? Is it just me or is he on hiatus?

    I know right?! Check IMDB - He's still working. in fact last week I rewatched Roman J. Israel. Towards the end I noticed the soaring score (which was quiet during the whole movie). I really liked it so I paused the movie and checked to see who did the scoring. Guess who? https://youtu.be/S1BP5ZbMICg?t=4m10s

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