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  1. I'd like to think general audiences are aware of the difference between "produced by" and "directed by" but you never know. I still think Alita would have made a lot more money if James had directed it.
  2. What's the big deal here? The film is doing very well, or had a lot of people gone with completely ludicrous, aka 1 billion + predictions after the first trailer came out or something?
  3. No surprise there, it has looked phenomenal from the start. Really not a fan of folks throwing digs at Edwards' Godzilla though and speaking of its "issues". They weren't issues, they were a conscious creative decision to go with a Jaws approach. I get some people were slighted by that but then you just weren't a fan of the approach itself, that doesn't make it a flaw. Godzilla 2014 remains imo a super solid film, sure the human characters are undercooked (not that anyone gives a damn really) but it has such a distinct, beautiful vision with a lot of awe inspiring moments. I both love the approach and do wish we'd seen more of Godzilla himself. It's possible to feel those two things at the same time, Dougherty mentioned it at a Q&A but I am glad that they went with an all-in approach on KOM.
  4. Gosh, that first scene, they seem to have nailed it, very close to the book, as close as it gets. Really love what we see next, this seems like this might actually stick quite close to the book.
  5. The kid sections were always more compelling, just like The Goonies, for example, wouldn't be as compelling if it was about adults. However, the adult sections are really great too, and Muschietti incorporating the more trippy elements, along with the kids and mashing it all with the adults should make this super cool. I hope they do release it as one cut at some point, Muschietti mentioned it, but he also mentioned an extended cut that was supposed to come in 2018 and I'm still waiting for it. Haven't rewatched it for that reason, the first part is excellent but it's like 20, 30 min away from being great.
  6. The rumors never said that Fox didn't like his work unless you're basing this on that troll Slugzilla from Superherohype who from the get go, has said that he worked in fucking CATERING, and yet seemed to know all these magical things about the film, the behind the scenes and made it sound like he was creatively involved. Sneider, the trades, all those said that the film tested well, Sneider even added that it tested better than Dark Phoenix and as well as Deadpool did in its first screenings. And the common thing was that Fox wanted more scares and that's what the reshoots were going to focus on, and essentially letting Boone make the film he really wanted to make from the start. And then merger happens, schedules are all over the place, Boone has The Stand, etc. Also, the person who wrote about those new rumors acknowledged the schedules of the various stars and also says the reshoots would be late 2019. We'll see, maybe it's nonsense, but it's clear to me (and it should be to others) that reshoots of some kind will happen considering the film comes out in April of 2020. Disney is giving the film a chance, that's clear too.
  7. Who's to say Ellen Page would return? These are rumors but Dafne Keen has been rumored for a while now, so were Jon Hamm who was apparently set to appear in a post credits scene as Mr Sinister, then Banderas was rumored as someone who would take his place. We'll see.
  8. It's gotta be the final date, they've got time to get it in the shape they want now.
  9. This was posted yesterday by the New Mutants Updates Twitter account, the person supposedly knows someone at Fox. It's been really the only source on Twitter for "news" on the film. Rumors obviously but some of it gels with what Jeff Sneider wrote last year on The Tracking Board: We just talked with someone who worked in the movie and got some informations for what’s to come with the new reshoots plans later this year. 75% of the movie is being reshot. Josh Boone is back directing and a early version of Knate Lee script is being used. Horror elements are still a part of the movie. New characters include: X-23, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Cypher and a brand new villain. The budget will be bigger with more action and everything intensified. Reshoots are planned for later this year (most likely this fall). Demon Bear will be a lot more in the movie. https://newmutantsup.tumblr.com/post/184720321056/exclusive-everything-about-the-new-reshoots I hope all of this is true. But reading between the lines with the new release date, regardless of actual contracts (Sneider also said new contracts would have to be made if the film went to streaming (no longer an option ), it seems clear to me that Disney is going to have Boone do reshoots. He's on The Stand right now but I'm guessing he'll be done by the end of the year, paving the way for reshoots. Disney could have dumped this, they're not doing so, so, I guess that means they might ACTUALLY be thinking that they can take this first entry and have it either tie into the MCU or might want to make more films. I mean, think about it. There's no foundation so to speak, this is the very first New Mutants film, we know from Jeff Sneider (if you believe the rumors) that the film was rewritten and Boone was asked to deliver a YA PG 13 version of TNM, not what he wanted to do at first. The reshoots were indeed supposedly to add more scares, essentially telling Boone he could now make the film he wanted to make from the start. If this rumor from New Mutants Updates is to be believed, the early draft being used would be the film Boone was supposed to make. Apparently, the film only cost 45M, which would make the idea of reshooting two thirds of the film believable, if Disney sees potential and can make it future and MCU proof. This is a lot to digest but this delay is a great thing and if this can lead to more New Mutants down the road and a better film, then all the better for it. With the Multiverse idea, they can easily tie in films with a different vibe.
  10. The thing is here is that the performance capture is done for 2 and 3, along with bits of 4 and 5 AND Jon Landau posted photos of Jim on the live action sets. So, it's real, it's coming out, 4 and 5 are dated, all good. The good news about the delay is that maybe autostereoscopy will be ready in December 2021.
  11. I think The Rise Of Skywalker can go anywhere from 1.8, 1.9 billion to possible 2.5 B+ because of it being the "end" of the Skywalker Saga, etc. Other than that, I can't see what else, other than any of the Avatar sequels can beat Endgame. And I don't even think Endgame will surpass Avatar by a lot, I suspect it'll end up around 3, 3.1 billion. I've been having a field day on Twitter destroying some tweets from some trades or other folks boasting that Endgame made it to this amount in that number of days compared to Avatar and reminding everyone that Avatar only opened at 241 M WW and managed to make it to 2.78 (73 something without the rerelease) billion fucking dollars. Endgame is impressive, very impressive but imo, Avatar's performance is more impressive, to start so "low" to go so high, on an original property.
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