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  1. It looks fantastic when watched in GOOD quality, ie not fucking YouTube and its horrendous compression. Ever heard of Apple Trailers at the very least?
  2. What are you people even discussing here? Yes, the film is coming out, how much more do you need? Josh Boone and the cast certainly wouldn't be all of a sudden liking IG posts about the film and people being excited about it (when they haven't done so in a long, long time) if Disney changed its mind. Accept that, why are you even going in circles for pages discussing really nothing at all, with no added information, and discussing over and over again how the film is going to fail (it won't), how it will suck, bla bla, you aren't tired of it? God, it'd be refreshing to talk to people who actually have something to say and positive things to say.
  3. The book is an absolute must read, it's also 1300 pages +, but well worth it. I'm really waiting for the director's cut for chapter one (which Barbara Muschietti addressed a few months ago on IG, it IS coming), and there will be one for chapter two as well. I feel the first film is 20-30 min away from being great, more character moments, let it breathe a bit more. About the infamous "gang bang" scene, it is weird and seems like a really odd choice initially but King explained the rationale back in the day, and it does work and it does make sense in the way he explains it. But even Fukunaga who had some extreme stuff in his draft, said no no to including the scene. It's meant for the book only, it would just be too iffy to be seen on screen.
  4. Didn't quite know what to think seeing it at first, but seeing it again and again in actually good quality (QT 1080p, not that Twitter or YouTube trash), I'm liking it more and more.
  5. What happens? It gets released, possibly introduces the mutants via reshoots.
  6. I can see why some people have trouble with the photoreal approach and the "lack" of emotion but it's also silly to make comparisons as some verified users have been doing on Twitter by having the new version against the old version and saying "LOOK, THEY'RE DANCING AND DOING THIS AND DOING THAT IN THE ORIGINAL". Favreau has said that with the approach they used, going too far in one direction in terms of facial expressions made it too cartoonish. So, yeah, they're handling this like they're shooting the film in a real environment with real animals, thus, everything behaves and works out in terms of real life physics. And it WORKS, I don't remember the original much, so I came in fresh and if there's one word that applies to Favreau's film, it's "majestic". It's so gorgeous on every level, so much artistry on display in every frame. It's truly breathtaking and fascinating to see those animals talk the way they do, it's as photoreal as it's going to get for a while now. It's a new VFX benchmark alongside Avatar, Dawn and War, insane. The cast is stellar overall, Earl Jones, Eichner, Rogen and John Kani are the MVPs. The "lack" of facial expressions (they just behave and move like real animals would) doesn't hurt it, the emotion is there, it comes through brilliantly. Gorgeous score obviously. Powerful film.
  7. I don't think we have though. This is so different. We've got Linda Hamilton, James Cameron producing and ACTIVELY involved, as busy as he is with Avatar, Edward Furlong is back, this is a legit sequel, I mean, it's so thrilling.
  8. I think it's going to be a hit because so many people will be curious to watch the whole thing. But honestly, I think once you get past how weird it looks, it looks really well made imo. It's going to be completely extravagant and probably a blast.
  9. Trailer Track on Twitter had posted about it, but nothing so far. It seems likely we're getting one super soon with SDCC and all those fresh pics.
  10. What is it with the random Miles Teller hate? He's a phenomenal actor, the fuck. Is it that ridiculous Vanity Fair piece?
  11. As perplexed as I was the first time watching the trailer on Twitter (which is the WORST possible place you could debut a trailer, the video quality is dog shit), I urge EVERYONE to watch the trailer again on Apple Trailers this time, in good quality. The CG work feels and looks obviously much better, as weird as it looks, I dig it. One thing folks need to remember is that unless their intent was to make them look like real cats, it's bound to look freakish. There's no scenario where this design, wanting to retain the actors' faces but with feline features, doesn't end up looking weird. As Colin Trevorrow said, I really appreciate that Hooper is taking a giant swing on this one.
  12. Loved the previous teaser/sizzle reel but this is on another level. Stunning and so many elements of the book are going to be inserted in this one.
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