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  1. Bond already resumed marketing and the franchise does well internationally so it likely stays in the same date
  2. I'm just glad to have a box office figure to wait around and analyze. I miss this
  3. 1917 crossed 100M now and later this week Little Women. 30 100M movies! Too bad for Downton Abbey, Addams Family and Rocketman, so close but so far!
  4. This is a current local dance craze here in my country and they made an Elsa version, sharing it because she slays lol
  5. The new Grudge looked boring so not surprised. Horror has a good at track record in January so who knows maybe it can still do better.
  6. ^ maybe it's just YouTube algorithm pointing me there more than Into the Unknown covers lol. I've seen a lot of YouTubers doing covers. Here's my favorite of the covers I saw
  7. I've been seeing more covers of Show Yourself on YouTube than Into the Unknown. Show Yourself really is the song although Into the Unknown has been quite popular in the charts
  8. This somehow feels like Mockingjay Part 2 with the finale underwhelming relative to expectations and the franchise box office strength.
  9. Addams expanded this weekend, so they are trying to cross 100M!
  10. I hope that people still wanting to go out as form of socializing and dating could still keep the theater experience alive in the next decade. If you asked me a few years ago, I thought for sure streaming won't be a big threat but this year not gonna line I feel worried how long can it stay relevant. I hope it won't really die and manage to co-exist.
  11. I hope The Addams Family expansion can get it near 100M! Playmobil is the movie that should have gone straight to streaming. Shaun The Sheep: Farmageddon getting picked up by Netflix US is for the best as well.
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