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  1. Bizarre that a movie premieres on Thursday and we have 0 indication how well it is doing on Friday.
  2. So savage of WB to not even wait until midnight to release it on HBO Max. Also, makes very little sense.
  3. I don't think straight-up horror is a good multiplier comparison...closer to an adventure movie that appeals to families.
  4. Birdbox is a good example of the difference between a $10/ticket and seeing a movie for "free" at home. It'd probably do like $30m OW or something/3 million people seeing it.
  5. If RTH is slightly low again, and this is 28.5, I think it's gonna land right on the record. An $80.250m estimate would be pretty funny.
  6. All of these will hit (20): Lego Batman Logan Kong: Skull Island Beauty and the Beast FotF GOTG2 Alien Covenant Wonder Woman Cars 3 Transformers 5 Despicable Me 3 Spiderman Homecoming War for the Planet of the Apes Dunkirk Ninjago Thor: Ragnarok Justice League Coco Star Wars Episode 8 Jumanji Half of these will hit (16): A Dog's Purpose Fist Fight Life Boss Baby Ghost in the Shell Smurfs: Lost Village Baywatch Captain Underpants The Mummy
  7. Man, this is one of the most fascinating box office stories ever. Looks fairly conclusive that Sony was targeted by North Korea, AND that it was because of this movie.
  8. The rumor is that the Sony hack (tons of screeners released) was because North Korea is pissed off about this film. Sony should use this in the marketing.
  9. It's been done, and usually involves at least one of the films bombing. November 2011 had 3 within a month, and Arthur Christmas was a huge bomb. March 2011 had 3 within a month, and Mars Needs Moms was an epic disaster. Granted, those 2 were probably destined to fail anyway, but I don't think many expected them to fail that hard. It's really stupid to schedule 3 of the same demo movies in a month, unless you're dealing with 4 quadrant stuff.
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