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  1. I voted about a week ago but I'm not sure if I sent it to both of you or just one of you 😂 Do you have my ballot and if not, who do I need to send it to?! 😂
  2. On the topic of this, anyone got a streaming link that works outside of America? I can't find anything
  3. I would but I always end up forgetting one week and then don't bother for like the rest of the season!!
  4. well done Dammitgeorge! And thanks for hosting Chasmmi, it's been rly fun taking part in this again *.* I knew I'd lost as soon as I saw this week's box office results, Suburbicon's floppage was the only thing I got right (my bonus answer for that Miles Teller film was embarrassing af as well *.*)
  5. Omg slay *.* 😮 (Also quick lil thing I'm a she! 😀)
  6. Dw, I certainly didn't predict anywhere near $30m!!!
  7. Sent my list! I was 6 during 2007 so haven't seen too many films from this year but enough passable ones to make a list of 25! Most of the films are films I saw at the time though i have seen a couple of the Oscar dominators in the years gone by and a couple of films have become ultimate guilty pleasures due to girly sleepover's *.* Massive hype for Hairspray though, by far and away my favourite film of 2007 and one of my favourites of all time!!
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