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  1. Dw, I certainly didn't predict anywhere near $30m!!!
  2. Up for this again! Will try & start visiting here more often again!
  3. Sent my list! I was 6 during 2007 so haven't seen too many films from this year but enough passable ones to make a list of 25! Most of the films are films I saw at the time though i have seen a couple of the Oscar dominators in the years gone by and a couple of films have become ultimate guilty pleasures due to girly sleepover's *.* Massive hype for Hairspray though, by far and away my favourite film of 2007 and one of my favourites of all time!!
  4. YASSSSSSSS La La Land winning something at last!! <3 Domination to start now please!
  5. What a speech. What a lady. What a performance. What a deserving winner. Go Viola <3 <3
  6. La La Land is gonna end up underrated by the end of the awards at this rate I rly hope it cna start winning some soon!
  7. Hoping La La Land can dominate tonight! One of my favourite films I have seen in years <3 Such a strong BP line-up though, like/love all 9 nominees!

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