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  1. Skywalker's domestic day 25 gross is about 62% of Rogue One's domestic day 25 gross. If that continues, it will finish around $512M.
  2. Glad he's finally admitting it won't beat Lion King's $543M. He said it was "locked" to go above $543M as recently as a week ago, even though all of us here have been expecting below Rogue One for the last couple weeks.
  3. Rewatched it this weekend for the first time in years. Hell of a movie!!! I have to say Connie Nielsen was damn good in this. The primary male actors both received a lot of credit for their excellent work, but I am surprised Connie did not receive an Oscar nomination.
  4. $30M+ is a damn good opening, especially when you think about the strong legs this should have during awards season.
  5. Expansion of China market is very helpful. We are 5+ years after Interstellar, which made pretty good money in China at the time. Same statement applies with 10 years for Inception. If this movie has anywhere near the audience reception of those two films, I would think there is a pretty good chance it will make more money in China than Interstellar (thanks to the market expanding every year).
  6. You nailed it again. Thanks!
  7. Happy for this movie's success. It's nice to see a non-franchise movie turn out great across the board, including the financials.
  8. Good point on American Sniper. Guess we'll see how it goes. If Paramount is smart, they will back down on that release date and give their movie some breathing room throughout late June/early July.
  9. We'll see about that. From what I have seen out of the more conservative elements of British society, they do seem to have a lot of admiration for the American military. So it would not shock me if the film is able to connect pretty well with those folks. Even if they only make up 10-20% of the population, that's still a good size audience. The original Top Gun did very well outside America. Earning 50% of the worldwide gross in overseas markets, that was a big deal in the 1980's. Overseas markets and distribution by the Hollywood companies was nowhere near as developed back in those days.
  10. I don't think you should generalize like that. Maybe 40% hate it, maybe 40% really like it, and maybe 20% are very neutral about it. That would line up with the political ideology we see in countries like America or Britain.
  11. That's interesting on the holiday schedule. Thank you for explaining to me. I agree with you that it would be better to open earlier with less competition for screens. When it comes to IMAX in particular, Nolan/Warner are very close with the IMAX executives. The best scenario Paramount could hope for is to get shared screens where they trade showtimes in IMAX. But I tend to think they would not even get this. Nolan will push for his film to get full IMAX treatment in his home country. I feel Maverick would be much better off with the June 26th date in the UK.
  12. They are new, but not necessarily better. Film IMAX has theoretical resolution equivalent to about 18k. I do think some of these digital cameras are getting closer and closer to being a really good replacement and I hope Nolan will embrace them at some point. That 6k Sony camera for Maverick sounds pretty badass to me. Big downside for the film IMAX camera is that it's so loud, you can't really shoot dialogue scenes with it.
  13. Yeah, IMDB lists Maverick at only 1.9 for IMAX version. Tenet is listed at both 1.43 and 1.9 for IMAX. In theory these digital cameras are going to become good enough to easily replace those old film IMAX cameras. Nolan is stubborn as hell, but I hope at some point he'll switch. The regular widescreen 70mm footage in Dunkirk did not look great on the IMAX screen. The IMAX footage of course looked phenomenal. My thought is you want consistency for the entire movie. If you could get a 8-10k image at 1.4 or 1.5 ratio, that is pretty damn similar to film IMAX.
  14. Seems like a dumb move by Paramount in the UK. IMAX is not going to side with them over Nolan/WB. Paramount should release it on June 26th in the UK, same as America.
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