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  1. So for the studio people who wanted to get rid of theaters, I guess they are getting their wish sooner than expected. This damn virus is going to effectively kill the movie theater business.
  2. Depends on the definition of doing well. If a hyped sequel movie that was able to open to $200M opens to $120M, is that doing well?
  3. Yeah, that doesn’t count. I like to take the average of 5-day and 3-day to come up with an idea of what these movies would do in a normal 3-day opening. Crazy Rich Asians would be around a 5.6 to 5.7 multi in this scenario. Very strong regardless.
  4. I don’t see a home media scenario that would be as profitable for something like Avengers Endgame compared to how that film performed in theaters. It’s very strange that studios seem to want a the end of theaters.
  5. That’s true. Strange thing with the studio agenda to put everything on home video ASAP: do they think the home media market is going to deliver the same money they have been making from theaters? It’s a strange agenda.
  6. If there are a bunch of delays announced in the next few days (especially Wonder Woman), we have our answer on what they really think.
  7. I think for franchise movies with a strong built-in audience, they should go ahead and release the movies in other markets.
  8. Yes, I think they did. There is no logical reason to release the movie right now.
  9. You think they believed they would make the same money as normal times? Really??? I have ocean-front property for sale in Arizona if you believe this.
  10. On par with Dunkirk is nothing to brag about. The movie cost twice as much to produce.
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