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  1. The sort of blank expression on the face of Jafar/Aladdin is not a great sign, but it's a small amount of footage and we'll have to see how the rest of it turns out.
  2. I would guess they are spending big money on Aladdin. I think the bigger issue is that they got the wrong director, which leads to poor casting. You don't need a mega budget to find an actor around 50 years old with a strong voice to play Jafar. Instead they get a dude with a weak voice who looks similar age to Aladdin.
  3. I would say Lion King and BATB are equal with Aladdin in the "obvious cash grab" category.
  4. And they have it in the Memorial Day slot which is now more of a "dud" spot than a mega event spot like it was 20 years ago. Pretty crazy how much that has changed in the last 10 years or so.
  5. What if the whole thing is a disaster? Maybe they should just hide the rest of the footage until the movie hits theaters, lol. Lost in this mess with the Smith Genie is they seem to have butchered the casting of Jafar. Too young with a very weak voice. I honestly didn't even realize it was him in the footage until I saw people complaining about it, lol
  6. At least it looks better than Aladdin, lol
  7. Why would they do that? They are in the business of franchise movies at this point. Acquired Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, X-Men, & Avatar for that purpose.
  8. My grandparents took me to see the real Aladdin movie in 1992. They both passed away in the last 20 years. I probably won't see the new one at the theater, although maybe I should go for the unintentional laughs from bad casting and bad VFX.
  9. Casting one of the most famous actors in the world is not what I would call "bold."
  10. Replacing Robin Williams as Genie is like replacing James Earl Jones as Darth Vader. It's impossible. Seems like they have even screwed up the visual aspect of it too, which should have been the one thing they could have gotten right given the amount of money they are spending. Probably should have just done a CGI version.
  11. Haven’t followed development on this. Have they said if it will be Rated R?
  12. Has Abrams said which cameras they are using for this project?

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