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  1. Disney is evil IMHO. Ton of monopolistic behavior with the movie business over the last 10-20 years. This monopolistic tendency can also be seen with ESPN, which has thrown its weight around too damn much in college football. I would not mind if the Mouse House completely implodes.
  2. Being brutally honest here. The people visiting movie theaters right now are probably pretty desperate for the “movie outing” stuff after all the shutdown issues this year. I would guess their standards are not very high.
  3. Numbers probably are not very good. I think they would be pretty excited to brag about strong numbers if that was the case.
  4. 30-40 minutes is not bad for movie theater. I am curious to see what happens to them as a result of the pandemic and the studios putting more & more emphasis on streaming.
  5. Yep. He has the best villains. Gotham City itself is a cool storytelling aspect when handled the right way.
  6. How far is the closest movie theater from your dad’s house? In terms of rural Internet, there is hope for the future. Both satellite Internet (Amazon/Tesla) and fixed wireless 5G should provide a pretty huge upgrade for rural folks in the next 5 years.
  7. Not sure I would describe this as light and hopeful. Seemed pretty serious for a huge chunk of the movie.
  8. Kinda silly that they have not figured out how to launch HBO Max in all the markets so far. But I guess they will eventually figure it out.
  9. Makes you wonder how many of the films have this type of language in the contracts.
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