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  1. So when do kids get out of school? Looks like they are done around 12 PM on December 20th in my town. Their first day of the next semester is January 7th.
  2. Murdoch still owns the main FOX network, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2, FOX News, and FOX Business. The regional sports channels are now owned by a 3rd party from Murdoch/Disney.
  3. I'm aware of that. AMC has other premium screens that aren't Dolby Cinema. Point is AMC, Regal, any theater company can create whatever theater they want and not have to pay royalty to IMAX. AMC seems to be OK with paying royalties to IMAX/Dolby. Another angle that some of the theaters probably dislike with IMAX is that they force you to show a specific movie. A number of years ago, there was a Terminator movie that got released in IMAX around the same time as a Despicable Me sequel. The Terminator movie was a flop, but theater owners were forced to show it on IMAX screens. I am guessing they wished they had control of the screen to be able to put something more popular in the auditorium.
  4. Theater brand large format screens. Easier for theater to build their own version of IMAX than to pay the IMAX Corp a bunch of royalties. As @DeeCee mentioned, this all goes back to IMAX Corp's decision around 2008 to change the definition of what IMAX actually is. It used to mean 60 foot tall screens. Now it's more like 25-30 foot tall for many of the newer IMAX screens that were built from 2008 to now. This smaller size screen is much easier for a theater owner such as AMC or Regal to copy and create their own branded large screen, while charging a lower ticket price than IMAX.
  5. Funny enough, they could in theory put the new Star Wars movie as a FOX distribution...as a nod to the old FOX distribution deal with George Lucas. But it looks like they are releasing it under the Disney name. Guess they want to be consistent with TFA/TLJ/Rogue. I am curious to see how long the FOX distribution thing will last. They currently have Avatar 2 still on the schedule as a FOX distribution, but we'll see about that.
  6. There is nothing to stop them from distributing under the Disney name. They do this with PIXAR, Marvel, and Lucasfilm productions. The fact they are still distributing under the FOX name is a sign that FOX still exists as a distribution company.
  7. What do you mean they only bought it as a production company? Dark Phoenix was distributed by FOX (which is owned by Disney). Ford vs Ferrari is in theaters right now as a FOX distribution (not Disney). So it sure looks like they bought the distribution arm of FOX as well, not just the production element.
  8. Now that they own FOX, I would think they take FOX's spot in the old court case (at least on FOX content). Not sure if it impacts other Disney content. Regardless, it looks like they will be free to go on a monopoly rampage if they want.
  9. That's pretty wild news. Found this quote in another article about it: "Changes over the course of more than half a century also have made it unlikely that the remaining defendants can reinstate their cartel. Evolution in antitrust law has further made blanket prohibitions of certain vertical restraints inappropriate. Accordingly, the Division finds the consent decrees no longer meet consumer interests." Guess we will see how this plays out. Would anyone be the least bit shocked if the likes of Disney or Warner attempt to buy a bunch of theaters?
  10. Watched the original movie this evening. Pretty hard to believe that the new one finished below $550m domestic. $190m opening in July with a family audience should have led to a $600+ million gross. And honestly, the original is so damn good...the remake should/could have gone north of $700 million. It's surprising that they were not able to stick the landing on this one for stronger WOM. But Disney laughs all the way to the bank regardless of what the number is.
  11. At one time the studios owned the movie theaters. That was broken up in the courts due to anti-trust issues. Point I'm getting at is that yes, the studios would like to get rid of the theater owners. They want total control of distribution, which then gives them ability to charge whatever they want to charge for the content. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Paramount_Pictures,_Inc.
  12. It'll get to the point where only the big franchise type movies are released in theaters. Everything else will go to home video.
  13. Yes, that TD column works. But the sorting is screwed for columns on the right, at least on a day like right now with estimates instead of actuals. The "Daily" column sorts from smallest to largest, even when you try to do the opposite. I stumbled on this earlier Saturday because their default view for that page was using the "Daily" column. It said it was sorting from largest to smallest, but nope. It was sorting from the other direction. Got there from the home page and the numbers were jacked up by default. Pretty dumb.
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