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  1. Seems like Deadline fat-fingered the percentage drop for Dunkirk. Looks to be more mid-20's than mid-50's.
  2. Very nice. Japan performance locks up $500m worldwide. WB has to be very happy with this result. Much better performance in this market compared to South Korea and China (versus Interstellar's performance in those markets).
  3. IT Monday 8.8 Guru

    Given the opening compared to the budget, everything it makes going forward is icing on the cake. No such thing as a bad number for this movie now.
  4. Wish they released it on Labor Day weekend. 4-day could have been $165+ million.
  5. Japan really came through for this one. Opened to nearly $3m and Variety said it will probably finish around $20m. Didn't expect that kind of performance. Interstellar opened much smaller and finished at $11.5 million. http://variety.com/2017/film/asia/dunkirk-tops-japan-box-office-1202554647/
  6. They had several weeks in a row where they were too optimistic on the Sunday numbers for the likes of Dunkirk and Wonder Woman. Hurricane plus NFL gave them a good excuse to be very conservative this time and it's good to see the film beat that projection by $5m.
  7. Should have opened Labor Day weekend. $140m for the 3-day and $170m for the 4-day would have been in play.
  8. IT's Madness!: IT over Gravity DOM (274.09m)

    Here is Tele...
  9. IT's Madness!: IT over Gravity DOM (274.09m)

    Weekend actual will probably be $120m or higher, meaning it needs a bit less than a 2.3 multiplier to reach $275m. Seems like that should happen. Congrats to Panda! Gutsy call and it worked out very well.
  10. Should finish above 120 with actuals. Rather see a nice increase with actuals instead of the other way around. WB learning their lesson from other Sunday estimates this summer.
  11. $500m worldwide is locked to happen now after $15.4m global weekend and less than $8m required to get there. Maybe finish around $510-515m.
  12. China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Not sure what you expected, but I would not expect a European WW2 movie to hold much appeal in Asia. I think it's doing just fine.
  13. Dunkirk opened to $3.5 million. So the final total will be around $10m perhaps?

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