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  1. I strongly doubt that. $200M production cost. They'll be wanting to have multiple revenue streams for it.
  2. Come to think of it, Black Pearl would be an excellent choice for movie theaters to play right now as they try to attract some audiences during the pandemic. My local theater has played the likes of Jaws, Jurassic Park, and this coming weekend they will be playing Avengers 1, Last Showman, Zootopia. These are all very good choices. Black Pearl fits the bill of a very popular movie people might want to see on the big screen again.
  3. To this day, Black Pearl in the theater was one of the best experiences I've had with an audience. Walking out of that movie, there was a very strong buzz from the people in the crowd. Of course the movie had very strong legs at the time. But I don't think it was truly clear how much people loved it until the massive DVD sales followed by the sequel blowing up into a billion dollar box office monster at a time when $1 billion box office was extremely rare.
  4. I think it's cool that Branagh has become one of Nolan's guys. Maybe he can become the new lucky charm for Nolan, replacing Michael Caine as he marches toward age 90.
  5. They have gotten quite a bit of media attention from this situation, since many believed Tenet would be the first big movie to come out in a post-Corona world. I agree it's smart to get the movie's name out there. If the media want to focus a lot on the movie's release date, might as well take advantage and squeeze the media attention for all its worth.
  6. I think everyone in Hollywood should just agree to move the schedule a solid year. Summer 2020 releases move 12 months to a similar date in Summer 2021, Summer 2021 releases move to Summer 2022, and so forth.
  7. What do you remember people thinking in early days of Spidey run? After the 2nd weekend (insanely low drop), I felt like it had a chance to reach Titanic. But I was brand new to box office stuff, pretty naive. It came up pretty far short of the big boat. Still an awesome run for Spidey.
  8. You're doing a hell of a job from what I can see. 2002 was a pretty interesting year at the box office for sure. Spidey 1 is the first movie that made me interested in tracking the daily/weekly results.
  9. One of my local theaters is rotating Jaws and Jurassic Park on its largest screen. That's a pretty badass side effect of this horrible virus situation.
  10. Paramount had Domestic distribution and 50% of the cost, but Warner was also in for 50% of the cost and handled International distribution.
  11. Setting aside the financial aspect of it for a moment. Nolan prefers everyone see his films on the largest screen possible with a good audience. I think they should delay it at least to June 2021 and perhaps later. Many people are going to be hesitant about stepping foot in movie theaters until a vaccine or 100% proven treatment is figured out by the medical folks.
  12. I would guess Tenet will make most of its money through word of mouth, not the opening weekend. WW84 should open pretty damn huge after the previous Wonder Woman grossed over $400M domestic, but legs will probably be a lot worse. Such is life in the world of sequels.
  13. Of course that's true. But I think COVID-19 might be a catalyst for the world to be more careful moving forward. How stupid is it that we have these insane security measures at the airport since 9/11, yet we still allowed people with a bad fever to walk in spreading germs to everyone in jam-packed spaces both at the airport and inside the airplane. Pretty absurd when you think about it. I would not mind if they added temperature readers at the door for every public building. If you are running 100+ degree fever, sorry but you ain't getting in and spreading those germs to others.
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