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  1. Something else. The Large Format Examiner website lists those type of screens based on the projector brand. LieMAX is unique to IMAX brand.
  2. These days you can get some pretty awesome theater brand PLF screens. There is a place in southwest Houston that features 6 screens at 85 feet wide. They are maybe 45 feet tall. It’s not 60 feet of height like the old school real IMAX screens, but still pretty badass. And 6 of them at one location, meaning people have a variety of different movies to watch on those huge screens.
  3. It’s rare to see a new installation of real IMAX these days. Theater owners don’t want to pay the extra money to build them the right way.
  4. Still pretty huge risk when you are throwing around numbers like $170m for production. Tack on marketing and the fact they don't get anywhere near 100% (or even 70%) of the global box office, it is pretty damn risky to spend this type of money unless you have a mega franchise scenario. Of course $170m budget is not considered that big of a deal nowadays when we are seeing some of these franchise movies hit $300m budgets without blinking. Still though...$170m is a shitload of money IMHO. Haha
  5. The marketing showed him more than his actual involvement in the Squad movie. I don't think that movie would have made anywhere near the money it did without them pushing a Joker angle on it even though he's barely in the movie.
  6. Infinity War is very close to 1.5 multi on the 10-day total. Similar result for Endgame would mean close to $930m.
  7. In only 10 days Endgame is already tied with 2012 Avengers final total. That is mindblowing. I remember the days when getting to $300m in 10 days was a huge deal. Now we are seeing double that amount. Staggering.
  8. That is hard to say. Usually the Friday/Saturday estimates are pretty accurate. Sometimes the actuals turn out slightly smaller than the estimates. That has happened with multiple record-breaking openers in the past. Sunday is the wild card. I would think it's at least $6m higher and who knows, maybe it will be more like $8-10m higher for Sunday.
  9. Infinity War dropped 15.7% on Sunday. Endgame needs a 15.6% drop to finish at $357.7 million, which gives it a $100m lead on Infinity War. I think 15.6% is a very doable number. Needs $92 million right on the nose, assuming the Friday/Saturday numbers are accurate. The only question mark could be impact of Thrones, which has the big Winterfell battle with the White Walkers tonight. Infinity War did not have to deal with this a year ago, so we will see if there is any impact.
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