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  1. I would guess Tenet will make most of its money through word of mouth, not the opening weekend. WW84 should open pretty damn huge after the previous Wonder Woman grossed over $400M domestic, but legs will probably be a lot worse. Such is life in the world of sequels.
  2. Of course that's true. But I think COVID-19 might be a catalyst for the world to be more careful moving forward. How stupid is it that we have these insane security measures at the airport since 9/11, yet we still allowed people with a bad fever to walk in spreading germs to everyone in jam-packed spaces both at the airport and inside the airplane. Pretty absurd when you think about it. I would not mind if they added temperature readers at the door for every public building. If you are running 100+ degree fever, sorry but you ain't getting in and spreading those germs to others.
  3. Would think movie theaters will have very strict capacity limits, maybe around 30% of normal capacity.
  4. I'm going to look at a few little positive things in all of this. 1. I believe this is a decent test run to prepare ourselves for a widespread outbreak of something much more dangerous than COVID-19. Think more along the lines of bird flu or Ebola virus, with a kill rate in the neighborhood of 50% or higher. It is pretty clear that we are not prepared very well to deal with these scenarios. I think we can learn a lot from what's happening right now. Hopefully this leads to stronger policies for public health around the world. 2. With a much smaller number of cars on the road at the moment, I hope this means a lot fewer traffic accidents and obviously a lot fewer deaths from those accidents. 3. IT departments for companies all over the world are being forced to step up their technology game so employees can work from home. I think that's a positive development for employees. Maybe it eventually gives us more freedom in the job market, where you don't need to live in the same city as your company to have a job with them.
  5. Clusterfuck of epic proportions for the economy. This is like a nuclear bomb being dropped on all of society.
  6. Pretty damn impressive numbers for Sonic. Was expecting it to be a flop.
  7. Still haven't seen the Joker movie, but did revisit Gladiator recently. Phoenix was really, really damn good in Gladiator. He knows how to make the audience hate him.
  8. Skywalker's domestic day 25 gross is about 62% of Rogue One's domestic day 25 gross. If that continues, it will finish around $512M.
  9. Glad he's finally admitting it won't beat Lion King's $543M. He said it was "locked" to go above $543M as recently as a week ago, even though all of us here have been expecting below Rogue One for the last couple weeks.
  10. Rewatched it this weekend for the first time in years. Hell of a movie!!! I have to say Connie Nielsen was damn good in this. The primary male actors both received a lot of credit for their excellent work, but I am surprised Connie did not receive an Oscar nomination.
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