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  1. Everyone's got their level of "suspending disbelief" that they'll accept, but is Endgame's time-travel conceit any wackier than Infinity War's "six stones can be used to LITERALLY DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT!... oh, but you have to physically snap your fingers to activate them!" logic??? I bought Endgame's time traveling because, at least until the Cap goofiness at the end, it was pretty consistent with how it was handled. It was no more ludicrous to me than the concept of a hammer that controls the weather (but only "good" beings can operate it!), a talking, genetically modified raccoon, mystical sling-rings that can teleport you from one side of the planet (universe, even!) to another... As long as rules are established and followed, I'm usually down for it. I grew up loving Marvel Comics and Endgame was the most Marvel-Comics-y film of them all.
  2. New Academy of MP Arts and Sciences president David Rubin "seemed amused when [Deadline's Pete Hammond] asked if he was rooting for The Avengers: Endgame to be a Best Picture nominee. The record will note that he didn’t take the bait. " https://deadline.com/2019/08/academy-president-david-rubin-shorter-oscar-season-expelling-members-praising-praising-movie-theatres-1202667518/ I'm taking this as a clear indication that Endgame will firmly be in the BP conversation in a few months!
  3. A classic “this aged well!” post. If you were worried that Marvel was arrogant before, imagine what having the Number One Movie Of All Time is going to do to their egos! 😄
  4. I thought so, too, while watching it. But after reviewing the timeline, I'm kinda convinced it was a flashback, but probably not a 100% "factual" one. The film takes place in the summer of '69, while The Green Hornet was cancelled during the summer of '67. It's still entirely possible that it's a fantasy/flashback from the perspective of an unreliable narrator, which is how I look at it. Cliff Booth did meet up with Bruce Lee, and they had a confrontation of some sort, but the details may have been greatly embellished by Booth!
  5. My love for Bucky stems directly from the comics. The Ed Brubaker run was amazing, and made me a huge fan of Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier. Bucky was pretty blah in The First Avenger but I still liked how they'd set things up for his potential return. He was great in The Winter Soldier and again in Civil War, but hasn't done much of anything since. I mean, some characters had to take a back seat in Infinity War/Endgame, and since he'd pretty much been the focus of WS and CS, it seemed fair that Bucky gets little to do vs. Thanos, a character well out of his league, anyway. I'm excited to see what they do with him in the Disney-Plus series!
  6. I assume Cameron will post some type of congratulations message to Marvel, as he did when Endgame passed Titanic. Looking forward to seeing it!
  7. As a Marvel superfan since 1974, having suffered through the ignominy of the Nicholas Hammond Spidey series, the Hulk/Thor TV nonsense, and the company’s first few failed forays into cinema (Howard the Duck, anyone?), I am thrilled to be witnessing this Golden age of superhero films, led by Marvel Studios. Ten-year-old me would never believe that one day, the highest grossing film of all time would feature all my favorite Marvel heroes: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and even Spider-Man! Although I’m not a big Avatar fan I do love James Cameron, and the fact that it’s a Cameron movie that Endgame is knocking out of the top spot makes it even sweeter, as I’ve been an admirer of his work since I first saw The Terminator in ‘84. The fact that my son (now 19) has grown up with these movies, and loves this universe as much as I do, makes it still sweeter! Congrats to Kevin Feige and company! It’s nice hanging on a board like this where posters recognize what a truly epic accomplishment this is!
  8. I posted a link to a CNBC article with this "new" Avatar total. How do we know which is correct? Seems every other article comparing Endgame to Avatar uses the BOM number.
  9. A couple of CNBC articles cite that number ($2,789,705,275), like this one: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/06/avengers-infinity-war-crosses-1-billion-faster-than-any-movie.html Strange, I never noticed that there's a different number floating out there for Avatar. Mojo still shows $2,787,965,087. Where did that extra $1.7 mil come from, I wonder?
  10. Mojo shows a final weekend number for EG ($2,104,276). Do such final domestic numbers get corrected very often? Once those final down-to-the-dollar numbers show up, I assume the bean-counters are done and that's the number we're getting, period...?
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