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  1. Finally saw this, and really liked it. de Armas, Craig, and Evans are so good in their roles. Johnson should stick to original material as this and Looper were both great. Once we found out the details of Harlan's demise early on, was I the only one who thought the old man should've just walked downstairs and slit his throat in front of Walt, grandma, Marta, and whoever else was still in the house at that time? He clearly had a flair for the dramatic, telling each of his would-be heirs that he'd be cutting them off earlier that evening. Considering the minute details of the plan he came up with to cover everything up for Marta in a matter of seconds, wouldn't an in-plain-sight suicide have solved everything MUCH more easily?! "You all have disappointed me so much, you've left me no choice but to do this...!" SLIT
  2. I loved Sam Rockwell's work in JJR, also. The two lead kids are great. I laughed at Waititi as Hitler but expected him to be knock-it-out-of-the-park hilarious but that just didn't happen. It's difficult to make Adolf funny. I don't see this as a serious Oscar contender. Despite the subject matter, it just feels too lightweight and surprisingly safe. But I felt similarly about Green Book, so what do I know?
  3. I saw it last night and the changes from the book are numerous and significant, especially in the third act, Overall, it was an enjoyable horror flick. It has some pacing issues - even though some key scenes from the book don't appear in the film, I still felt like it would've been better served cutting back on about 20 of its 150 minutes. The screening audience with whom I saw it chuckled during a couple scenes that weren't intended to be funny - never a good sign, especially for a scary movie. It did get some applause at the end, though. There were a few scares and at least one scene that's genuinely disturbing and uncomfortable to watch - if you read the book, you can probably guess what that is. McGregor does solid work as Dan; the young actress playing Abra is great; Rebecca Ferguson is suitably sexy/scary as Rose The Hat. I'd give it a 7/10. Really hard to guess the box office - is the general audience aware that this is a direct sequel to The Shining? King fans obviously are. I'd like to see it do well, but $100 mil domestic seems like the absolute ceiling to me - I recommend it to King fans, but I'm not sure I'd send hard-core horror fans to see Doctor Sleep. Honestly, it's just not that scary.
  4. I've been pleasantly surprised by Joker's holds so far. I didn't love the film - it's just not in my wheelhouse - but it's certainly well crafted and Phoenix is amazing. And it's great to see yet another film prove that "Comic Book Movie Fatigue" is still not close to being a thing!
  5. I thought so, too, while watching it. But after reviewing the timeline, I'm kinda convinced it was a flashback, but probably not a 100% "factual" one. The film takes place in the summer of '69, while The Green Hornet was cancelled during the summer of '67. It's still entirely possible that it's a fantasy/flashback from the perspective of an unreliable narrator, which is how I look at it. Cliff Booth did meet up with Bruce Lee, and they had a confrontation of some sort, but the details may have been greatly embellished by Booth!
  6. I posted a link to a CNBC article with this "new" Avatar total. How do we know which is correct? Seems every other article comparing Endgame to Avatar uses the BOM number.
  7. A couple of CNBC articles cite that number ($2,789,705,275), like this one: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/06/avengers-infinity-war-crosses-1-billion-faster-than-any-movie.html Strange, I never noticed that there's a different number floating out there for Avatar. Mojo still shows $2,787,965,087. Where did that extra $1.7 mil come from, I wonder?
  8. Mojo shows a final weekend number for EG ($2,104,276). Do such final domestic numbers get corrected very often? Once those final down-to-the-dollar numbers show up, I assume the bean-counters are done and that's the number we're getting, period...?
  9. That's a solid point. It didn't bother me because I always stick around for the after-credits scene. And some of them have shown some "important" plot developments that may not necessarily change the film dramatically but do more than just set up the future (Far From Home's does both, yes). Ragnarok's for instance, went from leaving the heroes in a relatively good place - having escaped Ragnarok on Asgard, Thor and his fellow Asgardians are seen flying through space - then the after-credits scene shows them confronted by Thanos' ship. Similarly, Ant Man and the Wasp ends on a happy note, but then we see Scott trapped in the Quantum Realm while his friends get dusted, leaving him in a very different state than viewers who didn't stay for the scene might think. Infinity War's after credits scene (with Fury disappearing right after contacting Captain Marvel) is also an important development. Some OTOH, are played just for laughs, like Iron Man 3's, Ant-Man and the Wasp's second stinger, The Avengers... I consider these scenes to be part of the movie, so I'm OK seeing the big Fury reveal at the end. But your argument makes sense - FFH's was a little different. I don't necessarily agree that, even without these scenes, staying for the credits is a complete waste of time. The people I'm with usually take that time to discuss the film we just watched as we note anything interesting that might pop up during the credits. But that's me.
  10. I believe Thor and definitely Captain Marvel were mentioned, when Peter asked Fury how come some other superheroes haven't been recruited for this mission. Maybe you're referring to a specific scene that only mentioned Strange...?
  11. I think it's kinda cool that Marvel has found a way to get people to sit through the credits - not a "black screen" - so we can take note of all the people who contributed to these films. I like looking through the cast list, the "thanks" to Marvel creators I've followed since the 1970s, the music that was played during the film... But hey, if you didn't enjoy the movie, I completely understand you wanting to exit ASAP. But then why complain about Marvel doing what Marvel has done since the first Iron Man flick?
  12. To paraphrase Rhett Butler, "That's their misfortune." After 23 movies, I'm still surprised to see people getting up and leaving the theater during the credits of these Marvel films. Where do they have to be that they can't wait another 5-10 minutes? The theaters I go to do not have major traffic hassles, so they aren't "beating the rush" like fans who leave concerts before the encore are.
  13. I'm eager to see if/how Holland's Parker ends up working for this JJJ. Flipping around the dial, I watched the end of Amazing Spidey 2 yesterday for some reason, featuring the death of Gwen. I don't think I want to see Holland's Spidey suffer a similar loss anytime soon. The tone of these movies has been pretty light; MCU Spidey doesn't need to go down that path, IMO. He's already lost Uncle Ben (off-screen) and his beloved mentor (Stark); I just don't need to see MJ (or any PP love interest) murdered by one of Spidey's enemies in this universe. Maybe as things get a little heavier when we get into the college years... but no time soon. And I've noticed I'm not missing the Osborns in this iteration of Spidey. At all. Give me Kraven, Scorpion, heck, even Hardy's Venom to take on Spidey in future films. I like his supporting cast just fine as is. Harry would feel shoe-horned in at this point. And I haven't read all 17 pages of this thread: Has anyone commented on the license plates throughout FFH? I saw a Marvel Team-Up ("MTU") plate, but the "ASM 28965" was an eyebrow-raiser. Amazing Spidey #289 featured the big reveal that Ned Leeds is the Hobgoblin. While that's a cool Easter egg, I see no way that MCU Ned becomes a super-villain. He's a completely different character here; the only things he has in common with comics Ned is his name and the fact that he hooked up with Betty Brant. The ASM 28965 reference is more likely to Amazing Spidey #28, first appearance of the Molten Man from Sept 1965, who kind of appears in FFH as the fire elemental. But the Hobgoblin possibility is a cool bonus!
  14. I believe they'll either use a Skrull or the tech used in Winter Soldier (by Natasha to disguise herself as Jenny Agutter) to convince the world that Mysterio was lying about Spidey's secret ID. A Skrull shows up on a talk show as Peter, the real Spidey swings in, proves he's the real deal in front of Skrull/Parker and a bunch of cameras/the world, boom, secret ID is secret again. I mean, it shouldn't be that hard to refute the unconfirmed claims of a dead man, right? Even if Peter Billingsley's character reveals the footage of Beck and Parker talking sans masks, it should be pretty simple to convince the world that "duh, it's MYSTERIO! Of course he doctored this footage!" The bonus will be that JJJ is again left fuming, looking like an irrational, Spidey-hating clown.
  15. Interesting (and almost certainly coincidental) parallels for comic nerds like me: Peter first kissed MJ in the comics at an airport just as he was leaving for Paris... (in Amazing Spidey #143) and he had just defeated Mysterio (in #142) before departing! In Far From Home, Peter first kisses MJ on a (scheduled) trip to Paris (unfortunately, they never actually make it to the City of Lights!) right after defeating Mysterio! OK, maybe "interesting" is an overstatement...!
  16. One scene in FFH struck me as questionable, watching it the second time, when I was trying to closely observe whether Beck's illusions could've been convincingly carried out based on the rules we learn later: When Beck floats up to the rooftop to have a heart-to-heart with Spidey after Peter decides to opt out of the mission, I couldn't figure out exactly how Beck would've pulled that off. Spidey is sitting right there - Beck doesn't use any smoke to cover the transfer from Hologram Mysterio to Live Mysterio. So is he all Hologram in that scene... even though he's sitting literally inches from Peter on the ledge? (And I think Beck actually touches Peter's shoulder at one point, although I'm not positive.) Or does Beck use some kind of jet pack that we don't really see elsewhere in the film? Or maybe he's using wires... but surely Spider-Man would notice any such cabling, and probably a jet pack, also. I'll go with "audience just has to suspend disbelief for a minute." It's an important scene and I love the dynamic between the two characters there ("They do have sarcasm on this Earth, right?"), but I don't think it holds up logically...?
  17. If they don't undo the no-longer-secret identity, what reason would Parker have for ever wearing the Spidey mask?
  18. Heh, I was thinking they could just use one of those masks that Natasha wore in Winter Soldier (to impersonate Jenny Agutter’s character) and have “Peter Parker” appear very publicly with Spidey, but having a Skrull do it is even easier. Clearly, they can’t just have Peter’s ID be known to all; otherwise he loses any reason to wear the iconic Spidey mask! (Which of course he already takes off way too often as it is!)
  19. I can't imagine wanting to see that mid-credits scene without seeing the rest of the film first for context. Hold out if you can, bud! You'll be glad you did.
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