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  1. I am fucked. If this helps movie theaters, good. But I won’t be attending. Wait for the 45 days window (likely more in Brazil) begins.
  2. I love the film, but now I’m livid that Shortland didn’t get to pick this ending: A leak like this is completely unusual for a MCU joint, and in light of the Chapek fiasco I wouldn’t doubt that someone that worked in that film just said fuck it. It’s also a lot more in line with what the film was all about and feels like the proper capper of that film than Natasha getting a quinjet to rescue her buddies.
  3. Article from last November ‘20: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/why-netflix-worth-more-disney-164313695.html Thinking that traditional studios should not seek the streaming market harder than ever now with how little money is to be made from box office now seems crazy to me.
  4. Good luck trying to really beat Netflix without day and date releases. If I would wholeheartedly agree with this in 2019, the game has changed too much now. I don’t think there is an way to put the genie back in the bottle anymore.
  5. Are heads rolling at WB because of The Suicide Squad? What is the film’s crime? Being good? I fail to see this pre-COVID mentality working with the current landscape. It seems way out of touch from reality.
  6. Compare with the absurd 94% audience score with more than 25k votes for Zack Snyder’s Justice League and do the math on why.
  7. I wouldn’t put that above them, it seems like you are expecting too much of Chapek’s admin. Doubling down on this might be exactly what they do at the conference call.
  8. Excellent. I wouldn’t rank above Infinity War, but it’s one of the best films of the genre indeed.
  9. Power levels am I right? A dude bro pushing tires can defeat Superman and other plot armor shenanigans in films and comics and nobody bats an eye, but god forbid a terrorist turned antihero beating down some Mario Kart guards.
  10. It isn’t but it should. It kinda has a cult following, but you are right that the DC Universe app non sense and WB slow thinking of getting that on HBO a lot sooner didn’t help people seeing that show. I legit think we are ignoring the most obvious issue here. This would definitively have a bigger box office result without the pandemic. I will also insist that it would have a better Cinemascore without hardcores being a major presence in the moviegoing experience currently. It was released at the wrong time, and HBO Max idiotic plan of having the film available only in North Americ
  11. I’m sure that you are right. But I don’t think a lot of the movie theater chains will be able to stick around to witness that. I will go back to the movies as soon as it is safe, the fact is that isn’t right now, neither it will be anytime soon. It makes sense to studios like Disney and WB to invest hard in streaming because that’s where the reliable money is. Things will change, and this "slump" is going to take a good while, that’s what I was saying.
  12. This is a pointless back and forth, this situation is beyond our control, and I include in this ‘our’ theater chains and movie studios as well. Also, let me make quite clear: I hate the box office + premier access model. It's not about this being a personal preference, but a realistic look at the current landscape. The scenario would be completely different if there was proof that the 45 window release works, but you know why I know it will fail? The biggest competitor to viewership today is called streaming, and Netflix releases all their poorly polished joints there. The battlegr
  13. Let’s see how the market reacts. I legit think that Black Widow was just the beginning. Other studios will follow suit next year, namely WB.
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