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  1. If Charlie is correct, the weekend would be the perfect timing for adding the final $2m from India that is missing from the totals. Hall H would come to the ground if the OG 6 are there to celebrate their trajectory and the film becoming the highest grossing of all time to boot.
  2. That's a 18% drop from last Monday. Absolutely INSANE, what a fucking amazing box office run this film has, what a fucking achievement.
  3. Of course. But money is still money, I don't see a better parallel to FFH than Captain Marvel right now.
  4. My personal parallel for Spidey domestic has been Captain Marvel, and that's above that. Good sign for Spidey 2's run going forward.
  5. I wouldn’t doubt a surge with the record getting closer, but the fact that you are saying is absolutely nuts. Can y’all imagine if the estimates for the weekend puts the record in target and the OG Avengers announce the record right there at SDCC’s Hall H this Saturday?!
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