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  1. Just watched the fourth chapter of The Mandalorian. This might be one of the best stories in the Star Wars world since ever, and this is coming from someone that has The Last Jedi as the best Star Wars film of all time. It makes me crazy that so many people without Disney Plus are missing out on this and getting the show spoiled by memes on social media. Fucking brilliant.
  2. They were known hacks for years. It’s not just about S8, the kind of shit they were spewing on this convention just cements the fact that they are absolute hacks and don’t have a fucking clue what they were doing. They are the ones responsible for the atrocity that is X-Men Origins: Wolverine too on top of that.
  3. THE FORCE IS REALLY WITH US Can’t fucking wait for Rian Johnson’s trilogy, The Last Jedi is arguably my favorite Star Wars film of all time and I have an amazing feeling for The Rise of Skywalker. As for the GoT assholes, it seems that these news are eerily close to a fiasco they just did in Austin this weekend and it’s making the rounds: The thread is hilarious to read now along these news and I’m genuinely relieved they are out. They don’t deserve their Netflix deal, let alone to work in the Star Wars universe. I have faith that Rian will absolutely crush it with his trilogy.
  4. I want to talk about Watchmen spoilers but I don't know where, so here it goes:
  5. Ticket sales here in Brazil seem kinda nuts. As big if not bigger than Avengers: Endgame in the city I usually watch big premieres.
  6. I see that you are keeping the conversation on this going and that you are constantly trying to discredit anyone criticizing the old directors comments. I just want to point out that despite all the efforts, I fail to see how Mobiebob and others making similar arguments are wrong. But you do you.
  7. Doctor Strange is underrated and one of the best films of the genre. It’s not praised enough. Overrated MCU films? Ant-Man.
  8. The Boys tv show did one hell of lot better job than the source material and it’s a better commentary on Watchmen than Snyder’s film ever was. I admire the pretty images in Watchmen, but every time I’m reminded how shallow it is compared with what the graphic novel was, it makes me admire what Lindelof and his team are set out to make even more.
  9. Creating a generation of dudebros that idolize him and are mad as fuck because the show rightfully gets it.
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