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  1. Checking in to say I'm not dead. Currently, channeling my inner Tony Stark and partying hard.
  2. I forgot to post here the celebration party last Saturday. We turned a popcorn cup into a drinking cup: It went as wild as expected.
  3. Not cool, dude. Jatinder is a blessing that keeps on giving. If anything, Jatinder made this place even better.
  4. Here's to the inevitable next expansion.
  5. Holy shit that was the first time that I saw this! I consciously avoided all the spots and trailers after the Super Bowl, this was awesome. Thank you for that.
  6. People that actually troll there wouldn't survive a minute here. People don't know how good they get from Big Jimbo and JCS around here. Out there is worse.
  7. It's like that place is the negative zone / the upside world when it comes to box office in the internet. People running those threads are not just purely fanboys of the worst kind, far worse than literally any of all the fandoms here, but outrageously uneducated to how box office runs even work. There are a LOT of good people there, from the high echelon ranks to several insightful, clever and surprisingly knowledgeable box office people there. Unfortunately, they aren't the ones running the show, and the whole clique behavior that plagued GAF before going full alt-right is there at full force, especially on the box office threads. It's basically ran by moderators and friends, and that wouldn't be bad if they were knowledgeable or at very least promoted civil discussion where people could actually talk about box office. I mean, take a look at this shit. I endured the most of vitriol and hate online towards me for trying to give some kind of box office perspective that an average user here would have, all I did was to use @Charlie Jatinder projections, to trust @Shawn's analysis and the little I've learned about box office in the seven years that I'm giving this place hell, and they turned me into a legend on there, and pretty much most of people around here could pull that off even better than me. Someone like Jatinder there would either be known as a box office god or ostracized even more than I did. Hell there are some that gratuitously attack him just because I shared his numbers, nevermind the fact that several others did the same thing before I did. Regardless, I want to say that I saw an @Alexandros post over there disputing that OP that made me fucking proud, and that I do miss some people from there that I'd love to have around. Since we seem to have their attention: ZeoVGM, Yasuke, Deception, Tace, Cuburger, El Bombastico and hell, even Slayven, I miss y'all and if you want to talk box office shit, come hang. I think what I'll miss the most is Slayven's comic book obscure references. It finally happened, I am finally talking about Slayven on another board, haha. The rest I couldn't give a shit.
  8. I honestly find it charming that it hasn't been updated. But those asking are probably right. We are the best film and box office message board of the internet, after all. Better to lead by example.
  9. You mean that you wish that movie theaters would go out of business?
  10. I think that THR article has it right. In order for smaller films to survive in the new blockbuster landscape, Stuber's ticket can't be the same price as Avengers: Endgame's.
  11. The ol' theory of box office juggernauts sucking the air out of every other big release lives on.
  12. Aladdin was a film that NO ONE believed - myself included - that is about to break $1B WW. Like it or not, Aladdin is a box office success story, and it's bound to get sequels. First Will Smith's $1B film, if I'm not mistaken. It will still be playing in domestic theaters for the last leg of the Summer, just like Avengers: Endgame, the latter for obvious reasons.
  13. At this point? Who would even doubt Marvel? I do think it might go above $900m WW.
  14. Significantly? IDK. Maybe 57%? I don't think it will have staying power, but it's Disney after all. It might perform like an oversized Aladdin. Full disclosure, I haven't seen either and I will not do that in my home town crappy theater, neither I have the time to travel and watch somewhere else. I will catch on theaters an week or two from now.
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