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  1. Saw it two days ago. Despite agreeing that some songs were off and that Glover and Queen Bey voices were off especially how good the cube voices were, this film is a technological marvel. The effects on this thing are absolutely insane, and while I obviously prefer the original, I kinda think that a whole new generation of kids will grow up with this film as "their" Lion King, and that's okay. Rogen as Pumbaa was great.
  2. Source: https://variety.com/2019/film/news/samuel-l-jackson-martin-scorseses-marvel-1203360546/ I love Sam.
  3. The fact that I’m more interested of buying MKXI’s Terminator’s DLC (a game I haven’t even finished yet) than anything related to this film it’s telling. And I love Tim Miller and James Cameron, but so far... ew.
  4. Joker is a film I have watched, yes. Yesterday’s evening, actually. And I don’t see how you could call this article a "hit piece".
  5. There was a typo, so he fixed and posted again, so I updated my post. Gunn raised a great point, you agreeing with him or not.
  6. It's not the place of fanboys to argue about this. With that said, James Gunn nailed this one: Class act.
  7. I'm not saying it won't lose it. It's a possibility and I'd argue it's 50/50 right now. But maybe RT knows something that we don't about the upcoming reviews that will be added. It seems that regular critics are the ones keeping the score higher, no idea what's the current top critics score atm.
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