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  1. He'll claim some bullshit like "this new source I had messed with me, it's AtlantaFilming's fault, my old source says it's going to be released some time next week". And people WILL fall for it. Including here.
  2. It's not going to be released today, dude. There's nothing announced, they won't "shadow drop" it like The Lion King because that's not how Marvel Studios operates. It's that simple.
  3. Stop. Being. Played. Fam. Y'all are better than this. Check the time stamps. This people don't know SHIT. Some random people watched a promo on tv that the Captain Marvel trailer was going to drop and they capitalized on it. It's fucking hillarious, really.
  4. He was not. He was saying that THE AVENGERS trailer was going to drop Monday, then when her trailer was announced, he started saying Wednesday. Stop being so gullible, fam.
  5. Yeah and Feige made DanielRPK and Manabyte their official channel for trailer announcements. Like I’ve said, like clockwork.
  6. I still doubt there will be an Avengers trailer released Friday tho, it reeks twitter "leaker" bullshit. Here's why: CCXP will have a SHITLOAD of trailers released, yes, even maybe Spider-Man: Far From Home. That's simply not how Marvel operates, they pick the best date to get the trailer the most exposure. Next week, after at least one week from Captain Marvel's trailer and after CCXP simply makes more sense than releasing it on Friday. Also, excellent numbers from Captain Marvel's second trailer.
  7. And you are correct about that. But he works for TheWrap now, one of the Hollywood trades, which grants him actual real access, unlike trolls trying to make into the internet by spreading bullshit rumors. Yes, he posted a lot of bullshit in the past, but at least when it comes to outside his stuff on HeroicHollywood, he cleaned up his act.
  8. Source: https://io9.gizmodo.com/captain-marvels-brie-larson-on-flawed-heroes-and-discov-1830782943/amp?__twitter_impression=true Excellent article. The hype intensifies.
  9. I think it's for the best for WB to focus on Aquaman right now. Also, there's this: Unlike other "twitter insiders", Umberto is legit and has access to real connections since he started working for TheWrap. Shazam! would be lost in the shuffle of a shitload of trailers already.
  10. Here we go again. Scenes of the next episode: The Avengers 4's trailer DOESN'T drop Friday and it's "delayed" again. Far From Home's teaser Saturday is actually just to people attending the Sony panel at CCXP (Brazilian Comic-Con) with no cameras allowed. Here's what I'm still saying: There's no trailer dropping for The Avengers this Friday. There might be something for Far From Home this Saturday, but even that isn't guaranteed AT ALL. Avengers trailer drops sometime next week, I'm betting on Monday, December 10th.

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