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  1. Is he still doing his impression of Loki tho? It seems too soon to even come with an estimate. IDK, I'm holding out hope that he got excited but backtracked because it is too soon to call that. Am I that far off @Charlie Jatinder?
  2. I'm not sure what the hell happened here for Charlie get that first number so wrong, haha. Disappointed, but let's do this.
  3. I will agree with this. Also, this: Is the reason why people are not seeing how good late summer legs for Endgame will end up being.
  4. Here @Barnack Kudos for that, @DAJK. You are awesome, I’m honestly not sure if I’d have the patience, what a nice thing to do.
  5. I’m pretty confident that Endgame will crawl the way to the top and become the highest film of all time but other than that.... thank you. This. Good night, y’all.
  6. Also, LMFAO at someone suggesting that I find someone that hasn’t seeing any other Marvel Studios film ever. This thing has 21 films prior to this, we have internet, cable, social media, Netflix, piracy,etc. The only way for someone have this as his/her first film is if (s)he was in a coma. Seeing some superhero films and sawing Endgame doesn’t make someone a hardcore fan. And while I’m quite sure that the replay value is insanely high (a film doesn’t get this big without that either) of course that most will only see it once, say ‘it’s awesome, go see it!" and move on with their day. That is the case of people that saw Avatar, Titanic, The Force Awakens and etc. This film is a cultural phenomenon, just like the biggest we ever saw. Films like that don’t get that high without god sent wom and casuals watching it. The rest is the most absolute noise.
  7. A film that is at $2.6B doesn’t get there with "mediocre WOM among those not invested in the Saga". I know that you aren’t stupid, and this isn’t the first time I saw you coming with some weird hot takes. The numbers speak for themselves. You insisting in your take just shows what your intentions are. I have more shit to do than discussing if Endgame has mediocre WOM among casual moviegoers. Go ahead and troll away.
  8. What @Nova said isn't really the same of what Barnack did. People not going for second viewings is the case to literally the majority of moviegoers, regardless the film. Endgame isn't a film that anyone needs to defend, the film is about to cross $2.6B. But there are takes that are so bad that you either go to sleep or you laugh your ass off of how bad it is. Endgame is performing unlike anything in almost ten years, and it's pulling out all that with a weaker exchange rate and in the beginning of the movie theaters Summer in the USA. Claiming that some aren't as invested and saw it once is one thing, saying that only superhero fans are going to see it and not casuals is completely absurd and laughable. You either do it for ignorance or bad faith, I don't see how could be two ways about this.
  9. Dude, I know a shitload of people that don’t care about superhero films at all but saw this film. Please understand, once a film gets to $1b, let alone $2b, you can’t talk this being just "superhero film" fans. The idea itself is ludicrous. I don’t like horror movies. I know that there are films that are excellent with excellent wom that I don’t go see in the theaters. "People that don’t like superhero films" isn’t a sign of bad wom. What this film is doing, topping Avatar when the dollar is considerably stronger than it was in 2009/2010 isn’t something you do with just hardcore fans. I don’t even know why I have to type this on bot out of all places. Deathly Hollows pt. 2 drops clearly show that it was very hardcore fans based, this obviously isn’t because well, look at these fucking numbers. Cmon y’all.
  10. Mediocre wom? Endgame? The film about to top the highest grossing film of all time has mediocre wom. Thank you man, I needed the laugh.
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