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  1. You fam know that this isn't called "X-Men" anymore, right? It's "Dark Phoenix". And soon I'm not even sure if it'll be called anything.
  2. Am I crazy for thinking that Infinity War is going over $690m Dom? Because I'm starting to believe it will. This is some insane late legs, look how ahead of JW it is at the same period of time and the fact that it's better positioned than that film, with Ant-Man and the Wasp AND the whole Summer to keep going... I'm honestly starting to think that $690m Dom is happening.
  3. I've been saying that this film would bomb and people forgot that JW was all about nostalgia since the beginning of the year. But under $100m would surprise me. I think under Deadpool 2's OW seems about right.
  4. That's an excellent drop.
  5. Allow me to explain: JW week 7: $10,796,855 IW week 7: $11,006,251 JW week 8's Fri: 1.07m IW week 8's Fri: $1.42m JW made more $24.5m after it's eight week. The difference here is that IW's 8th weekend basically starts in the half of June, while JW's was on August. It's not that much of a stretch to say that it could go for $680-690m, because I actually see both Black Panther and Infinity War to keep going on theaters after August, basically because they are that popular and we have precedent for something like that before (BP, GotG, TA).
  6. This is fucking EXCELLENT for Infinity War. If the estimates holds and it has good jumps, we might be talking about $680-690m, just look how it's behaving compared to Jurassic World. with the advantage that Infinity War has the whole summer to keep going over JW at same period of time.
  7. One of best superhero related interviews in decades. @TalismanRing @Sam you'll want to be all over this thing. Markus and McFeely go in details about a shitload of stuff on the Cap trilogy AND Infinity War. Kevin Feige is a meme king. Feige enters the office says *4* and leaves.
  8. What if... What if this is the actual soft-reboot-a-la-Flashpoint-fixing-DCEU-mess film? Hear me out: It's set in the 80s, yes. More precisely, 1984. I don't think Jenkins is shitting around, this is Steve Trevor in 1984. Not his grandson, not a dream, not Martian Manhunter. Not Hades trickery. So... how? Others have mentioned, but it was repeated on BvS, WW and even JL that Trevor died. So... how Trevor is in 1984, more precisely Wonder Woman 1984? I think the easiest answer is... time travel. How? I don't know. People are focusing on Trevor - and that's Jenkins doing - but what if this is the actual misdirection? What if for some reason, Wonder Woman goes back to 1984 or even back to the 2nd war and saves Trevor, resulting in Diana from the future/present and Trevor from the past meeting in 1984? Johns is reportedly writing this, and I could see Jenkins being poised to finally right the ship of the DCEU and maybe even fix stuff like Batman's recasting with an younger actor. So... is that what they aiming for? I don't know. I just think it's interesting that Wonder Woman is potentially hinting at some sort of time travel here when Flashpoint was reportedly become just a "Flash movie". Maybe the film righting the ship is Wonder Woman after all.
  9. I do think that Spider-Man is breaking out, and breaking out HARD. I don't think people understimating this film truly understand: It's not just that Miles Morales has the potential to breakout with families like a mini Black Panther animation box office story. It's SPIDER-MAN. It's Spider-Man, for kids, with a sick animation AND featuring Miles, Peter, Spider-Gwen and god knows how much of the Spider-Verse. This is shaping up as the most interesting animation of the year, and this is ONE HELL of a strong year for animation withh I2 and WiR2. This has fucking INSANE potential, and Sony is doing literally everything right so far.

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