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  1. And for those saying that ALL OF US thought that Spider-Man: Homecoming wasn't to get to $300m but it did so look maybe Deadpool 2 is like this... Uh... me, @TwoMisfits and @ZeeSoh were all saying that Homecoming WOULD cross $330m. And lo and behold we were right. And I honestly think comparing DP2 with Homecoming or Suicide Squad isn't the way to go. This is still a 2d Rated R film. I don't think Deadpool 2, a film I absolutely adore will get to $280m, let alone $300m. The legs clearly indicate that I'm right, and comparing this with HC and SS isn't really the right way to go.
  2. I think 21th Century Fox would want to cheap the fuck out of X-Force, and I'm honestly still not sure if X-Force is the right way to go right now. I want Deadpool 3 instead of X-Force, and I'm not even sure if I want Deadpool as an X-Force member, let alone leader. As for Feige and Iger usage of Reynolds Deadpool once the merge occurs: RELAX. Reynolds Deadpool isn't going anywhere else BUT the MCU. Deadpool 2 is a great film plagued with a bad release date. I'm sure that both Feige and Iger can obviously tell that.
  3. Perfectly put. You just look at the poor excuse of a "marketing campaign" that Solo had and you realize that.
  4. Who said $1b? I'm saying north to $300m domestic and $200-300m OS. It'd be good enough and feasible, with a decent marketing campaign, something that this film simply didn't have.
  5. I love TLJ. But I could see BOTH his trilogy and the GoT guys get transformed into something else.
  6. That's a good take. But I wouldn't be surprised if Kennedy voluntarily steps down.
  7. Exactly. Another reason that several here pointed out that they should move to December. Not a SINGLE film on the calendar there would stay. Not Aquaman, Spider-Man, Bumblebee. Nothing. But Kennedy got stubborn.
  8. People are talking about Kennedy situation like it's JUST about Solo. Those doing that are either naive or disingenuous. That's another problem in a list of controversial happening in the Lucasfilm Ranch.
  9. People didn't want Rogue One either. Lucasfilm should have NEVER gave up on the December release date. It's just too good, both as a new "tradition" to the GA and hardcores, and also from a merchandising standpoint. It's just a completely stupid move. If they wanted MORE time between EPIX and a Star Wars film, then move EP IX to May 4th 2020 or delay another year. I don't see how Kennedy's role can go undamaged after this. I wouldn't be surprised at all if she steps down, to be honest.

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