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  1. I'm still sad tho. No idea what is going on around here.
  2. Damn. WHY. I don't like new BOT. Trolling you was the best part of the fun. I demand a retcon.
  3. @Trolltastic Tele @AndyLL Can I get a custom tag that says "The artist formerly known as iJack"? I think it'd help people to identify me. The idea was never going incognito, but to unify all my social media / message boards aliases into one.
  4. YES!!!!! For Steam. But got bored already. Playing a lot of Switch now.
  5. The public and critics seem to overwhelmingly disagree with you. But you can't please everyone, either way.
  6. I'm expecting Infinity War to perform actually OVER Star Wars on the first three weeks AND to keep performing over The Force Awakens after that. My theory is that these three weeks are enough for Infinity War to top TFA.
  7. Let's see about that. I for one think the best take here was done by @The Dark Samurai. We are in uncharted territory here. Rules don't apply.
  8. And I think people are underplaying how much the build up for this is literally insane. I can see and understand your points. All very rational and valid. I'm just saying that there's another side to this equation that I think it's getting underplayed.

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